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I yawned and stretched, then sat up in bed. I glanced over at my husband, who was still asleep, and snoring away.

I got up, got dressed, and went downstairs to start breakfast. As the smells of bacon, eggs, and toast drifted through the house, my husband and our children started venturing downstairs.

I grinned and lightly slapped my husband's hand away from the food. "You can wait." I scolded him lightly. He laughed and helped our eldest child, and our first daughter, set the table.

As soon as breakfast was finished and on the table, my husband and our son, the middle child, didn't waste any time in digging in. Our oldest daughter, who went by the name of Renee, scowled at our son, who we had named Alex.

"Bottomless pit." She growled at him. Our other daughter, Jamie, smiled at her fighting siblings from her high chair.

Alex glared at his sister, then went back to eating. Unfortunately, Renee wasn't one to give up that easily…

With a grin, she used her agile tail to start tickling her little brother. He shrieked with laughter, and Jamie burbled with laughter as well. My husband and I even grinned, although we tried to hide it.

Alex got back at his sister as he unconsciously let out a weak electric attack, shocking both of them.

Renee yelped, then glared at her brother as she took her dishes to the sink. She just said one word. "Battle."

Alex grinned in agreement. He and his sister battled at every chance they got, and my husband and I let them. As long as neither of them really hurt each other, we were fine with it.

I helped Jamie finish her breakfast, then cleaned her off and joined my husband on the porch, being careful as I held our daughter in my arms.

"What's going on so far?" I asked him as we watched the young Eevee type and the young Pichu type square off against each other.

"It's pretty much even." He replied calmly as he took Jamie from me, being careful of her tail flame. The tiny Charmander type looked up at her father and smiled happily. I sighed and sat down on the porch bench, and my husband joined me. "Tired?"

I nodded. He put his free hand on my stomach, where it was pretty obvious that I was five months pregnant.

"I wonder what it will be this time." He mused. I grinned and stuck my tongue out at him.

"You'll just have to wait and see." I told him. I watched Renee and Alex for a few minutes, then grinned and said, "They fight as much as we did. Still do, actually."

My husband laughed. "Renee takes after you, Kasumi."

"And Alex takes after you, Ash." I smiled at him. "Just as stubborn and thick headed."

"Hey!" I laughed, and Ash joined in. When we had quieted down, and Ash had gone back to watching our two older children battle, I looked at the scars I had received from that battle with Team Rocket.

Frankly, I was surprised I hadn't died that day. But, everyone had worked together to transport me to a Pokemon center as soon as possible. From what I heard, the doctors and nurses had worked on me for hours, and even then there had been little hope of me surviving.

But, somehow, I pulled through, and now only my scars and memories served to show what I had been through. It had taken me almost a year to fully recover, but Ash had been there, right by my side, every step of the way. It had seemed only natural that he had proposed to me at 18, and we had our first child at 19.

Ash had become a Pokemon master, and had been the Champion at Indigo Plateau for a short time, but he had quit. He felt that there were more important things in life. As I looked at our family, I agreed with him.

The phone rang, and Ash handed me Jamie before going inside to get it. He came back out, smiling.

"It's for you. It's Moltres." I smiled at him thankfully, and traded Jamie for the phone.


"Kasumi, it's me. Guess what?! Tracey and I are expecting our first child!"

"That's great, Moltres!" I said happily. It had taken a while for her and Tracey to get together, as well as Gary and Articuno, but they were all happily married now. Gary and Articuno even had two children; a girl Seel type, and a boy Growlithe type.

Lugia and Sabrina had gotten together, and married, and now had an Abra type as a son. The funniest part of that was, Lugia was one of the most nervous of all when Sabrina had been in the maternity ward… it had taken the strength of all of my brothers to keep him from going completely psycho on us.

Ho-oh had met and married Morty, and had their first child on the way. Mewtwo was infatuated with Jasmine from Olivine City from day one, and they were newlyweds. According to Entei and Raikou, it took him three years just to get up enough courage to pop the question.

Entei and Raikou were still "swinging bachelors" as they put it, but Entei was dating Whitney from Goldenrod City.

Mew and Falkner had hit it off when they met, and their wedding would be in the summer.

Celebi was still single, although Brock was constantly trying to get her to go out with him. Zapdos, on the other hand, was in the same boat as Raikou. According to him, he liked the single life.

I smiled as Renee and Alex finished their battle, and walked dizzily up the stairs and onto the porch. "I'll call you later, Moltres, and congratulations."

"Thanks! Talk to you later little sister. Bye." With that, we hung up.

I put the phone aside and collected Renee and Alex into my arms. They smiled up at me, and promptly fell asleep. That was fine with me, as I didn't intend to go anywhere.

I leaned against Ash, and we looked happily down at our sleeping children. If you had asked us right then, we both would have said that our lives were perfect. Our traveling adventures had ended, but we had traded them for another life of adventure. That of marriage, and being parents.

We had each other, and that was all that mattered at that moment.

The End.


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