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Chapter 1

Hermione Granger stood in the middle of the old mausoleum, waiting, listening, her hand firmly gripping her wand. Her eyes were closed against the half-night; they were worse than useless when all she could see were deceptive shadows and darkness. She steadied her breathing and listened carefully. She could hear rats and mice squeaking and roaming, not to mention crickets and other nighttime critters outside, but she wasn't worried about them.

Her attention was on the tombs.

After Voldemort was finally slain, life didn't settle down as everyone would have hoped. Troubles immediately began brewing as the baddies who'd been to afraid to come out while Big V was around finally started crawling out of their holes to take his place. In fact, the problem was so bad that the Ministry was recruiting Aurors right out of school, hence Hermione's presence on this particular mission. They were doing all that they could to fight this menace.


A grating sound, stone on stone, brought her out of her thoughts. It was now full dark, and they were awakening. The stone lid on one tomb slid right off and hit the ground with a loud bang, and she could hear the other vampires stir. There were four in all, and poor little Hermione was quaking in her boots, all alone before them.

The first vampire to awaken suddenly sat bolt upright in his tomb, his back to her. She could hear it sniffing; it smelled her! Quickly, she dashed forward and yelled, "Incendio!" The vampire was immediately set ablaze and fell out of its tomb, apparently attempting to put out the fire. However, as soon as it hit the ground, it turned to ash, exploding in the air, making everything seem smoky. Hermione choked on it but kept her eyes closed.

The other three vampires, sensing trouble, burst from the tombs and went after Hermione immediately, intending to use sheer numbers to defeat her. She shouted a quick spell, and light burst from her wand, blinding the vampires.

A figure launched into the room and immediately began shooting spells at the vampires, rapid fire. The vampires howled and tried to flee, but Hermione blasted them with flames. Finally, it was down to one. Hermione opened her eyes and looked at the destruction; fire still burned on ashes, which would have been strange if she didn't know how flammable vampires were, and the mausoleum was illuminated, revealing nothing but clouds of ash. The person who had helped her was only a vague silhouette.

"All right, you bloodsucking cockroach," the person ranted, "where's your daddy?"

"Ginny, that's really unnecessary," Hermione sighed, using her wand to blow away the ashes, revealing the saucy young redhead. She had just turned eighteen, and she still looked so young, though she was a lot taller and infinitely more beautiful. Her black tank top and camouflage cargo capris did little to hide her developed figure. Not that Hermione was staring. Again.

The redhead looked up from the cowering vampire and pouted. "But 'Mione…"

That was all the vampire needed. It lunged at her, intending to go for the neck. Suddenly, however, Ginny wasn't there anymore. She crouched and, with almost lightning speed, shot back up, stabbing the vamp right through the heart with a stake. The thing exploded into ash immediately sending her into a coughing fit.

"Hate the…traditional style," she wheezed.

"You brought it upon yourself," Hermione reminded her stoically, though her lips curved in a smile. "Let's not mention this part when we report in."

"We were supposed to bring one back," Ginny reminded her once she'd recovered.

"We'll just say you got carried away again."

"Hey, don't blame it on me!" she exclaimed.

"It was your fault!"

"Whatever," she huffed. "Let's get out of here before we miss Lavender's bachelorette party. She needs it, what with marrying Percy, of all people."

"It's in five days, Ginerva." Sighing, Hermione linked arms with her best friend and Auror partner and disapparated.

A lone person floated down from the rafters, landing softly, without a sound. The woman was dressed in all white to match her blond hair and pale complexion, and coupled with her grace, she almost seemed like a ghost.

The woman stared at the spot where the two Aurors had disappeared and shook her head slowly. They hadn't noticed her. Good…

The Burrow

"Ginny Weasley!" Molly exclaimed. "What is this?" She waved at the deep cut on her arm, undoubtedly caused by a vampire's claws.

"Mum, honestly, I didn't even notice until 'Mione slapped me!" She scowled at said bookworm, who didn't look up from her novel.

"Hm…" the brunette affirmed vaguely.

"See?" Ginny accused, waving her arm at the girl.

"Oh, honestly, Ginny, Hermione doesn't even know what you're talking about. Accio first aid kit!"

"Mum," she whined.

"Hermione, could you deal with her? I have to finish breakfast for Arthur and Bill." Molly sighed. "He's gone to tatters since Fleur dumped him and ran off."

"Wasn't it the other way around?" Ginny asked. "Fleur went missing for two days before she dumped him, right? Wonder what she was doing…"

"Are you having sick lesbian fantasies again, Gin?" Hermione asked, smirking at Ginny's indignant squawk.

"Ever since I came out, you've been on my case! I swear—"

"Goodbye, girls!" Molly beat a swift retreat, deciding her kids were old enough to finish their squabbles on their own.

"Ginny, I didn't mean it like that!" Hermione protested as if Molly had never been there. "Come on, don't get so defensive. I think it's great that you're—"

Ginny only turned so that her back was facing the other girl. "Hmph!"


"Hmph!" she insisted loudly.

"You asked for it!"

The brunette tackled her, and they fell off Ginny's bed in a heap. The redhead tried to pry Hermione's flitting hands from her sides but to no avail. When Harry came in, it was to see Hermione straddling Ginny's back and tickling her senseless.

"Wow, 'Mione, I never thought you to be the dominant type," he stated.

When Hermione stopped tickling, Ginny raised her head to grin at Harry, but Hermione put both hands on top of it and pushed until her face back into the ground. "Hey, Harry. It's about time you and Ron got back from your 'top secret' mission," she said. "How'd it go?"

"'Mione," Ginny mumbled, her voice muffled by the floor. "Hey!"

"Not so well," Harry replied, sighing. "We took out the 'Head Vampire' but, as it turns out, someone else took the role from him a week before we caught up to him. I didn't even know they could do that. So we've only come back to restock on garlic, stakes, food, the essentials. We're going back out in a couple of days after Ron's arm is mended."

"'Mended'?" Hermione repeated.

"Yeah, got crushed to jelly fighting the Head's pet giant." Harry grinned. "He'll be fine. Good as new, in fact."

Ginny suddenly twisted, upending Hermione and sending her sprawling across the ground on her back. The redhead shot to her feet and loomed over her, ready to attack, her face pink from getting smooshed against the ground. "Oh, 'Mione…"

A sudden tap at the window saved Hermione as Ginny quickly rushed over, expecting news from Luna "Lovebug", as Ginny called her. However, it was only a rather official-looking owl from the Ministry. She quickly ripped the envelope open and read aloud.

"'Hermione Jane Granger and Ginerva Molly Weasley, blah, blah, as a result of the increasing problems with blah…'" Hermione made an exasperated sound, and Ginny gave her a sheepish smile. "'You have been assigned to accompany Harry James Potter and Ronald Bilius Weasley on their mission to search out and dispose of the Head Vampire…"

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Harry, who looked just as surprised. However, the Boy Who Lived sighed with relief. "It'll be tons better with you two along. Me and Ron're always either up to our ears in vampires or bored to death with nothing to do."

Ginny latched onto Hermione's arm. "And we can do some bonding, Hermy! You're always so grumpy. I can…loosen you up."

"See, this is exactly why I make lesbian jokes," Hermione said, laughing at Ginny's affronted look.

"Who needs you when I've got my Lovebug?" Ginny huffed, detaching herself and going off, presumably to owl her on and off sex toy, Luna. "Dammit, we'll miss the party…"


"You guys need to kiss and make up," Harry joked.

"Harry James Potter!"

The man ducked as several pillows were sent flying at him. "Sorry, sorry!"

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