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Christine hurried down the halls of the palace to get to Erik's music room. She was with child and had to tell the love of her life no matter how angry he was going to be. God had a plan for them and she knew that this child was going to be the charm. The halls of the palace were more crowded than usual making her wonder why? She bumped past servants carrying dishes and chairs that were all headed towards the theater wing of the palace. She wasn't sure what she was going to say to Erik but she was surly going to make it as quick and painless as possible. As she was almost to the doors of the music room she bumped into a servant who was carrying a cake, causing him to fall and drop it causing the icing to splatter everywhere. Not only did Christine have some of it on her dress, but the servant was covered in it. All she could do was help the poor man to his feet and hand him the empty plate.

"I'm so sorry Monsieur." replied Christine

The servant spun around in anger and stomped his feet to the floor.

"Mademoiselle! You need to watch out where you're going! All day! All day it took me to bake that cake for tonight's gala and now there shall be no desert!"

Gala? Was all that ran through Christine's mind. She hadn't heard of any Gala until now. After apologizing once more, Christine ran through the doors of the music room to find Erik sitting at his piano writing with the new fountain pen that she had bought him. He spun around to see who was standing there and when he saw that it was Christine he motioned her to come and take a seat beside him. She was too nervous about thinking of what to say to even want to take a seat. When Christine didn't sit down, he spun around once more and scooted over to allow her to sit. Christine knew that if she didn't take a seat beside Erik he would know that something was wrong and she didn't want him to suspect anything, at least not until she thought of how to get on the subject. After taking her seat on the cold wooden piano bench, she watched as her angel continued to write his beautiful music notes down on a blank piece of parchment. She often wondered about what he wrote, because sometimes it was as if she would never hear the beauty he creates. When neither one of them spoke, Christine could tell that Erik was glancing at her because of the way he paused with his hand still holding the pen that was touching the parchment. When she refused to speak even when she knew that he was glairing at her he took over.

"Is there something I can do for you my angel?" he replied, his eyes peeking at her beauty.

Christine thought a moment and then when she couldn't come up with something to say she shook her head and turned away from his icy glare. It was at that moment that she spotted Erik place down his pen and shift his body to face her.

"Christine, I may be a lot of things but a fool isn't one of them. In all the years I've known you never once have you searched me out during the day without having something on your mind." he replied taking her hand in his ever so gently. "Now tell me what is on your mind?"

Christine looked up into his face and smiled now knowing what she was going to say to her angel. She was about to open her mouth to speak when the doors of the music room opened and in walked Raoul. Erik let go of Christine's hand in a flash and stood to his feet.

"This is the second time you have come in here un asked for! We had a deal Viscount! This was to be my room and mine alone, not yours, not Christine's, mine!" Erik's tone was so high that it was a wonder the windows didn't shatter. Raoul laughed and approached Christine.

"I came here to invite you and Christine to a special gala tonight."

Christine smiled and glanced back at Erik only to notice that he wasn't happy at all.

"What's the gala for Raoul?" she asked full of such excitement.

"It's for you my dear Countess. There will be a party and a special opera just for you. Please say that you and….well you and your husband will attend?"

Christine looked back at Erik waiting for the answer that never came. The way he was looking at her was as if he were saying "Anywhere you go I shall follow." She couldn't say no to Raoul who was having a gala in her honor so nodded. Before leaving the room, Raoul kissed Christine's hand and walked towards the door in excitement.

"You won't be sorry Little Lottie I promise! Now go on and get ready I shall see you in the theater wing in no less than and hour."

When Christine and Erik were alone again she watched in horror as Erik slammed the door closed in anger and walk over to his piano. He was angry and Christine knew that she couldn't tell him about the baby, not while he was angry anyway. As she approached his side, she touched his shoulder and sat beside him once more.

"Something wrong Erik?"

Erik sighed and began to clean up his paper work in anger.

"No, it's just that my music was all out of order today and I know that it was one of the servants even when I forbid them to come in here and clean. Now that ignorant fool wants us to attend a party."

"Erik, it might be a fun night. Now let us not put a wonderful day at it's end by fighting my love. Let us go to the party and make the best of it. Today was wonderful because not only did we ride in the rain, eat lunch at a beautiful pub and spend quality time together but now we have a gala to go to. There's an opera anyway and you would like that right?"

Erik nodded and felt Christine's lips kiss his before watching her rise to her feet.

"Go find Clorinda and tuck her in so we can go to the gala in an hour."

Erik placed his pen down on the piano with his work and walked out into the hall to find his daughter. He approached the infirmary and was glad to find her lying in bed with Alex at her side. Clorinda's eyes seemed to light up the moment that she saw Erik enter the room.


Erik smiled and kissed her blonde curly locks before tucking her in. She still looked scratched up but she was alive and that's all that mattered. He watched as she closed her eyes and fell back asleep knowing that her father was at her side. Alex got to his feet and hugged Erik as if he hadn't seen him in years.

"Erik my good man, it's about time I've gotten to see you again."

"Same to you Alex, how's my daughter doing?"

"I checked her out just now and she's been getting stronger each day. The boy how ever is still very ill. He's going to take longer to heal, much longer."

"Could I go talk to him?"

"I wouldn't recommend it, Nadir just gave him a dose of Morphine so he's going to be pretty loopy. I would wait a few days before trying to hold up a conversation with him."

"It's ok, I have a gala to go to anyway. Nice seeing you again Alex, tell Nadir that I said hello."

Once Erik walked to the door of his bedroom, he knocked and waited for Christine to open it. When she did, he looked upon her as she stood dressed in the most beautiful plum colored dress that he had ever seen. She also had a bright colored ribbon in her hair making her even more beautiful than she already was. He held out his arm for her and watched her cling onto it so he could lead her down to the theater wing.

"Tonight my dear you look exceptionally exquisite." he replied.

Christine could tell by his voice that he seemed a bit happier and figured that it would be a good time to talk to Erik about the baby. They also were a few minutes away from the theater wing giving them time to talk.

"Erik could I tell you something?"

"Anything my angel." he replied.

Christine thought about to say to him while she changed into her dress. She had decided just to start a conversation and then to lay the news on the line hoping that he would accept it.

"Well Erik, I visited Madam Giry this afternoon."

"Really? How is she? I haven't seen her in what seems like years even though she resides right down the hall."

"She's fine actually, she and I had a very interesting conversation."

"Really? About what?"

Christine's heart was racing, he had asked her the question she had been waiting to hear. All she had to do now was spit it out, but her nervousness held her back. Their silence had gotten longer and longer as the doors of the theater became nearer and nearer. Before she could say another word, they had arrived causing the doormen to let them into the theater which was full of people and loud chatting. It was useless now, she wasn't going to be able to tell him even if they did have a spare moment. She didn't want the words coming out of her mouth if he wasn't even going to hear it. Christine and Erik made their way to their private box and had a seat. Erik couldn't help but notice that something seemed wrong with his angel, due to the way she was acting.

"Is everything all right? You've been acting a bit out of the ordinary." He asked as he placed his hand over Christine's shoulder.

"No, I'm fine Erik I assure you."

"Now what was it that you and Madam Giry had a conversation about today?"

The question had been asked for a second time and Christine choked. The room was still loud and she wasn't able to hear her angel speaking to her clearly enough to tell him the truth. Before she could think of something to say the lights had dimmed and the spot light was on Raoul who was standing on stage. When the crowd had finally gotten quiet, he began to speak out.

"I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight with the terrible weather and all. First off I wanted to dedicate this gala to my Countess Christine Daae because I couldn't imagine being here without her by my side."

Everyone began to clap and Christine glanced over at Erik who was sitting in his seat with his arms crossed in anger.

"Suck up, that's all he is, nothing but a suck up. He couldn't imagine being "here" without you? He doesn't even know you because if he did he would know that your name is Christine Kire, not Daae." mumbled Erik in his angered tone.

When the clapping stopped, Raoul began to speak once more.

"And so along with tonight's wonderful buffet I wanted to present Christine with an opera at which I have written for you and only you."

Christine watched as Erik giggled and rolled his eyes at Raoul's remark.

"Written? This has truly made my night. Written? I can't wait to see this one. Written? He couldn't write an opera if his life depended on it. He doesn't have the talent or the brains."

Once the lights had finally dimmed once more, Erik sat up in his chair full of excitement to watch the opera that Raoul had written. Once the actors came out onto the stage for the first act and began to dance Erik sensed that something wasn't right. As he kept watching he began to definitely realize that something was right just by the way they were dancing. Finally when the soft music began to play it hit him, this opera wasn't written by Raoul but by Erik himself. Raoul had been the one touching his music! It had been Raoul who had been snooping around HIS music room! Raoul who had been stealing HIS work! This had been the opera that he had been writing for Christine all these years, the same opera at which he had completed all except for the ending. As the ugly woman on stage sung, the familiar notes played in Erik's head as he mouthed the words that went along with the opera making sure that this was indeed HIS opera. Lyric after lyric he mouthed "Love, Stay, Fornication, music…it was all there. In anger Erik rose to his feet and braced the side of the railing in anger.

"What's wrong Erik?" asked Christine in confusion as to what Erik was doing.

Once Erik couldn't take it any longer he stormed out of the box and raced to the dining room to spot Raoul all alone sipping on a glass of wine with a huge stupid smile across his face. Erik was in a huge rage at this point, and immediately slugged him in the face with his good arm. Raoul wiped the blood from off of his mouth and stood up straight once more.

"What in the devil was that for Erik?"

"You! You stole my opera!"

"I didn't steal anything Erik, I found it and then I tweaked it to make it better."

Erik squeezed his fists in anger and kicked over a wooded chair that was placed that the table.

"That is a lie Raoul! That opera which is titled "Amour Pour toujours" and it was much more beautiful than what you have done to it! I could kill you for doing this! I have been working on this opera for years and was going to finish it and present it to Christine in the presence of all of Paris! It's ruined! Everything is ruined all because of you ignorant fool!"

"Then leave! Pack your stuff up and leave this palace and move back to the cellar you crawled out of." replied Raoul as he got up into Erik's face.

"Christine and I are married and there isn't anything that could tear us apart. You want to make her your wife and that will never happen because she loves me!"

Erik turned to leave when Raoul yelled for him.

"That's not what I heard, if she loved you so much she wouldn't have slept with me before you! And she wouldn't have slept with Colum either! I heard she yelled Philippe's name while he fornicated with her. Just admit that when it comes to making love your not anything compared to us. Tell me Erik does she call out your name? I bet she mistakens it for mine or Colum's."

Erik wanted to kill Raoul so badly but knew that if he did things would just turn back to the old days again so walked away in anger.

"What's the matter Erik? Are you in magical Lasso withdraw? Too afraid to pick one up?"

Erik ignored Raoul's ignorance and walked away. As he was walking down the hall he was pulled back by Christine. When he faced her he couldn't help but notice that she seemed angry.

"Erik! I demand to know what's going on this instant!"

"Nothing that I can't handle myself now just leave me be and go on back to your party."

"No, not without you. What's wrong? You flew from the box like it was your opera or something."

"Oh do you enjoy mocking me as well? Are you and Raoul both in on this?"

Christine was so confused about what Erik was saying, she just didn't understand. She followed him to their room where she pulled his good arm to her and tried to calm him down.

"Erik, what are you talking about? Tonight was going so great and now this? What has gotten into you?"

Erik took a seat at the vanity and buried his face into his only free hand.

"Tell me Christine, did you enjoy the opera tonight?"

"Yes, it was wonderful."

"How did it end?"

"Cleo the main character poisoned herself because in the end Marco couldn't love her forever."

Erik yelled in anger because of the way Raoul had ended his opera. The horrible ending through off the whole meaning to his "Love me forever" title.

"Raoul stole my Opera Christine! He was the one who went into my music room and touched everything, not the servant. That ignorant man even finished it for me in the worst way possible! That opera Christine was being written for you and you alone."

"What?" Christine's voice was hardly a whisper as she tried to make out Erik's anger.

"Christine, that opera has been in the process of being written ever since the day I first loved you. That monster had the audacity to take it away and make it into his own."

Christine didn't know what or who to believe. Raoul had changed and surly wouldn't have gone and stole Erik's opera but then again Erik wouldn't lie.

"Is this true Erik?"

"Yes Christine. I was going to finish it and present it to you in front of Paris."

Christine had a seat at the end of her bed and looked away. Raoul had done something horrible, horrible enough to hurt her angel of music.

"Please come back to the party with me Erik. You and I will confront Raoul about the opera."

"What's the use? It's already ruined Christine."

Christine pulled Erik up from his seat and kissed him.

"Come my love, let us go and eat dinner."

Erik placed his mask back over his face and walked to the dinning room with Christine. The dining room was crowded with people who were standing around eating the elegant food that was placed on the table. Christine and Erik made their way through the crowd, and made it to Raoul who was standing with everyone eating his dinner.

"Raoul, is it true that you stole Erik's opera?" asked Christine in an angry tone.

Raoul just stood there in silence eating his dinner before nodding. Before Erik could even get the chance to speak out, he watched as Christine slapped him square in the face. Raoul immediately grabbed Christine's hands violently and pulled her close to his face.

"Don't you ever touch me! Never ever touch me Christine!"

Erik couldn't take seeing his dear Christine in Raoul's grasp and pushed him off of her causing him to fall back into the dinner table and cause it to cave in. Raoul was now on the floor covered in all the food that was once sitting on the table as Christine looked down upon him in such disgust.

"You haven't changed Raoul, you're still the same evil bastard that you always were. I'm leaving with Erik and my daughter tonight! Good luck on finding a Countess to replace me with."

Erik smiled at Christine and offered his arm to lead her out of the room.

"So where are we going?" asked Erik.

"Anywhere far from here my love."

Erik ran to his bedroom and packed a small bag full of his things and waited for Christine to return with Clorinda in her arms. He was finally leaving Raoul and the palace to live a life with just his family once more. Once Christine returned carrying Clorinda in her arms Erik led them out of the palace to go to the stable. Once Erik attached his bag to his stallion, he hopped up onto it's back and pulled Christine and Clorinda up beside him. Everything was finally going to be ok, they were finally going to be rid of Raoul for good. Once they left the stable, horror played out in front of their very eyes. They couldn't go any further because Raoul and his guards were lined up in a row on their horses stopping them from leaving the Palace. Raoul rode right up to Erik's horse and looked him right in the eye.

"If you were smart Christine, I'd get off this high horse and get back inside. You have no right to leave me."

"Christine has every right, she is my wife and don't you forget that." Snarled Erik backing his horse up away from Raoul.

"Really monster? One call to my men and they'll blow you away with their riffles so I would do as I say and tell Christine to get off the horse. The hell with you, you can burn in hell for all I care, you and your sorry excuse for a daughter."

Erik didn't know what to do, he wasn't letting Christine down off of the horse, and he surly wasn't sticking around to find out what Raoul was going to do. He quickly forced his horse to gallop into the other horses causing him to get by. As they traveled into the dark woods with the wind against their faces they heard a whistle go off and the sound of horses getting closer.

"What are we going to do Erik?" yelled Christine as she held onto Erik.

"Get to the train tracks and hop the train."

Once Erik got his horse out of the woods, he was relieved to spot the two ton steam engine just passing by at speeds so fast to catch up to. As he glanced behind he noticed Raoul's men only a few feet away. Quickly Erik forced his horse to gallop faster to catch up to the train.

"Get ready Christine!" he yelled as he lined his horse up against the side of the train. Once he had his horse lined up where he wanted Erik stood up on his feet and grabbed his bag before he jumped onto the top of one of the box cars. Once he had a steady balance he reached down and tried to grab Christine's hand.

"Come on Christine, reach!" yelled Erik.

Christine tried to reach out for Erik's hand but couldn't, not with Clorinda in her arms.

"Erik, let me hand you Clorinda!" replied Christine holding Clorinda out to Erik. After a few tries, Erik finally got a hold of Clorinda and pulled her up to the box car with him. As he was going for Christine once again his horse began to slow down causing the train to get away from her.

"Come on Christine! Reach me for god sakes!" When the horse got a little further away, Erik knew that she had to jump because she he wasn't going to be able to reach her now, not with the distance between them.

"Jump! Jump now!"

Christine listened to Erik, and stood up onto the horse and jumped. Instead of getting onto the box car, she just made it by grabbing the edges of it. Erik gripped her arm and held her from falling as the train kept going.

"Pull me up Erik!" pleaded Christine as she was loosing her grip. Erik only had his one good arm and couldn't get the strength to pull her up by himself.

"I can't Christine, I'm trying but I can't." Erik was literally in tears as he told his angel that he couldn't pull her. Once he looked up he noticed that the men had halted their horses and stopped following them.

"They stopped." replied Erik in confusion. It only took a few seconds to realize why, below them Erik noticed that the ground had ended leaving only rail and a high altitude with rushing water below it promising certain death to any person who fell off the tracks.

"Don't let me go Erik." cried Christine as she kept slipping away from him.

"I won't let go Christine, I'm holding on as best as I can."

Christine knew that he wasn't going to be able to hang onto her much longer because of the way he was beginning to slip from off of the box car. Her daughter was safe with him and that's all that mattered. She needed to tell him, if she was going to die she needed to tell her angel that she was pregnant.

"Erik, I need to tell you…."

"Tell me what?" asked Erik as he began to slip from off of the box car.

"Today, and all this time that I've been trying to talk to you……I'm pregnant Erik."

Christine watched the tears form into his eyes as he continued to hold onto her.

"I love you Christine, you're going to be fine. We're going to get out of this mess once and for all I promise you. We're going to go to New York and be away from everything bad."

"Promise me to look after Clorinda….please take good care of her Erik…..I love you."

Erik couldn't take it any longer and got to his feet as Clorinda held onto the top of the box care for dear life. He gathered up all the strength that he had inside of him and was about to pull Christine up when all of a sudden he felt something hit him so hard in the back if the head that he landed right back onto the box car causing him to rip Christine's dress and for her to plummet to certain death below. Erik wanted to scream, but he was now half conscious and couldn't even stay awake to jump off the train. It seemed like forever before he gained consciousness again and when he did he opened his eyes to look upon the night sky. He was still atop of the box car and wasn't even sure how many hours, minutes or days had passed since Christine's fall. She was surly dead and he was never going to find her again. All he had left now was his angel Clorinda and he couldn't bare the thought of life without her. It was all his fault, her death was all because of his stupidity. As he looked at his sleeping daughter all he could think about now was how to raise her alone. He couldn't stay around Paris, he would just be hounded down again like an animal and then his daughter would surly be put in an orphanage. No, he needed to go someplace where the Opera Ghost hasn't been heard of, and New York was the perfect place. Clorinda eventually curled up in her father's arms and silently cried for her mother wishing that she could change the past.

"Daddy, where are we going?" cried Clorinda uncontrollably.

"I miss her too Clorinda, it was all my fault but you're all I have left. We need to look out for one another and so we must go someplace safe. New York will be our new home now."

And so it was that a new journey was to start, the journey of father and Daughter alone together in society. Christine was long gone and the hardest part of raising her daughter alone was about to begin. He had never been alone without Christine and couldn't do nothing more than sob the whole way to New York, hiding from the demons that lied deep within his soul. God had given him Christine and he had also taken her away. His beloved had frequently said that God has a plan for everyone…..and so now all he could do was wonder what that plan was……

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