I had driven for almost an hour to a random town as far away from Forks as I could. I hadn't told Edward where I was going out of total embarrassment and had more or less disappeared late afternoon. The entire trip here I half expected to see him and Alice in his Volvo racing after me thinking I was off with the werewolves again. Even though it seemed crazy to just leave I knew if I had gone to a store in Forks and bought my supplies the rumours would spread like wild fire quickly; this was defiantly something I really didn't need right now to top everything off.

'The one fault of living in a small town where everyone knows everyone' I mumbled to myself annoyed as I pulled up to a small chemist that seemed almost deserted. My body seemed to move on its own through the isles looking up and down the shelves; I grabbed what I came for and went to the counter. The cashier; a girl in her late teens looked me over eye brows raised.

"Whatever" she mumbled to herself scanning the item as I paid blushing silently.

The drive back to Forks was a slow one in my old truck; I was continuously staring down at the plastic bag I had wrapped up tightly laying on the passenger seat, it seemed to be taunting me wordlessly.

Although the trip home felt like forever once I saw the faint lights of the Cullen's house approach my stomach rolled and I felt another wave of nausea pass through me, the third today.

It wasn't until then that I realised it was dark, I looked at my watch; it was 10 pm how had I been out so long! As soon as I opened the door Edward ran to me with inhuman grace and speed pulling me into an embrace; I buried my face into his chest inhaling his scent; this seemed to calm my stomach for a moment as my body relaxed a little. He pulled me back a little gently as he studied my weary face.

"Bella what's wrong? Where have you been, you look terrible!" his face was full of concern, I could he had been distressed the whole time I'd been gone. I tried to act calm and natural twisting my face into what I hoped could pass off as a smile as I steadied my voice.

"Oh I'm fine Edward, stop worrying; I was just out with umm..." I racked my brain for an excuse "with Angela, we were shopping." I knew how false that sounded but Edward didn't seem to notice as a small smile formed on his perfect face and before I knew it I was in his arms again. I relaxed a little in his arms resting my weight on him and yawned I suddenly felt completely exhausted.

"What's in the bag?" he asked casually though I could hear the curiosity in his voice, he wanted to know what had been so important to keep me away so long. As he tried to gently pry it away from the clasped fingers I quickly pulled away from his hands and blushed looking up at him guiltily.

"Oh it's… just some stuff I picked up today" It wasn't a lie but I still felt bad for not telling the whole truth.

He pulled me upright again laughing a little and giving me a crooked smile that made my heart melt.

"Ok, now go upstairs and sleep, you look exhausted!" He said pushing me gently towards the stairs, I was glad to have an excuse to go upstairs.

"I guess this is goodnight then" I said weakly turning to get one final look at my prince charming.

"Good night Bella, I love you" The words hung in the air and I was struck by a stabbing sense of again guilt, I ran up the stairs towards the bathroom feeling pathetic.

I had almost made it into the bathroom when I was blocked by Alice. Her pixie features where turned into a concerned frown as she looked up at me, something was on her mind. I sighed internally, almost irritated; I had enough to worry about!

"Bella, your bladder can wait a sec, we need to talk; there's a bit of a" she struggled to find the right word, "problem."

I gulped, how did she know, had she seen me in a vision at the shop? I nodded signalling her to continue gripping the plastic bag tighter.

"Now remember don't tell Edward because you know how he has a tendency to overreact" I nodded again dumbly, not trusting my voice. After her quick warning she went straight to the point.

"Well for the past month or so I haven't been having any visions of you" I looked at her unknowingly holding my breath. "You haven't been with those dogs again?" she asked suspiciously. I froze in fear trying to think up a new lie, one not far from the truth.

"Umm well I have been seeing a bit of Jacob lately" I managed to rush out my hand trembling slightly.

"The thing is though I can't even get visions of everyone else if your there with us." She continued I looked at her shocked. "Its like there werewolves are almost following you somehow," she sighed shaking her head "I just can't figure it out. Can you think of anything that could have happened in the last month to block me out?"

My body froze, I was at a loss for words, and did that mean what I thought it did? Oh no, this can not be happening!

"Bella are you ok? Snap outta it." Alice's voice was thick with concern as I snapped out of my panicking premonition.

"I'm fine Alice," my voice held a hint of impatience and worry as my eyes focused behind her to the bathroom. This lie was starting to come easier each time I said it; I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Even if I got to the stage of being able to say it with it sounding false I would know the truth, I wasn't ok and unless I got away now it would only get worse.

"Ok then Bella, you seem distracted so I'll talk to you more about this when your more…yourself. Just maybe keep away from those dogs for awhile they always seem to cause trouble when you're around."

"It's too late for that!" I wanted to yell out to her, to tell her what was happening, to have some support but she was already gone by the time I had looked up

I sighed deeply as I locked the bathroom door behind me; the click of the lock was comforting though I knew it would do nothing to stop a vampire from entering. It would however give me the few precious moments of privacy I needed before Edward came searching.

I looked down at the plastic bag with another stab of guilt as I took of the box out of the bag with shaking hands and read the instructions carefully. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath; it was time for the moment of truth.