Shadows of a Dream


Darkness, it was what they dwelt in at all times of day.

Her dark brown eyes glanced over at the four other figures walking with her. All of them wore normal clothes, not the darkened robes like those idiots from Organization XIII did. She smirked lightly at the thought of them: the Nobodies who thought that they were everything.

"Crysita?" the tallest male asked. "Why are we here?"

"Organization XIII took great interest in this place," Crysita said while bushing her violet-black hair out of her eyes. "Can you tell me why?"

Everyone shook his or her head no.

"Hidden here, somewhere, is rumored to be one final Ansem report, one written at the last minute and then hidden. Do you know where this is?"

"Here?" another man asked, ignoring her last question completely. "You found it."

"I meant do you know where we are idiot! But no, I didn't find it, a member of Organization XIII believed it was here but they found nothing. At first I thought the stupid fools probably didn't look hard enough, but then I found out what must have happened. The one who found it was number thirteen, otherwise known as Roxas," Crysita explained as she walked past the jagged, dark rocks. "Unfortunately for the Organization, our dear Roxas was captured and his memories erased until his Other's memories were fully revived and then, rumor has it, he as put back inside of his original."

"Is that really possible?"

"No Jorix, she just said it for kicks," a younger girl snapped.

"Easy Lilanti," Jorix said with a grin. "You can't blame me for being skeptical. Imagine how hard it must be to find you're original heart in the hundreds of thousands of Heartless there are?"

"That's the thing," Carverin interrupted. He was the tallest there and would have commanded the most respect, if he weren't such a pushover to Crysita. "Rumor has it that the original of Roxas was still in human form, having got back his heart. But the point is Roxas forgot where the report was, but I'm worried that his original might find some of the memories that Roxas forgot."

"That doesn't make since. Shouldn't Roxas have completely faded into the darkness?" Jorix asked.

"The goal of a Nobody is to find their original heart in the Heartless and take it back, but if the heart is in your original personā€¦things might be different," Lilanti replied.

While they were talking, Crysita walked past them and over to a cliff. Her brown eyes studied the area around her as she said, "We have to get back to work. Split up and search everywhere for this document."

Jorix, Lilanti, Carverin, and the last of the group, the mostly silent Sarlio followed her lead and quickly went in different directions, trying to find the missing Ansem reports.

A cold blast of air hit Crysita, causing her to wince. She turned slightly and looked up at the sky for a moment before shrugging and turning back to the search.

If she had the ability to feel anything, she might have caught the feeling of foreboding that she would have when she was whole.

Author's Note

I know, different for me. It's not Harry Potter! Truthfully I'm a little bored of Harry Potter right now, but as I am a rapid fan of Disney, Kingdom Hearts automatically attracted me to it (once my friend showed me how to play it because I am hopeless with video games).

This takes place after KHII. While there may be some grammar and spelling errors I hope there aren't as many as my earlier HP fanfics prays to god or whoever else may be up there

So tell me what you think and chapter one will be up as soon as possible.

Krystal Lily Potter