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"Oh, Raito-kun," Near said, as he opened the door to L's suite. "Come in."

"Thank you," Raito said, wondering when they'd got onto first-name terms. Not that he minded – that thought drifted away as he went into the room to be confronted with L sitting in his usual curled position on the couch.

"Near – " Raito began, turning to the boy only to find he wasn't there any more, having closed the door with himself on the outside.

"Let me take that from you, Raito-kun," L got up and came over to the bewildered young man. "You look uncomfortable there."

"Thanks, Ryuuzaki – I mean L," Raito mumbled, letting L take the laptop from under his arm. This close he could smell the detective, a sweetish, clean fresh smell like mandarins and lemons, as if he'd just been in the shower. He unconsciously took a deep breath, then realised L was staring at him quizzically and felt his face start to heat up.

"I thought you'd, uh, gone somewhere," he said.

"No, not yet, Raito-kun," L said. "I don't plan to leave until tomorrow morning." He returned to the couch, laying the laptop on a nearby table. "Sit down, won't you?" he said. "Please."

Raito walked across the room and sat on the couch, not too near to L, not too far away.

"Matt told me you were aware of my dual identities," L said, conversationally. "How long have you known?"

"I'm not quite sure, L," Raito said. "It dawned on me gradually. Your uniqueness is hard to disguise."

"I'll take that as a compliment, shall I?" L smiled.

"Uh – yes?" Raito said, still not quite sure why L was here when he was supposed to be somewhere else with Watari. Damn Near! He lied to me. Lying bastard! What does he expect me to do now? Apologise? What?

"How long were you going to wait before you mentioned to me that you knew who I was?" L asked.

"I thought you'd pick up on it by yourself, eventually," Raito said. "I wasn't making a big effort to hide that I knew."

"I did suspect," L said. "You seemed too friendly with me – if that's the right word. When I was talking to you through the laptop. I didn't imagine you as a two-timing kind of person, so it was reasonable to suppose that you suspected or realised who I was."

"What about Matt?" Raito demanded, having decided that attack was the best form of defence. "You were coming on to him – and suggesting that I have sex with him!"

"I was attempting to put you off the scent, Raito-kun," L said. "I wanted to differentiate between possessive Ryuuzaki and hedonistic L. Besides, I didn't notice you objecting."

"Matt knew that I knew," Raito said. "We were just playing you. We've no interest in each other that way."

"I'm glad to hear it," L said. "Apart from any personal interest I may have, Matt has other entanglements that make him a poor choice for a prospective partner."

Raito nodded thoughtfully. What does he mean any personal interest he may have? Does he still have one or doesn't he?

"I have been gathering information on the Death By Chocolate case, Raito-kun," L said. "What do you think about this body business? What kind of person covers a mouldering old corpse with chocolate?"

"Beauty without, corruption within?" Raito mused. Well, at least he's talking to me reasonably. Even if it's about dead bodies.

"You think it's some kind of comment on – what?" L said. "Himself? Other people? Humanity in general?"

"Betrayal, maybe."

"Would you like some tea, Raito-kun?" L stood and went over to the door of the kitchenette, then turned, leaning in the doorway, one foot raising to rub at the other ankle, his hands fiddling with the hem of his shirt. "Are you thinking that perhaps the perpetrator feels that he has been let down by society? That he was misled by his expectations and later became exposed to the underlying unpleasantness beneath the surface of the social order?"

"Not society, no, I don't think so," Raito said, feeling his face flush again as L's fidgeting fingers raised the bottom of his shirt, revealing smooth, creamy-white skin. "He's obviously intelligent, to have planned and executed all of this. I don't think he could be unaware that society is not all sweetness and light. Maybe he's hinting at some kind of personal betrayal or trauma."

"Stating or suggesting that he's been lied to or made a fool of in some way?"

"Suggesting," Raito said. "I don't feel as if he's completely cynical. The robberies – all taking place at practically the same time of night, in the same way, it's almost as if he's taunting the police to catch him. And the very act of leaving the corpses, grisly as it may be. He didn't kill anybody, he used corpses that were, um, available. So he didn't want to murder to make his point. The whole thing almost seems like a game or a challenge. Gruesome but playful."

"I see Raito has also been doing some research," L said with a smile, then turned and went into the kitchen, calling back, "would he like to estimate how much money was stolen from the banks?"

"None, or just expenses," Raito replied.

"Close enough," L said. "A sum amounting to several thousand euros was taken from each bank and donations in the exact amounts stolen were made to various charities the next day."

"We need to know which charities!" Raito said excitedly. "That could tell us a lot about his interests or what he thinks is important."

"Good point," L said, coming back with a tea tray. He placed it on a table which he shuffled across so they could both reach it.

"Did they get the money back?" Raito asked, leaning over to pour himself and L some tea. "You'd better put your own sugar in, I notice you don't always take the same amount."

"Thank you, Raito-kun. No, the charities have mostly been obdurate about retaining their donations. They say it could be a coincidence that the amounts are the same and that there is no way of telling if the money is the same money that was taken."

"Serial numbers – " Raito began.

"Of course they are not letting anyone check up on that," L smiled, picked up a notepad and pen and scribbled something down. "The general excuse seems to be that the money is already banked and has therefore become anonymous."

"No use as evidence then," Raito sighed, then found himself distracted as L leaned across to take a cookie from the tray, his shirt riding up to show more of his smooth pale skin.

"No, none at all," L remarked through a mouthful of cookie, twiddling his pen between his fingers until it suddenly fell to the floor. He dropped to his knees and began searching for it under the couch. Raito smiled rather wistfully, taking the opportunity to ogle the detective's attractive behind, stuck up in the air as he crawled half beneath the couch. Raito sighed again, wondering what L would do if he just reached out and touched – the tempting body part wiggled at him as if it was aware of his intention.

"Can't you find your pen, L?" Raito asked.

"It's – somewhere under here – " L muttered from beneath the seating.

"Are you trying to be seductive there?" Raito guessed.

L scuffled rapidly backward and got to his knees, staring intently at Raito. "Is it working?"

"Are you planning to give me a pity fuck?" Raito asked sadly.

"I was thinking more along the lines of make-up sex, Raito-kun," L said. "It's supposed to be very good."

"What, you don't want – I mean, are we still – " Raito faltered to a halt.

"Does Raito-kun want to break up with me?" L's face fell suddenly.

"No, of course not!" Raito exclaimed. "But – I thought perhaps you would."

"Why should I want to do that, Raito-kun?" L looked appalled at the thought. "It's taken me going on for thirty years to find somebody who suits me, why would I abandon them just because of a disagreement? I'm sure we are both reasonable enough to deal with our differences without such extreme measures – wouldn't you agree?"

"Look in your laptop," Raito suggested.

L put his head on one side, then shuffled on his knees to the laptop and opened it. Took out the piece of paper and read. I'm sorry. Call me.

"I am also sorry, Raito," L murmured. "I was impolite."

"I wouldn't have minded so much normally," Raito said. "I was feeling a little stressed with the pain and the kidnapping and so on."

"Raito-kun rescued me," L said, blithely ignoring any contribution made by the rest of the police force or his own assistants. "And sustained injury while doing it."

"I wouldn't let anyone hurt you, L," Raito said. "How did they manage to kidnap you, anyway?"

"I'd rather not say," L stared down at his hands.

"Tell me," Raito said.

"Um, it was Lee. I hadn't seen him before and he came to the door."

"So you just let him in?" Raito said in surprise.

"I didn't see the harm in it," L muttered. "He said he was conducting a survey."

"A survey? On what?"

"Cookie preferences," L said so quietly Raito could hardly hear him.

"Uh – L – "

"I know!" L looked up, shamefaced. "I was suffering sugar deprivation, Raito-kun! Watari had gone to find me some cake – it seemed a pleasant way of alleviating the pangs, debating the relative merits of chocolate chip over oatmeal and raisin!"

"And then they grabbed you?"

"They injected me with something!" L said indignantly. "Probably some kind of benzodiazepine variant – I woke up in a coffin! That's never something you expect to do!"

"Really, L, you need someone to take care of you!" Raito declared.

"No I – " L began. "Yes, Raito-kun, I do. Watari can't always be around."

"Never mind," Raito said. "At least you're not hurt. So, uh, how about that make-up sex?"

"Raito-kun can be top if he wishes," L said, peering up at Raito through his shaggy locks.

"What?" Raito stared at the older man. "Why?"

"I formed the impression that Raito has the view that I see him as some kind of possession," L reached out, laying his hand over the younger man's. "That was not my intention when I suggested that he would come to Belgium with me. I had simply started thinking of us as – as some kind of single unit. I realise that was presumptuous – "

"No, L," Raito said, turning his hand to clasp the detective's. "You can see us that way if you want to. I'd like to come to Belgium with you. And you don't have to let me be top to persuade me to do it."

"But I want to!" L said, shuffling closer to Raito.

"You do?" Raito reached out and put his arm around L, pulling him close and kissing him passionately. Ah God, his lips! His lips! His – where did my mind go! Oh, hell, his tongue!

"Actually, I thought perhaps Raito would be a gentleman and say we should wait," L said, rather breathlessly when they finally broke apart.

"No chance, L," Raito smirked.

"There was a sixty-seven per cent chance that this would be the result," L nodded in what looked like resignation. "I have some lube in my pocket."

"How much lube did you buy, L?" Raito asked.

"A lot." L said with a spiky smile. "I thought it would come in useful since Raito makes me very aroused all the time."

"All the time, L?" Raito smiled.

"Yes, it's extremely distracting," L confessed. "Even when I am thinking about a case, there Raito is in the back of my mind, with his sexy legs spread open and his – "

"Excuse me, whose sexy legs spread open?" Raito demanded.

"Oh, well, mine I suppose, but in my fantasies it's usually yours, Raito." L said, very slightly sulkily.

"Perhaps after today you'll have some different fantasies to amuse you," Raito ran his hand over the other man's back, hoping to calm his obvious nervousness.

"Should we not go in the bedroom, Raito?" L wriggled away slightly.

"Why not right here?" Raito leaned forward, capturing his lover again one-handed, and gently pushing him over to lie on the couch.

"Here?" L squeaked. "No, Raito, that's – sleazy! It's as bad as doing it in the back of my car!"

"You want to do it in the back of your car?" Raito's eyes lit up with a predatory glow. Hell, I shouldn't tease him like this, but he looks so scared – what's wrong with me, that should make me feel like being kind to him! Be kind, Raito! Be – protective and, and what's that other word? Yes. Nice. Be nice.

"No," L was protesting. "No cars or couches or – nnnhhm!" he fell silent as Raito managed to slide on top of his writhing form, one knee slipping between the detective's legs, their hips pressed together.

"Shh, Ryuuzaki," Raito murmured. "Kiss me."

"But – " L was silenced as Raito's lips captured his own, moving over them possessively, longingly, his tongue tracing the curve of the detective's mouth, his one available hand coming up to rest along the line of L's jaw, holding him gently in place. This is better. I'll seduce him. Make him desperate. Have him begging for it. He'll be on his knees to me by the time I'm done. In every way imaginable.

Raito smiled as his lover's arms came up around him, aroused by his thoughts of submissive L worshipping him. He stood suddenly, bending to grab L's hand and pull him to his feet.

"What!" the detective gave him an offended look, the effect of which was ruined as he twined his arms lovingly around Raito's neck.

"You're right," Raito said. "It's bedtime."

He tugged the detective into his bedroom, sliding his arm around the slim waist and backing him up against the king-size bed.

"Oh!" L said as he ran out of room and suddenly sat down. Raito smiled and grabbed L under his knees, adjusting him into a lying position, then joining him on the bed and gathering the wide-eyed man into his arm. He leant over L, holding him possessively and trying to repress the smirk of triumph that threatened to creep across his face.

"Raito-kun is enjoying this," L grumbled. "He is thinking of me as his submissive victim."

"Me?" Raito attempted innocence. Damn! He sees straight through me, how does he do that? "Hardly a victim, Ryuuzaki, since I plan to ensure you enjoy it as much or even more than I do."

"That doesn't alter your state of mind, Raito," L said. "You like to see me like this, pinned underneath you, apparently helpless."

"L, I don't – " Raito stared down at his lover. "If you don't want to – "

"Raito, what kind of dominant are you?" L demanded huffily. "You're not supposed to offer me escape!"

"I just want to be sure you don't intend to defy me," Raito recovered himself.

"How could I?" L asked, pitifully. "Here I am, held down forcibly – I said, held down forcibly, Raito – "

Raito shrugged, laughing, and grabbed both L's wrists in his hand, pinning them over his head.

"That's better," L said. "I hope that's a laugh of sadistic glee and you're not just finding this overwhelmingly amusing."

"Bit of both," Raito confessed. "Especially since I only have the one hand to hold you with."

"That just shows how commanding a nature you have, Raito," L said. "Perhaps I need to put you more in the mood. Would you like me to scream?"

"Oh, you'll scream," Raito leaned down, ran his tongue slowly and lovingly over L's parted lips. "But not yet. We have a way to go before we get to that."

"You're scaring me, Raito," L's eyes were bigger than Raito had ever seen them.

"Fuck, L, that's hot!" the young man exclaimed.

"Raito thinks I'm hot?" L shifted lazily on the bed, his hips somehow making contact with his lover's, causing a bolt of arousal to shoot through Raito's body.

"Raito thinks it's time to see some skin," Raito said, pulling a pillow over L's outstretched wrists in the hope that he'd take the hint and consider himself still restrained. He then reached down to pull up the detective's shirt, revealing his pale, sculpted chest.

"Mhm, no..." L moaned, rather unconvincingly.

"Mm, yes," Raito contradicted, bending to press his lips to the creamy swell of his lover's pectoral, a gentle kiss that deepened, hardened and became almost savage before he lifted his head to look with pleasure at the dark red mark that stained L's porcelain skin.

"Ahh, Raito," L whimpered. "That hurt."

"So will this," Raito leaned down again, taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard on it, using his teeth, gauging the pressure he needed to exert by listening to the sounds he elicited from L's mouth, moans and gasps and mewls of mingled pain and pleasure. He brought his hand up and pinched the other pink bud, twisting it quite cruelly.

"Stop, Raito!" L exclaimed. "No!" his protests belied by the rampant erection Raito could feel pressing against his thigh.

The younger man just laughed, sliding down his lover's body, using his mouth to caress the smooth, silken skin that stretched taut beneath him as L arched toward him. Making a trail of soft licks and kisses over the firm abs and tracing the line of soft hair that led from the detective's navel down to his groin.

"Ah, Raito," L murmured happily. "Eat me like cake."

"My honey cake," Raito agreed, devoting his attention to unfastening his lover's jeans one-handed. L wriggled, helping Raito to pull them off.

"Raito is so aggressive," he remarked. "Tearing my clothes off me."

"I hope you're not objecting," Raito said, giving the jeans a vigorous tug. There, that must feel more like tearing them off. So L likes it rough? Who would have thought?

"I wouldn't dare," L said, reaching down to run his fingers through Raito's hair as the younger man repositioned himself between his lover's thighs.

"You're beautiful, L," he said, gazing in pleasure at the detective, his angelically cute face and slim, masculine body covered only by the baggy shirt that was pushed up almost to his neck. He ran his hand over L's long, shapely legs, admiring them, his erection tenting almost painfully in his pants as he considered the position those perfect legs were in, parted around Raito's hips.

He stroked his fingers up the detective's inner thigh, eliciting a pleasurable sigh, then bent to nuzzle his face into L's thick bush of black pubic hair, inhaling the warm, musky scent of him. Lifted his head a little to lick suddenly along the length of L's large and throbbing erection.

"Hnnh," the detective muttered inarticulately, then gave a loud moan as Raito's tongue lapped over the head of his precum-slicked cock.

"You taste good, L," Raito found himself breathless, eager. "Undo my pants for me."

L pushed himself off the bed and obliged, releasing little Raito, both of them looking down as he sprang impatiently from confinement.

"It's not as big as yours," Raito said, thoughtfully.

"It's not what you've got," L said, "it's what you do with it."

"I've always thought that was a statement that applied more to mental attributes than physical ones," Raito said.

"If it was as big as mine, Raito, I might be having more second thoughts than I already am."

"You're not allowed to have second thoughts, L, it's too late for that," Raito said, shuffling back down the bed, unbuttoning his shirt as he went, then shrugging it off his bandaged shoulder and letting it fall from his other arm.

"Raito is so masterful," L widened his eyes admiringly.

"You really do read romance novels, don't you!" Raito said, laughing.

"Only Lois Lexington's," L said. "It's always fascinating to watch a genius at play."

"Or playing with himself?" Raito said, lowering his hand to touch himself, watching L's enraptured gaze as long pianist's fingers encircled his length, moving delicately up and down. Don't get carried away with this, he likes it, but – watching him – fuck, I won't last long if I do anything else with it!

"Pass me the lube, L," Raito said, waiting until the raven-haired one had retrieved his jeans and pulled the tube from his pocket. He took it and realised – "L, you're going to have to help here. Open it and put some on my fingers."

"Your wish is my command," L said, gazing adoringly up at his lover and unscrewing the top from the lube. "I only want to do whatever my Raito asks of me."

"Glad to hear it," Raito said, lowering his now lubed fingers, his gaze intent on L's slightly flushed, slightly fearful face, eyes wide, lips parted to allow the passage of his rapid breathing.

Raito's fingers reached their goal, sliding over soft puckered folds, gently pressing, one sliding into hot tightness. L gasped and lay back, clutching at the sheets.

"Strange," he muttered. "It feels strange."

"It'll get better," Raito told him, moving his finger in and out, adding another one after a few moments. L's breath was coming in gentle pants as he writhed against the intrusion, pale skin stained with pink, softened with sweat.

Raito withdrew his fingers which seemed to be becoming rather dry, reached out for the lube which L had left on the bed and carelessly squeezed it over the covers. He dabbled his fingers in it then returned to his lover, this time sliding three fingers into him, deeper than before.

"Nhhn!" L's face contorted in pain.

"Shhh, just a moment, bear with it," Raito reassured him. He probed around inside, stretching the tight passage, exploring.

"Oh, God, Raito!" L exclaimed, arching his back off the bed, eyes screwing shut suddenly.

"Yes!" Raito said, searching for the spot he'd just contacted and finding it again, watching the delicious detective move on the bed, ebony hair flying from side to side as he moaned in ecstasy, pushing himself down onto Raito's invading, teasing fingers.

"Ahh, Raito, please!" L exclaimed. "Uhhh! Yes, do that!"

Raito grinned, tempted to let his lover go all the way, to make him come just by the tormenting pressure of his fingers on the other man's prostate. But then perhaps he won't want to let me – well, he probably would. But he'll like it better if we both do it the first time, ne?

He reluctantly withdrew his fingers from the now not-so-tight ring of muscle and reached for the lube.

"Let me," L said, squeezing lube onto his own hand and reaching out to stroke it gently over Raito's throbbing dick, coating it liberally with the slippery substance.

"Mhm, L," Raito murmured. "Lay back, now."

"How are we going to do this?" L asked.

"I was thinking face to face," Raito said.

"Raito wishes to have my legs wrapped around his neck?" L said, suggestively.

"Nhn, yes!" Raito said. "But no, my shoulder – "

"I should sit on you?" L suggested. "Like you did with me?"

"No – if you – wait," Raito began pulling at the pillows, indicating to L that he should lift himself so they could be slid underneath his lower back. "If the angle's right," the young detective muttered, "We can do it like this. More pillows, please – " he arranged the detective to his satisfaction, hips tilted upwards, legs spread to the side, feet also raised up on pillows.

"I feel decidedly wanton being put on display like this, Raito," L commented.

"You look it," Raito said, almost overwhelmed at the sight before him, desperately trying to keep his concentration on the task in hand, how to effect entry into L's hot, willing body – he shuddered at the thought – and balance himself with only one hand available. He shuffled forward on his knees, shoving the pillows before him so that L was perched on his lap. Raito leaned forward, grasping himself, guiding himself toward the older man's entrance.

"Urhh!" L murmured as the head of Raito's cock rubbed against him, pressing, pushing, then sliding suddenly inside. The detective cried out and Raito groaned at the feeling of being encased in hot, tight, pulsing flesh. He shifted himself, bending over his lover, L's hands coming up to hold him, support him as he thrust forward, moaning as his cock slid deeper into the virgin passage, his whole self concentrated into that one point of pressure and constriction and slippery heat, entering slowly, holding himself back.

"Oh, fuck!" L exclaimed suddenly.

Raito gave a grunt of pleasure, driving himself fully into his lover's body, his attempts at patience undone by the unexpected profanity.

"Ah, yes, Raito, do me!" L gasped, hands tightening on the younger man's shoulders, fingers gripping tight enough to bruise, rough, bitten nails digging in sharply.

Raito cried out, somewhere between pain and pleasure, pulling back then pushing deeply back into the warm, welcoming depth of his beloved, feeling L's legs coming up to wrap around his waist, possessive and encouraging.

L stared up, his face contorted with passion as Raito looked down at him, their eyes meeting and holding each other as they set up a rhythm, the bucking of Raito's hips matched with L's movement against him, demanding and urgent as they both strained against each other, desperate for closeness, oneness, everything forgotten but the need to be joined in pulsing, rocking, squeezing, thrusting union.

L writhed, sweating and panting, babbling an incoherent mix of French, English and Japanese as Raito plundered his tight hot passage unmercifully.

"Hahh! Light – Raito... baises moi... yes! Ahhh... Raito – watashi no tachi desu ... tu es mon tres bon coup... mon beau ange... hai, more, Raito!"

Raito groaned, his movements becoming more rapid, the sounds, the words, the constant friction of L's smooth, silky muscle against him driving him crazy, bringing him closer to the edge. He tossed his sweat-dampened hair off his forehead and rammed himself again and again into L's body, watching the detective arch up against him, black locks flying over white sheets as he moaned and whimpered, words lost at last in a shriek of pleasure as Raito assaulted his pleasure centre again and again.

"Yes, come for me, L!" Raito gasped, aware that he'd reached the point of no return. "Show me how much you like me fucking you hard like this!"

"Nhhn, haah, Rai – " L gave an abandoned scream, his hips thrusting down hard against and around Raito, tightening and squeezing around him as his huge cock throbbed and released, jets of white fluid spattering over both of them, clinging on to Raito as he came, his eyes, wide with ecstasy, darkened with lust, fixed immovably on his lover's face.

Raito threw his head back, letting go, pumping his hips as his climax shuddered through him, moaning L's name as he spurted deep within the man's body, thrusting hard and fast, the delicious friction of L's tightening, engulfing walls shattering his thoughts, making him cry out in ecstasy.

He would have collapsed if L's shaking arms hadn't partially supported him, letting him down gently onto the other man's body, his softening cock slipping slowly out. He wrapped one arm around the hot, sweat-slicked body beneath him and lay there, mindlessly drinking in the heat and smell and presence of his lover.

"Cookie," L murmured after some time had passed.

"Sweetheart," Raito responded.

"No, Raito, I had a cookie in my pocket somewhere," L said.

"It'll be crumby and covered in fluff," Raito said.

"I can pick the fluff off."

"Disgusting. I'll go and get you a clean one." Raito rolled off L's body and attempted to stand.

"Oh," he said as he suddenly sat back down.

"What's wrong, Raito?" L leaned up, looking concerned. "Are you ill?"

"My legs don't work," Raito said.

"I'll go," L said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and standing up. "Wooh." he sat down again.

"Maybe you should have the fluffy cookie for now," Raito conceded.

L nodded and retrieved it from his jeans, Raito watching in some interest. Maybe his jeans aren't really so much too big for him. Maybe it's just all the stuff he puts in his pockets that makes them seem so baggy. There seems to be nothing he doesn't put in there. I wouldn't be surprised if he brought a bicycle or a three course meal out of those pockets. Is my mind usually this surreal? No...

"Told you I'd make you scream," he said, smiling at L as the detective finished his cookie.

"That was extremely pleasant, Raito," L murmured lazily. "You can do that again if you want to."

"Yes, L," Raito replied, smiling across at the older man. "I'll do whatever you want, you know that." Huh? Wait a minute... he's supposed to be offering to do whatever I want by now! This hasn't gone exactly as I planned it! Oh well, fuck it. He's cute and he's mine, what does it matter who does what for who anyway?

"L?" he said. "All that stuff you said about thinking of us as a single unit, that was so much bullshit, wasn't it?"

"Why would Raito-kun think that?" L's eyes widened into an innocent stare.

"You're selfish, paranoid, secretive and self-protective," Raito stated. "It'd probably take years before you'd think of us as having such an intimate connection."

"This is unusual!" L huffed, drawing himself up on the bed into his usual crouching posture, then wincing and abandoning it for a more conventional sitting position. "Is there no lie I can tell Raito-kun that he will believe?"

"Probably not," Raito said. "You don't have to lie, do you? If you don't want to say something, you could just tell me you don't want to."

"And then Raito would make me tell him," L disagreed. "I have seen how aggressive he is. Besides, you would not have been pleased if I told you I thought you were mine and should accompany me."

"What if I agreed with you?" Raito rolled onto his stomach and gave the detective a sultry look.

"Raito was angry with me," L said. "He did not appreciate that I would want him constantly in my presence and available."

Raito laughed. "Really, L, that's unsubtle. Have you never heard of romance?"

"I have not informed Raito as to what I want him available for," L murmured in a low, silky tone, reaching out to gather the younger man into his arms. "What if I were to tell Raito that I want to take him with me so that I may treasure him and shower him with gifts and caresses and have him help me with my cases and make love to him for hours every night in every possible way we have ever dreamed of?"

"I'd say you're a damn sexy man and I have no objection at all," Raito said softly into his lover's ear.

"That was easy," L pulled back to peer into Raito's face. "Is Raito not going to argue with me or say I'm treating him like a possession?"

"No," Raito said.

"Why not?" L asked suspiciously.

"Because – " Raito bit his lip, his face flushing slightly. "I just don't want you to go away without me."

"You do realise that I live a very dangerous life, Raito?" L said. "Perhaps it is selfish of me to ask you to share it with me."

"What!" Raito stared in surprise. "This – this isn't just about us working on the chocolate case together?"

"Does Raito not remember what I said to him on the phone?" L asked. "I said that I thought the better I knew him, the more I would like him. Given that situation, it is hardly likely that a trip to Belgium is going to satisfy my need for his company."

"Oh," Raito said. "Well – yes."

"I'm glad you agree," L said, smiling, and ignoring the fact that Raito wasn't being specific about what he was agreeing to. "Now I believe it is my turn to be seme."

"We're taking turns?" Raito said. "What if I want another turn?"

"Since I am now seme, you are not allowed to disagree with my request," L said firmly, disengaging himself from Raito and leaning down over the side of the bed to retrieve his jeans.

"That's what you call a request?" Raito gave the other man a look of disbelief.

"No," L put his head on one side, consideringly. "Raito is correct. It was not a request."

"So you think I should just do whatever you want, because it's your – your turn?"

"What I think, Raito," L crept forward on all fours until his face was only a few inches from Raito's, an unholy light in his eyes, "is that since my beautiful angel already has one hand bound up in a sling, he would look most attractive should I handcuff the other one to my bed, and spank him until he screams."

"Uhnn!" Raito said, which wasn't what he'd thought he was going to say. He tried again. "Hnnh, L!"

"Exactly, Raito," said L bringing out a pair of handcuffs from his jeans pocket, laying them on the bed, then disordering Raito's neatly folded pants completely as he grabbed them and pulled the belt out from its loops.

"L is a cruel seme," Raito said, eyes widening as he watched the detective's preparations. "Do I get a safety word?"

"No, I don't think so, Raito," L said with a wicked smile. "You will just have to trust me."

Raito opened his mouth to disagree then paused as logic, commonsense, lust and some other feeling he really didn't want to put a name to yet, decided to have a knock-down drag-out fight somewhere in the backroom of his brain. He wants me. To keep. He wants – this isn't about dominance. If it was, he wouldn't have let me do what we just did. This is about trust. He wants to see if I'll let him – play with me. Make me helpless. It's strange, but it means something to him. He wants to trust me, but I have to do it first so that he can.

"Whatever you say, L," Raito said, holding out his hand for the cuff.


Hope you all enjoyed the ride... here's a translation of L's sex ramblings :)

"Hahh! Light – Raito... fuck me... yes! Ahhh... Raito – my seme ... my excellent lover(lit – my very good fuck)... my beautiful angel... yes, more, Raito!"

On which happy note, I leave you until the next chocolate-coated tale of the pair that put the fun in dysfunctional...