A Thought Upon A Drop of Blood

Guten Tag once more! Many of my readers of A Drop of Blood For Your Thoughts were saddened--and miffed--at its end. Therefore, I have come up with this bit of a sequel, from the Major's point of view. I hope it satisfies at least a little, readers!

It was quite funny, really. Sir Integra's reaction, that is. Honestly, he hadnt expected the gray-haired young lady to cry out in such an unflattering manner when he escorted his dear Seras down the stairs. Vampire Alucard's face was also quite humorous. He had never seen the vampire more caught off guard than he was that night.

He had looked over to see how his dear companion was taking the sight of her former Master and Master's Master. He was pleased to see that she had a gentle passive smile on her face, and her blue eyes were aflame with delight at their reactions. He turned back to them, and had no trouble picking out Fraulein Integra's offspring. There was no mistaking the almost identical essences they emitted; it was a surprise, however, to feel Alucard's essence from them, too. But that only made this night all the more sweeter.

He led Seras down the stairs and into the crowd, which parted instantly at the sheer power he and his companion emitted as they made their way to the Head of the Hellsings and her family. They walked slowly and deliberately, and he could tell he was grinning like the madman they labeled him as. He flickered his gaze to the girl, who despite her strong constitution, actually flinched; and to the boy, who drew back ever-so-slightly with narrowed eyes. He and Seras finally made it to them, about two yards away, where he felt Seras let go of his arm to curtsy delicately, her eyes locked to her former Master. He himself crossed one arm over his chest and swept his other out as he bowed from the waist, his eyes locked to Fraulein Integra.

Both Master and Servant could only stare in horror at the newly-risen nightmares he and his companion were. He straightened back up and Seras took his arm again as the girl asked her mother who they were. Integra could only tremble at the two before her, and Vampire Alucard took it upon himself to answer.

"Seras Victoria...the Mad Major..." Like he couldnt believe it. And true he shouldnt have. After all, it was a foolish, unlucky Mädchen that didnt heed signs that released him and his designated Ehefrau when they were supposedly meant to remain imprisoned forever. He grinned.

"Jawohl, Alucard," he said pleasantly, grinning wider. "Meine Ehefrau und I haf decided to come und join you in celebration of your son's coronation." Oh, it was priceless to hear the murmurs, gasps, and cries of outrage at the fact of the boy's paternal parentage. He just grinned wider and felt Seras's amusement. He pretended to be surprised. "Vhy, do they not know of his Vater? I thought it vas...obvious..."

The girl seemed to snap out of her stupor to draw a hidden gun strapped to her thigh and point it to his head. "I dont very much care who the hell you are," she hissed, her finger tightened on the trigger, "but I will not have you insulting or patronizing my parents!" The 'Kaiser' merely grinned at her, and suddenly the girl went flying into the wall behind her so quickly she didnt even see it coming. It took the rest of the room a moment to notice black shadows retracting back into the supposed Kaiserin's exposed back.

"And I will not have you threatening meine Ehemann," she said calmly her eyes flashing. "Respektlos Mädchen." The rest of the crowd began to back away from the two of them, beginning to realize that the two of them were not human. The attack of her daughter seemed to pull Integra out of her shock.

"Wilhelmina!" she cried, rushing over to help her daughter up. The girl shook off her injuries, save for an obviously fractured ulna, and glared at the two.

"You two...arent human...!" she said. He and his companion grinned.

"Of course not," he said merrily. "Vhy, ve haf not changed since the day your parents locked us avay 48 years ago...under no charge, nonetheless, other than they being afraid of us und vhat ve vould...accomplish..." He shifted his gaze toward Alucard, who subtly stepped in front of his son to protect him.

"I dont know how...or why...you are freed," Alucard ground out through his teeth, "but rest assured that I will not permit you to run rampant through the world and cause another war, Major." He shot his gaze to Seras, who remained passively calm. "And you...you are no longer a childe of mine!"

"I ceased being your childe when you imprisoned me, Alucard," she said softly, her eyes flashing with the same unpleasant likeness of her Ehemann. "I told you...48 years ago...that Major and I would help you. That we would work for Hellsing. Make it stronger. But no. You locked us away--locked me away--and for what reason? None. At all." She tightened her hold on her Kaiser's arm. "Being locked away, sharing the very essence with a warmongering Holy Being...changes one's perspective, Alucard. Thanks to you, I now have a reason to be your enemy."

"Ve both do," her companion cut in, his own golden eyes flashing. "Vhen dear Seras discovered her imprisonment, it took all I had to comfort her. She vas devastated. Und I vas furious. I vowed to make you pay, Alucard. You, und Fraulein Integra." He stepped back from Seras, his eyes changing from unpleasantly passive to frighteningly insane. He spread his arms, as though challenging Alucard to attack. "So how shall you pay, Alucard?! Fraulein Integra!?" he demanded, his tone wavering with joyful insanity. "By blood!? By flesh!? By death!? By destroyed reputation!? By the sight of your kinder being hung dead from the chandelier!? Tell me, meine vereidigte Feinde! Tell me how you vant me to repay you for almost another 50 years of being shut off from the vorld, being forgotten und hiding behind the lie you call peace!"

Most of the other guests were frightened to the point of pushing into each other to press against the far wall. Most women were crying, and small children were clutching their parents for fear of their short lives. The designated bodyguards had shakily drawn their firearms and were aiming at them, but neither the Kaiser nor his Kaiserin cared.

"How shall you pay, Wampire Alucard?" The Kaiser repeated, his voice low and wavering, his eyes flashing and his hands twitching. Said Vampire Alucard said nothing, but continued to shield his son from the madman in front of him. A stare-off ensued for a few more moments before the Kaiser's expression regressed back to unpleasantly passive. "No answer. Alucard? Fraulein Integra?" Alas, no answer. "I see. So that ist how it ist...I am going to haf to be the vone to choose, ja...? Nein..." He turned to his geliebte Ehefrau. "...Seras. Lieb Kaiserin. You shall choose their payment." He stepped back to her side and leaned close to her. "Let them know, Geliebte. Let them know how badly you suffered. Let them know vhat it felt like to be betrayed. Let them know vhat happens vhen they cross a varmonger's vife..."

Seras nodded, her eyes remaining on Alucard the whole time. "Jawohl," she murmured, her heart filling with the passive hate she had come to embrace whenever she thought of her former Master. She stepped away from the Major and looked from just behind Alucard to his son, and tapped into that well of power her Ehemann had so lovingly encouraged her to open; sending out a willful signal, forcing the boy to look at her dead in the eyes. All at once, she saw every memory the boy had; growing up in a warm, loving, caring home; having fought so few real challenges, so unlike his mother; having seen so little. His constitution was above average, but also nowhere near Sir Integra's caliber. 'Disgusting,' she thought to herself. 'Unworthy, if even half of Alucard's blood can allow me to see into him so easily...'

The Kaiser grinned, knowing what was going through his Kaiserin's mind and what she would give the boy a taste of. And he had to wholeheartedly agree. He opened his own memories to her, letting every death, every slaughter, every drop of blood he had ever witnessed pass from him, to her, and to the boy's mind.

Alucard really had no idea what his former childe was up to until he hear his son cry out in horror behind him. He whipped around to see the boy clutching his head, eyes wide and filled with terror.

"What is this!?" the boy screamed, shaking his head as though to throw the images out. "Oh God...all...all those people...! ...The screaming...! Make them stop...! Make them stop!!"

Alucard wasted no time in drawing his gun and shooting at Seras, but had seemed to forget the detail of the barrier. Said barrier automatically shot up to deflect the bullet and make it ricochet into a random guest's head, completely blowing it right off. All of the guests began to scream and scurry around for exits.


All screams and scrambling stopped at the sound of the Kaiser's powerful command. His Kaiserin relented and drew the images out of the boy's head, and let the boy drop to his knees, his eyes overflowing with tears or horror. Kaiser Seras stepped back, a look of disgust on her face.

"This is to be the new Head of the Hellsings?" she demanded. "One who cannot bear the sight of war's lovechildren and playtime? Pitiful. Nowhere near Sir Integra's caliber." She turned to move back beside her Ehemann. "That, foolish boy," she said, not looking at the Hellsing heir, "is nothing compared to what is to come."

A jubilee of murmurs broke out, silenced once more when the Kaiser looked over them. "Oh, ja," he said, grinning unpleasantly. "There vill be conflict vonce more...even at my most lenient, I do not believe zat this vorld should be vithout var for more than 15 years at a time...You are all vell overdue..." He looked back over to Alucard and Integra, and grinned more broadly. "Auf Wiedersehen, Wampire Alucard, Fraulein Integra. Ve shall meet vonce more...in time..."

Alucard, as well as 'Mina and the other bodyguards drew their weapons once more and fired, but a larger barrier covering the two was calmly drawn up, ricocheting the bullets back into random directions and letting them hit whom they pleased. The Kaiser put his arm calmly around his Kaiserin's waist.

"Foolish kinder," he said, shaking his head. "So slow to learn..." He turned to his Ehefrau. "Shall ve retire early, Kaiserin Seras?" She nodded.

"Jawohl, mein Kaiser," she replied, summoning huge black wings with golden-white tips. The room was in a mixed conundrum of fear and awe.

"Zu treffen, wenn wir wieder auf dem Schlachtfeld!" the Kaiser said merrily to the Hellsings, raising his hand in farewell. His Kaiserin's wings enveloped them both, and with a gust of winged wind, they disappeared.

With them gone, a few guests dead, Wilhelmina with a broken arm and Markl with a broken mind, Alucard and Integra could only sit and stare into nothing in silence.

That's not the end...I have a few more chapters in mind to go. If you hate it, though, I'll stop here as a one-shot... Up to you!