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Title: Camaraderie
Fandom: So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Pairing: Rhys Bobridge/Jack Chambers (Rhack)
Summary: He never knew he would be in the Top four, but he was glad he was.
Disclaimer: So You Think You Can Dance Australia is owned by FremantleMedia Australia


Top four.

Final four.

Best four in the country…

These thoughts kept rushing into Jack's head as he lay on the soft clean carpet of his apartment. Ah yeah, so why was he on the carpet exactly? Because after all those hours of rehearsing, he just couldn't bring himself to sleep on any relevant piece of furniture.

"Wow…" He said to himself. To be in the top four of the So You Think You Can Dance competition was more than he could handle. Being in the top four meant being one of the top four dancers -- not to mention, one of the top two male dancers -- in the country. He remembered that night -- the night he found out he was in the top four. Him and Graeme; standing on stage. Only one of them could accompany Rhys, Kate and Demi with at the grand finale. Jack remembered almost falling onto the ground when his name was called, running over to the other 3 dancers; kissing and hugging them with much joy. A hug and a kiss for Demi, a hug and a kiss for Kate…

And a kiss on the cheek for Rhys.

Jack stopped reminiscing and sat up. Inside, he wasn't sure exactly why he had kissed Rhys. Usually, he'd just hug the guys whenever anything good happened. He couldn't quite figure out whether he did that subconsciously or not either. Jack looked the photo in the photo frame sitting on the table in front of him, laughing a little. It was of him, Graeme and Rhys making goofy and dorky faces. As he looked carefully at the photo, he realised something -- Rhys was holding onto him around the waist.

"Ah…hey, I never noticed that…" Jack mumbled to himself, getting up and grabbing the photo frame. He stared at the flamboyant dancer's face before realising his face was burning up. Could it possibly be that Jack was in love with Rhys? Well, he did say he was straight.

But that didn't mean he wouldn't change for the right guy.

Was Rhys the right guy? To Jack, they were friends, good friends -- brothers almost. However, the thought of being lovers never crossed his mind, and why should it? He was more focused on dancing than on love.

Then it hit him, since he was in the top four, he would be dancing with Rhys -- together, without anyone else alongside. His heart pumped faster as he wondered what type of dance he was going to dance with Rhys. Maybe hip hop? That would be awesome. Contemporary? Well, he was getting a little tired of that. What about…

Ballroom? No way! Would the Ten Network let two guys dance say…the rumba? The salsa? Or even the Lambada, the forbidden of Love?

"Hang on, why am I listing all these…romantic dances. It's not like I want to dance those dances with Rhys…right?"

An awkward silence filled the room (sometimes Jack seriously hated talking to himself). Suddenly, a revelation; he realised what time it was -- 3PM, the time he was meant to start rehearsing with Rhys.

"Ah, I better go! Rhys might kiss..." Jack stopped and blushed, "I- I mean; Rhys might KILL me."

As he ran out of his apartment, he kept thinking about dancing with Rhys. He kept thinking how fun it would be to dance with him, how fun it would be to just-- well, have fun with Rhys, and…how fun it would be to just be with him.

No one would know from then on, that Jack wanted one thing; him and Rhys standing there on stage.

Standing together.

…As the final two.

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