Phantom of the Theatre

Phantom of the Theatre

"You have WHAT?" screamed a voice of a young man "You can't be serious Rosette" The young man whose name was Joshua, was shocked. "Oh calm down Joshua. It will be our great breakthrough" the young blonde said, as she tried to make her brother stop yelling "Just imagine what we could make out of this place"

Rosette and Joshua were twins, both 17 years old, with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. They both were a part of a small group of actors. Besides the twins there were four others in the group too. They were all in there best teenage years and they had searched for a long time after a place to show there acting skills and now seemed the time, that one of them had found something.

Joshua gave a big sigh and realised that there was no way in changing his sister's mind now. Rosette Christopher had "bought" a theatre. It wasn't exactly one of the big ones, but still big enough for about 800 people. There was only one problem though.

"What are you going to pay it with? Besides this place is a dump, it hasn't been used for ages" Joshua said and frowned as a piece of the wall crumpled as he leant against it "Well… I'm sure, that we after our first play are having enough money to afford it and it wasn't that expensive" his sister pointed out "Then what about the restoration? We need to start at the bottom with this. We need more people that can help us with it. Besides I have heard that this place was only left to itself, because it is haunted"

"You don't wanna tell me you still believe in ghosts, do ya?" Rosette asked with a mischievous smile, but the boy shivered a little "It is told… that the owner of this place had to close it, because he and the actors could hear screams coming from the basement and that sometimes the actors themselves had terrible accidents" he had lowered his voice a little "What kind of accidents? Asked Rosette, maybe a little curious now "I don't know. Terrible ones" her brother told her, but the whole "Haunted" story just made Rosette more excited.

"When were the others going to be here? They are late aren't they?" The blonde girl asked a little annoyed "I want to go inside and check the place out" Joshua shrugged "Relax Rose, they still have ten minutes" "You know what? Why don't I just go first and you and the others follow when they have arrived okay?" she smiled, but her brother didn't like the idea "Isn't it too dangerous to go in there? The place might collapse when you sneeze or cough too hard. You shouldn't go in there by yourself at least" "But I am not alone, I have the spooky ghost to keep me company" she laughed and went (With a little difficulty) through the door that had been barricaded.

Joshua wanted to stop her, but she was already gone "Why does she have to be so damn curious and stubborn" he sighed "This is absolutely going to become a flop"

Rosette coughed as she went through the entrance hall, the whole place was full of dust and cobwebs "-Cough-Cough- Well… it seems pretty spookless to me, it's only old" she looked around "The theatre must have been a very fancy place once" there were marble columns on either side of the entrance and then there was a big chandelier in the ceiling. There was no light, so Rosette pulled out her flashlight from her bag. "Wauw… very beautiful" She followed the hall, until she came to a big door "Must be the door to the scene" she guessed, so she opened it with difficult. The door was really leading to the scene and she gaped. Even though it all was dusty and smelled rotten, it looked beautiful underneath it all.

The red curtains had lost their red colour and had become almost white because of the dust and the seats had been the meal of hungry rats. She walked down between the seats and ended on the scene. Some old costumes lay in a pile behind one of the curtains "They must have been eager to leave this place" Rosette thought as she lifted a blue dress up to examine it.

Suddenly she in the corner of her eye thought she saw something move behind the other curtain, she spinned around, but saw nothing there "Strange… I could have sworn that I saw something there" she walked closer and lifted the curtain, but there was nothing there "The dust must be playing tricks on my brain" she told herself. The young girl was unaware of a couple of crimson eyes watching her.

"Rosette? Where are you?" called a voice from the entrance "I'm here, on the stage, take a look at it" Rosette called back and a few seconds later, Joshua and the rest of the actors group arrived. The group had four girls and two boys and they all lived in one house, where they had turned the basement into a practice room.

"Maa… Rosette, do you really think that this is going to be our great breakthrough?" asked a young girl, her name was Shader, the technical genius and the most hyperactive one. Before Rosette could answer her though, a male voice broke in."Sure it is going to be a breakthrough Shader" he said "A breakthrough through the stage boards that is" "Grrrrrr… Geeenaiii" Rosette grumbled, and before he knew it, he had a big lump on his head "Ouch… dammit" he started nursing his poor head "Anyone else wanna say something?" the rest shook their heads "Nonononono" "Good" Rosette then put her fist back down.

"Who do you think shall clean this mess up Rose?" asked another boy, he was bigger than the others, his name was Viede (Wauw, the sinners are actually actors… well whaddya know) "Well, I kinda think that it is going to be us… heheh" Rosette answered nervously laughing. They all groaned "You didn't plan this full out did you?" asked Claire, the oldest of the girls, but the only answer she became was another nervous laugh. They sighed "Well… seems that we should start cleaning up soon then, it might take a while" the last person in the group said, her name was Anna "I go look for help in the town, we can't clean all this up by ourselves" said Claire and walked away. This was going to take a looooooooong time.