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He was gone. I crumbled to my knees.

"No," I whispered repetitively, unable to grasp the truth.

I couldn't be dead…a ghost perhaps? Maybe I was living in a fantasy world of the past and memories.

But what did it matter what I was?

I would never be able to hold him again, touch his cold yet burning skin. I would never experience the tranquillity of being clasped in his arms, the world, beholding only us two. Never again would I gaze lovingly into his eyes and for the sentiment replicated. Not even a mere goodbye.

Water was streaming uncontrollably down my face as I tentatively pulled my knees to my chest, taking a substantial amount of minimal strength I held.


Eventually I peered up with my tear-stricken eyes. The silence was overwhelming; I could almost hear the blood throbbing in my head, which was immensely dull, compared to my aching heart.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply – it seemed to clear my mind. My pulse slowed as I calmed down. I needed to think of the future. I couldn't spend forever crying for my loss, there must be something beyond this point.

Hope sparked at this thought and ideas soon coursed through my mind. Letting out a hoarse sigh, I stretched my legs out in front of me, enjoying the feeling of my muscles tightening from prior stiffness.

I glanced at my surroundings, instantly observing the lights; it was night time. I also noticed faint voices, however as I strained to decipher the speech I was determined to get back on track.

I scrutinised the body I could see; I was filthy, especially my hands, covered in grime. My hygiene was terrible; I needed a shower, but that was impossible… wasn't it?

My eyes narrowed, deep in concentration, when the evident hit me, in almost disgust. If I was touching the ground, I would be able to touch other objects, hence I could write a message- my mind only now grasped that concept; so much wasted time. Maybe this wasn't the finale.

I steadily pulled myself to stand, gathering any equilibrium I obtained. With a slight sway, I staggered to the table, ignoring the slightly louder voices.

I clutched the table edge- it felt solid, but… numb? My eyes widened in alarm; it wasn't right, my hands began to shake at the dysphemism- I would die without the message. What if I couldn't pass it on? Did I dare force upon the possibility of more despair?

I had to.

The inward debate scared me; should I have waited 'til I was mentally stronger? I immediately threw the thought away; I needed to.

I searched for a writing instrument when I so a drawing, unmistakably, Alice's- the impeccable realism characterised her flawless technique. I gasped at the truck drawn- evidently from a vision, a vision involving me… and my truck and the fatal accident.

My 'Parson hands' reached to lift the pencil, which I could barely feel. I frantically tried to move it but made no progress. Again, I asked the inevitable question; why?

Would I never be saved?

The prospect created tears to brim in my eyes as the apprehension overwhelmed me- there had to be another solution.

Edward's hostile glare seared my heart, consequentially; I winced at the poignant memory. The memory of when I walked out to the table to believe the Cullen's would notice me, but they didn't – to them I was invisible.

No, that just a coincidence – I was trying to hope that it was a sign.

I fidgeted in the silence, expecting an epiphany to appear, but nothing came so I decided to get some sleep.

Cautiously, I climbed the stairs, to Edward's familiar room and simultaneous of my arrival, I felt comforted by the welcoming vibe.

However, alas, Edward wasn't there.

I sighed at my optimistic anticipation and lay on the floor, where, surprisingly, it felt safe… right.

I curled into a ball, handing myself to unconsciousness.

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