BONUS CHAPTER – Sneak Peak at Shadows of Reality

The world of nothingness was a world he knew much about. It was not light, it was not dark, and at the same time it was not twilight. It didn't exist, but yet he was able to walk through it.

He was very familiar about this non-existent world. He knew all the twists and turns of it, as this was his realm. After his friends had died he simply faded away. He was still technically alive, but at the same time he wasn't.

It was this that led him to help the Keybearers when they appeared again. He didn't want their lives to end up in tragedy like his had. So he spoke to the Keybearers in their dreams. He trained them in his own way.

Then the souls of his friends started helping him. The first time all three had met in the dreams had left him with both an excited and guilty feeling.

Suddenly he stopped walking, the clang of his armor stopped echoing around the world that did not exist. His eyes stared through his helmet at the rather interesting scene in front of him; the scene that should not exist because this realm wasn't real.

There, in front of him, sat a young man looking rather bored while playing with a match in his hand. Actually, now that he looked closer, he could see that he was just playing with fire, and nothing else.

He studied this person with dark red hair and looked around at the three others with him. There was a woman with long hair that was pink. He did a double take at this. Her hair was a shade of hot pink with blond tips at the ends. She was tossing a knife into the air and catching it repeatedly, not worried about cutting or stabbing herself.

Then there was the figure sitting a few feet away from the woman, simply reading. This one had hair that was an off-shade of green, and briefly the knight wondered why no one seemed to have a normal hair color out of this group.

But he changed his mind when he saw the last figure. This ones hair was done up oddly in either a mullet or a Mohawk, he wasn't quite sure, but it was a deep shade of brown that was normal compared to everyone else.

The knight wondered who these four were. He had never seen them here before, and it was nearly impossible to enter the world of nothingness.

Suddenly the redhead looked around at him quickly, but his eyes were not focused on the knight, but rather something behind him. Before he could turn to look pain exploded in his body and he fell to his knees.

With a hiss of pain he felt something wrap around him tightly, and he didn't have to glance down to know it was darkness. He knew what that felt like all too well.

Then, before he could really comprehend what was happening, the tentacles of darkness dragged him into a dark corridor, and he knew no more.