Ok, this is my first attempt at a multi chapter. Please bear with me! Anyways, much thanks to Elecktrum for all her help in suggestions and beta work. I bow to you!

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A Horses boy

Edmund hurried his gelding onward through the blinding rain. The heat from the
day was making the water steam into a mist as it hit the ground. Summers in Narnia where, as an unwritten rule, unpredictable. One minute intense blazing heat without a cloud in the sky, the next torrential down pours. Currently Edmund was cursing his luck for being caught in one of the worse thunderstorms they had seen all season.

Had it come twenty minutes later he'd be home snug as you please indoors with a chess board laid out to play. And it was that thoughts that fueled his press for Cair Paravel.

He continued to urge his steed on. He was returning from a small feud between the Sparrows and Robins over the perching rights of a large Elm tree who couldn't remember who nested on her first. Normally it was Lucy dealing with these little matters, since she was the best at making everyone feel very guilty about their brash actions. But as fate would have it, she was away with Susan visiting Archenland to help celebrate the fiftieth birthday of Princess Eo, the mother-in-law of King Lune. She was a jolly sort and Peter and Edmund had keenly wished they could have attended as well. But they where set to leave on their own training expedition, and preparations where far from done.

Edmund had planned on being only gone half the day to solve this minor issue. The problem took less than that to solve, but birds had a way of carrying on for hours about absolutely nothing, and their sweet trills have a way of soothing the listener. He had even excused his guards from escorting him; it was a half an hour from the Cair after all.

So he here was racing home to miss this late summer downpour. He'd almost made it. The way was difficult, the rain insisted on coming down in an angle that stung the skin and eyes, he was also dealing with an unruly horse that was anything but pleased to be ridden in this weather.

The gelding he was riding was new to the palace stables; having been sent as a tithe from the Lords from the island of Terebinthia to the newly crowned rulers of Narnia. The Lords, obviously trying to impress, had sent horses in fine quality and spirit. To small for cavalry and too skittish for the few humans in the scout, they were left at the Cair. Edmund had taken a liking to the bay that was sent. The only problem with the horse was that it was scared of truly everything as most high-bred tend to be.

Unfortunately this was leading to some unaccounted-for problems in the storm. Edmund constantly had to rein in the bay when thunder struck. If not for the few excellent riding lessons from Phillip before Beruna he'd have fallen off after poor Trenor -for that was his name- reared back after hearing the thunder overhead.

Edmund was, however, still a novice rider. The pair had just cleared the forest and could see lights ahead emanating from the palace. Feeling elated he urged Trenor faster, which proved to be his folly. Lighting had struck again with the thunder so close in following it seemed to be right on them. The horsed reared in panic and Edmund, unable to keep his seat, fell.

He had yet to learn to fall with grace- if one ever truly does- and tumbled a few feet before coming to a stop on the side of the hard, wet path.

Trenor, never knowing to mind a downed rider, continued on in the direction of the stables where he knew safety awaited him, leaving Edmund alone, bleeding and unconscious.