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With closed eyes I had my head between my knees, hoping for some warmth to come; it was barely successful. I kept rocking back and forth; any movement could make all the difference, now.

My thoughts revolved around Edward, clinging to the blissful memories. I have experienced so much more than life would have offered in 100 years, without Edward. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, I sighed; his name makes me shiver in delight.

From that perspective I was lucky; lucky that Edward chose me. Why, boring, plain, clumsy old me? I still wonder, to today, why that god chose some insignificant little person. How lucky I was. … Was? I exhaled slowly, deeply and with sorrow.

Lucky to have had this phenomenon thrust upon my life to alter it dramatically, forcing me to fall in love with someone, beyond amazing.

Just how lucky I was to be in his presence even, to have him by my side; metaphorically and literally is astonishing.

I am incredibly lucky to be capable to share my deepest feelings and express my emotions vividly and honestly with him.

I was truly blessed to have such a caring and loving confidant. Someone whose love for me was just as potent as mine for him; we would sacrifice our lives for each other, without hesitating.

Without Edward, there is no life.

I tried to create our meadow, in front of my eyes, in an attempt to calm my agitated self. I imagined it with Edward, sparkling in the dim sunlight.

Now only positive thoughts were running through my mind, however that was a fantasy world; I returned to reality, as there is a fine distinction between optimism and fantasy; I was tipping slightly to the realm of dreams.

These were the thoughts drifting through my mind, which seemed somewhat superficial right now, as I opened my eyes.

Then I realised the severity of the previous events.

I was alone.

I had abandoned my life, unintentionally, with no way to elude this unfamiliar world.

I had vanished from my world...

From my Edward's world...

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