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Marco DiNozzo stood up in front of his second grade class. It was his second day at his new school and his teacher had asked him to talk about his family and where his parents work to the class. He got the piece of paper out of his pocket and began to read the messy-neat writing.

"My Mummy and Daddy work at a big place called NCIS.

They work with Uncle Gibbs, Aunty Abby, Uncle Timmy, Aunty Jenny, Grandpa Ducky, Uncle Jimmy and Aunty Michelle.

When my Daddy does silly things Uncle Gibbs hits him over the head, with makes Mummy and Uncle Timmy laugh. Uncle Gibbs is the Boss of their Team.

Sometimes I go down to Aunty Abby's lab. She's the Scientist. She's the happiest Goth in the world! She always drinks Caf Pow!'s but she can't now because she's having a baby with Uncle Timmy.

My Aunty Jenny is the Director. That means she is the Boss. An even bigger Boss then Uncle Gibbs! Aunty Jenny and Uncle Gibbs have a baby called Annabelle.

Uncle Gibbs and Aunty Jenny both love coffee. Daddy says that the kind Uncle Gibbs drinks is yucky. His first name isn't really Gibbs, it's Jethro, but only Grandpa Ducky and Aunty Jenny call him that.

Sometimes I go down to Autopsy with Grandpa Ducky and Uncle Jimmy and see the bodies. It doesn't gross me out! Once when Grandpa Ducky wasn't looking Uncle Jimmy let me hold a heart! But then Aunty Michelle came in and saw us. But she didn't tell anyone.

Uncle Jimmy and Aunty Michelle are getting married soon! Aunty Michelle use to be on Mummy and Daddy's team. Daddy said that Uncle Gibbs went crazy for a while and went too Mexico, so Aunty Michelle came on the team, but went to work in the legal part when Uncle Gibbs came back.

My Mummy use to work for a place in Israel called Mossad. She was an assassin, but Grandpa David let her work at NCIS as an investigator.

NCIS is where they catch the bad guys in the Navy. They have guns and everything!

My Daddy told me before Mummy worked with them they worked with a lady called Kate. I call her Aunty Kate, even though I've never met her. Uncle Gibbs says Aunty Kate would have liked that. She died before I was born.

I love my family. NCIS is where they all met. Uncle Gibbs calls the elevator his conference room. Sometimes if everyone has to work late at night and nobody is in MTAC, Daddy, Uncle Timmy and I watch movies on the really big screen. But Uncle Gibbs caught us, so we're not allowed in there at night anymore without Uncle Gibbs with us.

So, that's my family. And they're the best."