Chapter 13

It was a little tricky getting the case containing Dok's body out of the small airport discreetly, but thanks to Seras distracting security, Hans and Doktor Augusta managed to secure a cargo car and load up the large case into it. That done, it was just a matter of driving for a few hours toward London. Hans drove, Doktor Augusta stayed in back to sit on the case to make sure it didnt move around much, and the Kaiser and Seras sat in the second-row seating area.

The whole way there, the Kaiser kept looking out the window, his golden eyes flashing with anticipation, while Seras leaned her head on his shoulder contently. Every few miles or so, Frau Dok kept shouting from the back for Hans to learn how to drive. Just to piss her off, the Kaiser knew, Hans would jerk the car just enough to jostle her in the back to shut her up.

As soon as they crossed the London city limits, the Kaiser immediately felt something call to him; Dok's soul. "Hans, make a left," he instructed, sitting up straighter and looking out the window. Hans obeyed, driving a little slower to avoid any suspicion, and followed the Kaiser's instructions to the T. Finally after about ten minutes of driving, the Kaiser unbuckled his seat belt and opened his door en route. "Hans, stop!"

Hans stepped on the brakes hard, making Doktor Augusta swear loudly. Ignoring the cries out outrage from traffic, the Kaiser walked away from the car and began looking around the four-way street. Seras walked closely behind him, commanding Hans to ready Dok's body with a simple gesture. The Kaiser finally came to a halt over a single spot in the road, and grinned. "He's here, Lieb," he said, looking at Seras. Seras nodded, noticing that the police were beginning to make their way over, and suddenly summoned a large dome of blackness over the area, blocking people out.

Hans walked over to the two, carrying the large case easily over his shoulder and setting it down carefully next to his Fuhrer, who bent down and unlocked it with the key Doktor Augusta gave him and opened it.

It was perfection. Frau Dok had even dressed him in his normal clothing--brand new, and everything. Every detail was perfect, down to the skin tone, hair length, and even all six fingers on each hand. The Kaiser could only look at him in awe for a moment. Doktor Augusta stepped up to the casing and looked down at the body.

"...I told you I vould do it right," she said, shrugging. "Thank me later, let's just do this und get the hell out of here." The Kaiser gave her a look, then nodded and bent down to pick up Dok's body from the case. There couldnt be a person alive or dead now that could have told the difference between a real body and a cybernetic one; it felt so real. He laid the body out exactly on the spot where he felt the lingering presence stuck in Limbo, and stepped back, digging into his well of Holy powers for the power of ressurection.

It was terribly dark in Limbo, come to find. Darker than even a vampire's subspace. But he could still feel Dok.....he could almost...

Right there!

He reached out with his personal essence and grabbed a hold of Dok's, then pulled out of Limbo with some difficulty.

The Kaiser was somewhat out of it, and Seras put her arms around her Ehemann to try to reestablish some strength into him. As she was feeding him back some of the strenght he had lost, she saw Dok's new body twitch slightly, then convulse sharply and shoot up to a sitting position, letting out a scream that Seras could feel was of horror and confusion.

"HERR MAJOR!!!" Dok shot up and freaked out a little more before Doktor Augusta stepped forward and smacked him in the face.

"Get a hold of yourself, Doktor Napyeer!" she shouted, shoving him to the ground. Dok let out another cry before looking around wildly and settling his gaze on his Fuhrer, who had regained his strength.

"...Herr.....Herr Major....?" He shifted forward toward him and reached forward to touch him, as though amazed to see him. "...Gott im Himmel...!'re alive....?" The Kaiser smiled at his friend and nodded.

"In a sense, ja." He stood up and helped Dok to his feet. Dok then seemed to notice that he was not a shapeless soul floating in oblivion, and stared at his hands. He flexed them a few times, then pressed them to his chest and slid them down his body, feeling out what he thought was gone.

"...Ah.....H...Herr Major.....?" he stammered, looking back at his Fuhrer. "...V....vhat......vhat ist this...?" The Kaiser just grinned more broadly.

"A new body, Dok," he replied. "For a new beginning. Wilkommen back to the land of the living, mein Freund." Dok gaped at him before going back to examine his body again.

"...How...?" he questioned. Doktor Augusta took that moment to step forward.

"A preemptive 'you're velcome'," she said. "I built you." Dok stared at her.

"...Augusta?" he demanded. "...How? You're dead!" Doktor Augusta rolled her eyes.

"Not as dead as you vould like to think, Doktor Napyeer," she replied, examining her nails. "In short: I faked my death, haf been living in the Panther's Den for the past fifty years, und upon reuniting vith Herr Kaiser und his Kaiserin, I've been the residential Doktor in your place. I created the body you inhabit out of nothing, so as soon as you day 'danke', ve can get ze hell out of here before Hellsing arrives!"

"She has a point, Kaiser," Seras said, summoning her wings. "We can make a faster getaway if we travel by shadow."

"Seras Wictora!?" Dok exclaimed, pointing at her. "Vhat in ze--!?"

"Later, Dok!" Doktor Augusta snapped, grabbing his arm. "Mein Kaiserin, vith all due respect, get us ze hell out of here!"

"Right," Seras replied, enveloping everyone in shadow and taking off.

It was just moments later that Alucard and 'Mina arrived to find about fifty people standing around in the middle of the road, looking all like their heads had been emptied of all information. From eyewitnesses who had no contact with what they called 'a black mass', he concluded that it had indeed been Seras and the Kaiser's doing. And from the exact spot he stood, which was reeking of Holy essence, he was willing to know what exactly she was doing there.

Well, Dok's back and another phase of The Plan is about to occur.