The digital recording shouldn't have deteriorated, but it has. Robin's voice isn't clear any more, there's a little crackling, and there's something like whispering over it.

Every time the word 'want' comes up, there's that damned whisper. Slade can't hear what it's saying.

It's there again, what is it?

"Want..." It's so faint, but it's clear now, over the top.

"Want..." He knows god dammit, it's not like he couldn't.

"Want..." Ghosts of boys long gone shouldn't be heard.

"Want... never you." He knows that, the bruises on Robin's hips from being held down, the bleeding bite marks on his chest, the rope burn around his neck...

Slade switches it off and stalks out of the room, out of the hide out, out of the city, out of the country, away from that ghostly voice.

In the room there's a click, computer light spills out, and Robin's voice fills the room, on repeat for eternity.