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With a final blow, Aion succeeded in breaking open the door. His smile turned into a sneer "Got you now" he hissed, lifting the walking stick he used as a weapon.

Chrono got to his feet in an instant, telling Rosette to stay where she was. He stood in front of her protectively. His eyes narrowed and glared at the white haired man.

"Leave her alone Aion" Chrono warned "Or something bad could happen"

"Bad?" Aion burst into laughter "What could possibly happen?"

"Well… you do know that this theatre is haunted right? A ghost should make bad accidents happen… that is why the theatre was left after Magdalene's death" Chrono explained "Her soul still hunts her murderer"

Aion's eyes narrowed "Magdalene was not a holy maiden Chrono… even though she was cherished like a Goddess…"

"You were jealous at her weren't you?" Chrono growled "You wished for her to die and to taint me with guilt"

"How clever you are brother" Aion hissed "Though are you nothing more than a fool… the Phantom of this Theatre"

"Speaking of Phantom… you should watch your back… the Phantom isn't as friendly as in the play you know?" Chrono said "He can be quite merciless to those who mock him… remember "The Phantom of the Opera is here, inside your mind" Chrono narrowed his eyes "You're already cursed by the Phantom"

Rosette didn't understand what Chrono meant with the things he was saying. She looked up when Aion burst into laughter for the umpteenth time "I have heard enough… now end you pity life and leave this world with your beloved Phantom" he turned his eyes to Rosette "And the Angel of music can follow you"

He took three steps towards them. Chrono sat down on his knees next to Rosette "Close your eyes Angel" he whispered "And sit close to me"

She nodded and pulled him tight. He wrapped his arms around her, letting his crimson eyes glare at Aion.

Aion lift the walking stick once more for one last strike. The couple sat against the banister of the balcony.

Suddenly Chrono saw a dark shadow loom above the unknowing white haired man. Aion hadn't noticed the shadow.

It lift a big item into the air, and slammed it into the back of the man.

Chrono's eyes widened "Who is that?" he thought, his thoughts were interrupted by a scream of agony. Aion was stumbling towards them, but he didn't go for them. He stumbled over the dropped stick from his hand and fell.

Chrono closed his eyes and only listened to the scream and then a sickening "Crack" then it was all over.

The red eyed boy slowly opened his eyes and looked up. In front of him stood a dark clad person, he was mostly hidden by the shadows, but one thing he did see. A white mask covering the one half of his face.

The person stood there for a while, before spinning around and running down the stairs.

"Wait…" Chrono called, but the man was gone. Rosette shivered, she had heard the fall "Rosette" Chrono whispered and lift her chin with his palm "Are you okay Angel?"

She opened her eyes and looked at him. She nodded slightly "Y-Yes, I think I am…"

They got up and looked around. They avoided the look over the banister though.

When they got out, the caught someone who could call the police. The police were there as fast as possible. They were taking good care of the couple and some medics hurried inside to get Aion. They told them he was dead though, he had fallen down and broken his neck.

Rosette buried her face in Chrono's hair when they brought Aion into the ambulance "It was horrible Chrono" she whispered and felt tears start flowing down her cheeks.

Somebody had called the others and they were now getting Rosette and Chrono.

Shader jumped out of the car and hugged the pair "Thank God nothing happened to you two" she cried

Genai threw a glare at the ambulance, where he could get a glimpse of Aion's feet "Go to hell Devil" he snarled

Viede and Claire got the couple into the car and drove them home while Anna stayed "I'll just sleep at Mary's place" she had said and waved when they drove off.

At home, Rosette was met by Joshua that hugged her "You two okay?" he asked worried. She nodded "Yes, just tired" she told him

"Then go to bed, we'll talk tomorrow" he smiled

She nodded and took Chrono's hand, leading him to her room.

When they were ready, they lay down beside each other, Rosette snuggling close to Chrono "I'm happy it's over with" she whispered "But we still don't have the money…"

"We won't be able to use it for a while anyway Angel, the police will not let anyone near it" he whispered back "But now sleep, we need it" he then kissed her softly on the lips and draped an arm around her.

She soon fell asleep. Chrono on the other hand couldn't, he had to think about the dark shadow that had saved them. Who was he? What did he do in the Theatre at that time? Why did he help them? Why was he wearing the mask of the Phantom?

The questions spun around in his head for a long time. So long until he fell into a deep slumber as well.

The next morning, they got up very late.

They were woken up, when the others burst into the room with a lot of stuff. There were breakfast, sweets, a lot of chocolate (Helps against nervousness, especially exam nervousness -.- okay, it helped me at least)

Rosette smiled "What the… what is the matter?" she grinned when all sat down around them

"Just wanna make you forget the terrible experience" Shader grinned widely

"Aww, that is so sweet of you" Rosette smiled

Chrono sat up as well "Is there something to celebrate?" he asked baffled

Joshua started "We have enough money, an old lady that has seen our play was an old millionaire and has given us enough money to repair everything in the theatre… she called us and told me everything"

"Yes, and you two are okay" Anna added and placed all the sweets on the duvet.

"We can live happily ever after now" Shader squealed and hugged Chrono "And you two too" she added with a smirk.

Rosette blushed "If Chrono wants it…" she whispered. As an answer he turned her face towards him and smiled "Of course Angel" he whispered and kissed her lips, almost making Shader squeal happily and hug them again.

Rosette giggled and soon they all started eating.

Rosette noticed a little yellow bullet. A smirk spread over her face and she turned towards Chrono "Chrono my prince?" she cooed sweetly and leaned on his shoulder "I wanna give you something"

Chrono blinked "What is it?" he asked curiously.

"Close your eyes and I'll give it to you" she purred. He did what she said "Now open your mouth" she said.

When he had done it, she let the little yellow bullet drop into his mouth "Now chew" she purred.

He was quiet for a few seconds, but then… 3…2…1…

"EEEEWWWWW" he cried and leaped out of bed to the next trash can "I JUST HATE LEMONIES" he cried. Rosette burst into a full hearted laughter, the others soon following with more.

After the others had left though, they snuggled in bed. Rosette smiled and crept a little closer to him "I'm happy this is over"

Chrono smiled as well "Yea, me too… but the lemonie thing was mean" he pouted "Did I really deserve that?"

"No, but I want you to know one thing…"

"What?" he asked curiously

"I will never leave you" she whispered "I love you"

"I love you too Angel" he whispered.

Outside their door a dark shadow stood leaning against the wall, a white mask in his hand "You thought I would never be like the real Phantom" Joshua grinned "But you will probably never thank me for saving you… the phantom does never show his real face"

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