This is my first ever attempt to write a Robin Hood fic. I have tried to keep the characters in character. Enjoy and please review!

Djaq studied her hand carefully. The burn on one hand was beginning to blister badly. She frowned slightly. To make matters worse, dirt had made its way inside and the hand was beginning to show signs of infection. She really should treat it, before it got any worse. Later, when the men would not see. Except for Will. She furrowed her brow. He had seen her washing off the burn earlier. He had been at her side before she had time to turn her hand away. He had gripped her hand and turned it quickly towards him.

"The sheriff did this?" His voice had been low and dangerous.

"Yes, with my--"

"I know what he used." As he spoke, Will had looked angry. Then suddenly a look so tender had crossed his face that she thought she had imagined it. He had turned and walked away without another word.

Now she stood alone and pondered. Will had seemed in a dark mood since her return. Earlier, Djaq had seen him shoot a pleading look at Allan, then Allan had walked over to her.

"You're alright, then? They didn't hurt you, did they, or anything?"

All the men had fallen silent, awaiting her reply. She was glad that they cared for her well-being, but she did not wish them to think her weak or treat her differently because she was a woman. She had hidden her hand and nodded.

Will's approach broke her reverie. To her dismay, she saw that he was carrying bandages and a little jar.


"Let me see your hand." His voice was commanding and yet gentle.

Startled, she held out her hand. He opened the jar and began to spread salve on her hand. She winced slightly.


She studied the top of his head as he bent over her hand. Really, this was humiliating. She could bandage her own hand. She hoped none of the other men saw. She would never hear the end of it!

Will spoke as if she had spoken aloud. "Do not worry. I bandage your hand, not because you are a woman, but because you are part of this band. You cannot let the burn get any worse," He tied the bandage and held up the jar of salve, "Change the bandages again in the morning and reapply salve."

"You are very good at this," Djaq said with a small smile as she accepted the jar.

"Burns are common things. You should only be glad we had some salve on hand."

"You lie."

"I am sorry?" Will looked confused.

"We did not have it on hand; I saw you leave earlier."

She cocked an eyebrow.

The smallest of smiles graced Will's face.

She smiled back.

"Thank you, Will, you are indeed a good friend."

He nodded.