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"…" = Talking.

… = Thought speech.

Italics = Dream scene.

*…* = Pokemon speech, translated.

Ash: 16 years old.

Misty: 16 years old.

Jesse: 20 years old.

James: 20 years old.

Meowth: The same (-_-')


Running… running… others around me… above, beside, ahead, behind… who were they? Who was I? Why did I have four feet? Why am I running? Ahead, what is that? A flame? Why a flame? Who's up ahead? Almost there…


I sat bolt upright in my sleeping bag, looking around in confusion at our forest campsite. I was panting and shaking from my dream. What had it meant?

"Hey, Misty, you there?" I snapped out of it to see Ash staring at me, his face only a few inches from mine.

"Yah!" I yelped and jumped to my feet. When Ash started laughing, I hit him over the head with my mallet.

"Oww!" He moaned from the ground. He glared up at me and added, "Anyways, it's your turn to cook breakfast."

I sighed and picked up my clothes to go get dressed. Ever since Brock had gone back to the Pewter City Gym to help take care of his brothers and sisters, Ash and I had had to do our own cooking. And we weren't the best cooks in the world.

"Pika…" Pikachu yawned from her little sleeping bag as I got back from getting dressed. After six years, she still refused to get into a Pokeball. Can't say I blame her. I wouldn't want to be in one, either. She shook her head to wake up, then jumped onto Ash's shoulder. Ash stroked her fur as she asked, *What's for breakfast? *

"Bacon, eggs, orange juice, and toast." I replied as I took out a skillet and put it over the fire. The now dead fire.

"Ash…" I sighed. Getting the hint, he released Charizard, who used his tail-flame to light the fire. We had all been delighted when Charizard returned, and now he and Ash were as inseparable as Ash and Pikachu were.

I nodded in thanks and started cooking. When I had finished, Ash and I released our Pokemon for their breakfasts. It didn't take long for every bite to be eaten.

I was packing away my sleeping bag, with the help of Chikorita, when Team Rocket decided to show up.

"Prepare for trouble…" Jesse began.

"Make it double…" James added.

I yawned and said, "It's 7:30 in the morning, you two. It's to early for that." Team Rocket all checked their watches, then Jesse hit Meowth over the head.

"You clumsy furball! I told you that we would attack at 8:30!" She yelled. James just sweatdropped.

Meowth growled and said, "I thought that that daylight savings time thingy went into effect today."

We all sweatdropped.

Jesse regained her composure and said, "Oh, well, might as well get it over with for today. Go, Arbok!" She called out as she tossed his Pokeball out.

Arbok appeared in a burst of white light, and said, "Chaar-boka!" in his hissing voice.

Ash and I yawned as I tossed a Pokeball into the clearing. Golduck appeared (Psyduck had evolved a couple years ago.) in a flash of white light. He yawned and fired a quick Hyper Beam, which took care of Team Rocket for the day.

"They are getting way too easy to beat." Ash muttered. I nodded in agreement as I shouldered my backpack and started down the trail. Ash hurried to catch up, with Pikachu complaining on his shoulder at being jostled. After Togepi had evolved, she had started staying in a Pokeball.

While we walked, I thought about the dream I had had. What had it meant? After a few minutes of thinking, I shook it off. It was just a dream. It hadn't meant anything. Right?

To take my mind off of my dream, I looked at my human companion. In the six years that we had known each other, he had changed a lot. Instead of being a scrawny little boy, he was now much taller, taller even than I was, and I was pretty tall. He still had the same hair, messy as always, and the same hat, only this was faded by time. He didn't have his old jacket anymore, but he still wore a black shirt and blue jeans. Traveling had agreed with him, and he was muscled now. Not like a body-builder, but toned. You could discern his muscles easily, but they weren't huge. His voice was deeper now, and his face had matured as well. All in all, he practically had girls falling at his feet.

I smiled. As much as he had changed on the outside, he was still much the same inside. He still had the same kind, caring heart towards others. He still had pretty much the same attitude towards his training, only he was a little more serious now. I didn't have to nag after him to train as much anymore.

And there were a few things that hadn't changed. We still fought constantly, only it was a bit more like play-fighting now. Ash still got us lost on a regular basis. And he still had that huge appetite for food. And he still was striving to be the best.

I sighed and looked ahead to the path. I had the map for once, and we hadn't gotten lost. Yet. And I wanted to make sure it stayed that way. That meant actually keeping my mind on the road, not my friend.

At mid-day, we stopped. We had gotten out of the forest by this time, and we were walking along a rocky cliff that was dotted with dark caves. Walking near them made me uneasy for some reason.

"Pikachu, is there anything in those caves?" I asked her. I had long been able to talk to her, and Ash and Pikachu were used to it.

She jumped off of Ash's shoulder and ran over to the entrance of one of the caves, where she stopped, sniffing cautiously. After a few seconds, she ran back and jumped onto Ash's shoulder.

*Yeah. A rock-type Pokemon, but I can't tell what. We had better go quietly for now. * She replied softly. Ash and I nodded. I wasn't too worried, because I had my water-type Pokemon with me. Still, I wasn't asking for trouble, and neither was Ash.

Luck wasn't with us. We were picking our way across a rocky slope when Ash slipped, creating a large, and loud, rockslide. We covered our eyes and sheltered underneath an outcropping of rock, staying out of the worst of the rockslide. When the dust had cleared, a gigantic Onix and Rhydon were facing us, their eyes glowing red in anger.

"Uh-oh." Ash and I said at the same time. Those two Pokemon were obviously at a high level. The Onix dwarfed even the giant Onix we had once encountered when we were younger. And the Rhydon was as big as a normal Onix.

I quickly grabbed Starmie's, Poliwrath's, and Golduck's Pokeballs. They blinked in surprise when they appeared and saw their opponents. Ash's Feraligatr and Meganium soon appeared beside my three Pokemon. Everyone assumed a battle stance.

"Hydro Pump!" I shouted at my Pokemon. They quickly complied, shooting power streams of water at the Onix.

"Hydro Pump! Solar Beam!" Ash cried out at the same time. His two Pokemon attacked the Rhydon.

The rock Pokemon looked surprised, then annoyed. The Onix swept it's tail around, smashing into all of our Pokemon and sending them flying into the cliff behind us. We quickly recalled them, and stood there, worried. The rock-type Pokemon weren't even fazed, and none of our other Pokemon stood a chance against them.

"Ash!" I cried out as he ran in front of me, then assumed a battle stance.

"Don't worry Mist, I'll protect you." He said over his shoulder, using his pet name for me.

The Onix looked like it was laughing, and Ash met the same fate as our Pokemon. I gasped and ran to his side, as he crumpled to the ground.

I quickly checked to see if he had a pulse, and found it, although it was very faint. He was breathing, but barely.

"Ash! Wake up!" I cried out as I shook him. I couldn't loose him, not now. "Ash! We have to get out of here!" He didn't move.

I heard some laughing sounds behind me, and turned to see the Onix and Rhydon snickering. This sight filled me with rage. They had hurt Ash, and were laughing about it.

"Pikachu, stay here." I whispered to the Pokemon, who had run over to see if she could help her friend. She looked up at me in confusion, but nodded.

I stood and walked forward slowly. The Onix and Rhydon laughed harder, and my rage grew. My breathing had actually changed, I was so mad.

The Onix said something, and I somehow understood it. *Aww, look, the little human is mad. Oh, I'm so scared! * He then doubled over in laughter. My rage grew another notch.

The Rhydon replied, and I understood him as well. *What's she gonna do? Glare at us? * And he and his companion collapsed in another fit of laughter.

Something snapped inside of me.

It started with my hands. I thought I was crazy, but they started glowing. Kinda like when a Pokemon evolves, but this was blue and white, not just white.

The glow spread up my arms, across my chest, and on down my body. It also spread up towards my head, and I closed my eyes against the brightness.

It didn't hurt. It felt more like I was in a warm tank of water, only I could still breathe. I was dimly aware of my body changing, but to what?

Finally, the warm feeling faded. It felt like it had taken forever, but in reality, it had probably only taken about fifteen seconds.

I opened my eyes. The first thing I noticed was that I could see much better now. I could even see the little pebbles on the Onix and Rhydon's skins. The next thing I noticed was my sense of smell. It was much better now, as was my hearing.

I then noticed that I was standing on all fours, and the ground wasn't as close as it usually was when I did that. I turned my head, and looked back over my body. What I saw astounded me.

I had fur now, and it was blue with white spots. I had long legs that ended in dog or cat-like paws. A long, purplish cape-like thing flowed and billowed over my back. A long, furry, flexible, blue tail was held a bit off the ground. A head ornament sort of thing stuck out of the back of my head, and I more felt it than saw it.

I turned my head back towards the Onix and Rhydon, who were gaping. They quickly recovered, and assumed smirks.

*You can't defeat us. We have never been beaten in a battle! * The Onix said. The Rhydon nodded in agreement.

*We'll see about that. * I replied. To my surprise, I was speaking in the Pokemon language. Instead of human speech, instead my words sounded more like "Sui, sui, cu, cu, cune, cun, suicune." But they could still understand me.

I ran forward, and dodged when the Onix swung his tail at me. Not only had my senses improved, so had my reflexes.

I realized that I didn't know any attacks, so I tried a basic tackle. After all, I was a Pokemon now, right? So I should be able to use attacks.

The only thing I got for my troubles when I tackled the Onix was a headache. And no wonder. I had just run into a rock headfirst. I staggered back, and shook my head to clear it. I barely managed to avoid the Onix's tail as it came at me again.

*Misty! Try a water attack! * I heard Pikachu shout behind me.

*I don't know if I'm even a water-type, Pikachu! * I shouted back as I dodged another swing.

*Just try! Or we're all dead meat! * Pikachu shouted.

Well, when you put it that way… I opened my mouth and concentrated. A strong stream of water burst from my mouth, actually pushing me back a couple inches. When it hit the Onix and Rhydon, they cried out and fell back. I kept it up, and they eventually fled.

I stopped and ran over to Ash's side. He was still unconscious, and he hadn't gotten any better since I left.

*Pikachu, we have to get Ash to a hospital, or at least a Pokemon Center. *

She nodded, then asked *How do we get him there? *

I thought for a few seconds, and came up with an idea. *Pikachu, help me get Ash onto my back. *

I lay down next to him, and fastened my teeth onto the back of his shirt. Pikachu pushed, while I pulled, and between the two of us, we eventually got Ash onto my back, with him lying facedown along my spine. I stood up carefully, while Pikachu got my backpack and jumped onto my back, just behind my head ornament. She held on carefully to both as I started walking cautiously. It wasn't very hard, or at least not as hard as I thought it would be. During the battle, I had been relying on instinct.

My walk soon became a trot, then a full run. I found that I was even faster than an Arcanine when I ran. Also, I was much more agile, and I easily avoided the trees without losing my passengers.

There was another thing I discovered about running. It was WONDERFUL! I loved it! How the path felt under my paws, how the ground and scenery flashed by…

We soon reached a small town, and I raced down the streets, passerby all gasping as I ran past. After about five minutes of searching, I found a Pokemon Center. It would have to do.

I ran up to the door, and Pikachu quickly pushed it open. I trotted inside, and the Nurse Joy at the counter looked up in surprise.

"What's this?" She asked. Pikachu quickly started motioning towards Ash, and she soon figured it out. "Chansey, we need a stretcher in here for a human, stat!" She said into a small microphone on the desk. A few seconds later, a couple of Chansey walked through the doors, pushing a stretcher. It didn't take them long to get Ash on it, and they started pushing towards the doors. When Pikachu and I started to follow, Nurse Joy stopped us.

"Sorry, you can't go in there. Don't worry. Your trainer will be as good as new in a little while." She said with a soft smile.

She thought that I belonged to Ash?! I was about to correct her, when I remembered that I couldn't talk. So, I merely nodded and went to lie down in a corner. Pikachu remained on my back, silent. We were both worried about Ash, and we both watched the red light at the top of the emergency room intensely.

"Hmph. Nothing but a bunch of ordinary Pokemon and their loser trainers." Pikachu and I turned our heads, and saw a very familiar trainer come in through the doors. Gary.

He stalked up towards Nurse Joy and put some Pokeballs on the counter. She took them, put them in a machine, and gave them back to him a few seconds later with a smile. Gary ignored her and took his Pokeballs. He looked around the room slowly, until his gaze finally came to rest on us.

He gaped, then walked over to us. He stared down at me, then took out his Pokedex. He pointed it at me, and pushed the button. For once, I was glad. Maybe I could finally find out what I was.

"Pokemon not recorded. No data available." It said dully.

"No data?" He said, amazed. He then grinned. "Then I'll just catch it." He said, taking out a Pokeball.

"Stop! That Pokemon already has a trainer!" Nurse Joy said, scolding him.

"What kind of loser trainer would have a rare Pokemon like that?" He asked.

"We don't know their trainer's name, but the blue Pokemon came running in, with him on its back, unconscious. He's in the emergency room right now, so you shouldn't be trying to take his Pokemon." She replied. I was thankful. I didn't want Gary to be my trainer, and if I had to pretend that Ash was my trainer to avoid being captured, then I would do it. Gary stalked out of there, muttering. I had the feeling that we wouldn't be seeing the last of him.

Just then, the light went out above the emergency room, and a Chansey came in.

*Please follow me to your trainer's room. * She said. I stood up and trotted over, then followed.

We were led through a few corridors, and into a room that would have normally housed a sick or injured Pokemon. Inside, on a white bed, was Ash. I trotted over to the side of the bed, then reared up so that my front paws were resting on the side of it. Pikachu jumped off of my back and onto the bed, so that she could see him better.

Ash was bandaged all over, and still unconscious, but he seemed fine otherwise. Pikachu curled up at Ash's side, and I lay down on the floor next to his bed. The Chansey had left.

At sunset, Ash woke up. He hugged Pikachu, then asked, "Hey Pikachu, where's Misty?"

Pikachu pointed down at me, and Ash said, "Hey, cool Pokemon. I wonder what kind it is." He checked his backpack, which was hanging on a post next to the bed. He pulled out his Pokedex and activated the identifier, with the same result that Gary had.

"Hmm…" He muttered. "Anyways, Pikachu, where's Misty?"

*That IS Misty, Ash! * Pikachu said.

Ash blinked, then laughed. I growled, took my mallet out of my backpack with my mouth, and hit him over the head with it.

He groaned and rubbed his new bump. "That's Misty, alright." He said. He looked me over, then asked, "Umm… just how did you get that way?"

I shrugged and said, *I don't know. When those two Pokemon hurt you, I got really mad, and then I became this. I don't know how I did it, or why I was even able to. I don't even know how to change back. *

Ash blinked. "Hey, I can understand you!"

*Of course you can. After all, I AM Misty! And YOU need rest. * I said.

Ash nodded and lay back on the bed. But, he didn't stop talking. "Where are we?"

*A Pokemon Center. * I said. Pikachu was silent now, because she had fallen asleep. It was just the two of us.

"How did I get here?" Ash asked.

*I carried you. * I replied.

"What are we going to do?" This was the question I had dreaded.

*I don't know. * I replied softly.

Ash thought for a while, then said slowly, "Well, you are a Pokemon, and from the looks of it, a pretty rare one, too. If you don't have a trainer, someone will try to catch you." I nodded, and he continued. "So, you need a trainer, someone that you like."

*What about my Pokemon? * I asked.

"Professor Oak can take care of them." He said after a few moments of thought.

Now for the crucial question. *Who will be my trainer? * I asked softly.

Ash said, just as softly. "If you want, I could be your trainer. But, only if you want me to."

I didn't need to think about it. *Yes. You can be my trainer. * As Ash started to smile, I said, *But, only if you don't put me in a Pokeball. *

Ash laughed and nodded in agreement.

I smiled, despite myself, and said in a mock-fierce voice, *Now, you need to get your rest. * Knowing that I was still serious, Ash lay back on the bed, and was soon sound asleep.

I lay down again on the floor, but I didn't sleep. Instead, I thought about the events of the day. This morning, I had been a normal human. Now, I was a Pokemon, and rare from the looks of it. I smiled. At least I was a water-type, which was proved by my having used a water gun. Though I was still not sure how I did it.

I sighed. I was stuck as a Pokemon until I figured out how to change back, and Ash was my trainer. I would probably be required to battle, and I didn't know how to do that, either. I didn't even know what tomorrow would be.

But, even though I didn't know the future, I was happy. I wouldn't be separated from Ash, and that was the important thing. My Pokemon would be well taken care of, and I would probably be the best water Pokemon trainer in the world when I changed back, due to my first-hand experience as being one.

All in all, I've had worse days. I lay my head down, and slept.


Cool story, huh? Will Misty ever change back into human? Will Ash be a good trainer for her? Will those two ever fall in love? (Duh, yeah.) Will Misty ever find out why she became a Pokemon? Will Misty do well in her first trainer battler? Will I ever shut up? Only I know!

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