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"Hello Principal I'm Fred Kagurazaka"

"hello there Fred it's nice to see you"

"I'm assuming your here to talk about the assignment"

"yes principal"

"I just have question regarding you Fred"


"how your old are you 13-14"

"14" replied Fred

"yet you plan to help teach a class that you are suppose to learning from?"asked the principal

"yes but I would like to point out the teacher I'm assisting is only 10 years old surely I can still be of help"

"but he's doing training"

"ok then, But I fail to see how teaching a class has got to with training" said the disbelieving Fred

"yet your trying to do the same thing but only in a 'assistant' type manner"

"to shay" replied Fred

" but still it's unlike the Shinmei-ryū to set a training mission like this"

"eh really...could they have an ulterior motive on doing this"
"well there is one..." said the principal but he was cut short when Asuna and Negi entered

"hey Principal"

"so what's this about" asked Asuna

"oh hello" Fred hears her response and turns around and for those few seconds when he looked those Heterochromic eyes he loses himself and asks

"do I know you from somewhere...Asuna"

"I don't know what you talking about Fred but ...hang on how do you know my name" asked Asuna

"same here Asuna how did you know my name" the principle introduced them

"Well Fred this is Negi Springfield and Asuna Kagurazaka"

"wow what a coincidence" butting in Fred

"why that's ...Fred" said Asuna

"well that's because we both don't know each other but know each other name and share the same last name" explained Fred

"yeah that's really strange" said Asuna she then noticed Negi

"what is it Negi?"

"Asuna you and Fred here look like identical twins" replied Negi and both of them are shocked

"no way... there no way I'm related to him/her" they both yelled at the same time

"well then how old are you" asked Negi

"I'm fourteen" then he notices Asuna shocked face

"I'm fourteen too" replies Asuna

"this is starting to get creepy" said the creeped out Fred

"yeah" said Asuna in the same creeped out tone

"anyway Negi, Asuna this is Fred Kagurazaka here from the Shinmei-ryū to help you become a Magister Mage" explained the principal

"which means I'll be helping you teach the class of 3-A" said Fred

"well anyway principal" turning around to face the principal

"what was that ulterior motive you said"

"what ulterior motive?" asks Asuna and Fred turns around so he look into her eyes

"the ulterior motive for sending me to this academy" said Fred

"well anyway" said principal

"the possible ulterior motive is..." dramatically pausing it just to annoy him and remaining silent for a good 30 seconds and Fred snaps


"ok, calm down I just wanted to test your patience"

"I know"

"well anyway the a reason could be ..."

"yes" asked Fred

"that you and Asuna are what Negi said you both looked like" upon hearing this she quickly goes to Fred side and ask the principal

"and that was?" sounding interested

"that you are actually identical twins" they both reply


"but why wasn't I told of this sooner" said Asuna in serious tone slamming both her hands on the desk

"ah...that's because I and Takahata made a promise to someone, to not tell you about Fred until your eighteenth birthday, or if you two met"

"but why didn't we even know about this" asked Asuna

"Well that's part of the reason why we promised not to tell you" said the principal

"more importantly where could he sleep" Fred asked very politely

"Principle would it be ok for me to sleep in my sisters room"

"well I don't see why not, unless Asuna has any problems with it, I have no problems" they both turn to face Asuna

"well er" said Asuna who didn't want him to be in her room, but he was all the family she has and she couldn't turn him down at his hour of need

"ok but where could he sleep we're pressed in accommodations as it is"

"that's no problem I brought a hammock and a futon in case I needed them so I'll just sleep on one or the other" replied Fred

"but where you going to put a hammock" asked Asuna

"just leave it to me" said Fred smilin

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