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Chapter 12

When Ginny found Hermione, she was curled up on the floor in a random hall, blood splattered around her, not breathing. She rushed to Hermione's side, easily ignoring the draw of the blood in exchange for concern. "Herm--"

Something sideswiped her, and she slammed into a wall, making it crack as she fell into a crouch on the ground, growling. Gabrielle smirked at her, mockingly motioning for her to come at her. Ginny did, and the two engaged in a battle of strength, each attempting to push the other to the ground.

"You'd treat your former sister this way, Weasley girl?" Gabrielle demanded, smirking. "How rude!"

But Ginny didn't have the patience to exchange witty commentary. "I'm going to kill you for this!" she snarled, jerking her arms down and sending Gabrielle to her back. The silver-haired French vampire fought back, but Ginny quickly overpowered her in her rage and had her hand on the girl's neck in seconds. Hermione groggily opened her eyes just in time to see Ginny rip the girl's neck out in a cascade of brilliant red blood. Her eyes widened and horror, and she exclaimed, "Ginny! Ginny, what happened to you?"

Ginny's head jerked up and she took in the horror in Hermione's eyes, nearly gasping at the real pain that struck through her chest. "Hermione, I..."

"You look like a...demon."

An earsplitting shriek echoed through the corridors, and the two girls writhed on the ground in pain. The Head Vampire was by Hermione's side in seconds, the look on her face reflecting exactly Ginny's expression when she saw the girl. She realized in that moment that Fleur loved Hermione too, and that would make this fight that much harder.

"Mon amour!" She looked at the pale, bloody witch in agony, anger twisting her features. Her hand ran over the girl's wounds, and they healed instantly. "Sleep," she commanded, and Hermione did so, allowing Fleur to stand and turn her attention to her adversary. "If you had not killed my sister, Ginevra, I might have done it myself..."

"Hermione's leaving with me," Ginny said forcefully, tears choking her voice. They trickled down her face and splattered to the ground, red. Blood. Of course. Everything ended in blood with vampires. "So leave us alone!"

"Hm..." Fleur's clever red eyes took in Ginny fully for the first time, and a slow, sly smile spread across her face. "It seems that there is much going on in your head, little halfling. Turmoil. Anxiety. I can solve this for you very easily."

"Yeah? And how's that?" Ginny asked, already plotting the best route to attacking her former sister-in-law.

"Join me," Fluer offered. "Become my new second-in-command. I will give you untold powers, and we will conquer the world together...sharing Hermione, of course."

"What?" Ginny proclaimed. "She's not yours to share, Fleur!"

"Nor yours eith--" Her response was cut off by a swift attack from the redheaded witch. She took a step back to avoid the reckless punch and executed a swift, lightning-laced uppercut to Ginny's chin, sending the girl up into the air. Before she could even land, Fleur jumped and kicked Ginny in the stomach, sending her flying down into the ground. Ginny quickly shot to her feet and jumped back as Fleur's fist slammed into the ground where she once was, creating a small crater. Ginny's wand snapped up, and she cast a quick fire spell that merely fluttered around Fleur harmlessly.

"I'm growing stronger, Ginny...Every day. Did you ever wonder why I got so powerful so fast?"

Ginny merely glared at her, watching Hermione in her peripheral vision. If she could get to her, she could disapparate out of there with the bookworm in tow. "No," she responded, bluntly.

Fleur chuckled. "Ah, that is right. Hermione was always the brains in that relationship, wasn't she?"

"Yeah, and I'm the brawn," she snapped, "which means I don't give a--"

"For every vampire of mine that you ever killed...I have gained power." Fleur smiled at Ginny's stunned expression. "You see, I am not your ordinary vampire. At first, I was like you, half and half. This allowed me to have enough clear thought to do research, at first just to return to normal. However, I found something most interesting. Would you like to hear it?" At Ginny's glare, she continued. "I learned of a spell that would enable me to absorb the dark energies of all the vampires that die who are connected to me. For example...vampires that I create. Or the vampire that created me." She ran a hand through her beautiful hair. "At first, I resisted like the good human I was...but that was only half of me. Like it or not, the vampire in your blood is darkening you. Darkening your soul. So I killed. I killed a lot of vampires, and I killed a lot of people. And you killed a lot of vampires. And now I am the most powerful being on this planet." She smirked. "It will get to you too, if you live to feel the corruption. Soon you might even be feeding off your brother--"

"That..." Ginny shook her head, clenching her fists. "I'd never be like you! I'd never do that!" She charged headlong at the female vampire.

"Hm...really?" Fleur gave her a secret look, as if they were confiding in each other while she backed up and dodged Ginny's fists. She paused a moment, turning one blow aside before slamming her knee up into Ginny's stomach, making her spit blood and stumble backwards. "Hermione will never love you now, do you realize that?"

"What?" Ginny gasped.

"You've been sullied with blood, and she's seen it, witnessed the horror. She knows, deep down, that you drank blood...and liked it. She will try to pretend, but she will never feel for you as you feel for her."

"Shut up!" Ginny pointed her wand at the other vampire, rage turning her vision red. "Avada Kedavra!"

The spell hit Fleur, and she slumped over. Ginny felt dark exultation course through her, something primal stirring deep in her heart, something hidden until that moment. And then Fleur straightened again. "What?" she exclaimed. A blast of lightning ten times stronger than the last smashed into her, leaving her lying in the wreckage of a wall, bloody and half-conscious.

"I told you...I am the most powerful being in the world!" Fleur's laughter echoed down the hall. "And I will take Hermione from you, turn her, and have her all to myself till the end of time!" Her glittering eyes trained on Ginny. "Unless..."

Ginny's shaking hand reached for her wand, but it was too far, and there was no use anyways. "Unless what?" she coughed.

"Unless you join me, Ginevra." Fleur's eyes seemed to glow. "Join me, and you shall have her too, just like you've wanted since you were thirteen and fumbling with little boys in abondoned classrooms."

Ginny slowly got to her feet, and Fleur readied herself to send the girl to the ground again. She hadn't expected her to get up again. Ginny took one last, longing look at Hermione, as if it was the last time she'd ever see her, like she was giving her life away. Then she straightened and glared at Fleur, poised to go into motion.

"What do I have to do?" she asked.

Fleur smirked.

"All that remains is Hermione. Turn her with me, and our pact will be formed. We will be connected to her for all eternity."

The girl in question chose that moment to awaken. She looked up at Ginny, looking all at once relieved, confused, and horrified. Then she took in the smiling Head Vampire at her side, and the latter prevailed. "Ginny, what are you--?"

"I'm sorry, Hermione. I can't live without you."

The two advanced upon her, and the last thing her human ears heard over the sound of her own screaming was Fleur's laughter.

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