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Chapter Five:

Everyone had returned to the Pearl to find his twin brother, Jack has locked himself in his cabin, he don't wanted to talk to anyone after what had happened in the afternoon. Every time he talked with his father, he hated it and now? Now he had revealed his past, being born and raised as an aristocratic, he hated even thinking about it. He loved his freedom, his life far away from rules, boredom and ties. He didn't want to think what Lizzie now thought of him, probably had he lost a big part of his mystery, bugger! Not good at all, she already had married, illegal or legal, the whelp and he couldn't do anything against it although he is Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Governor and Lizzie had went into the dining hall of the Pearl and Lizzie knew exactly that he was going to talk about Jack's past, but she didn't wanted. It made her more and more curious about him, about his fascinating personality. So she excused herself and went up to the helm where Gibbs was standing. The sun had just gone down and it wasn't really that dark yet. Lizzie was a bit nervous, she didn't know how to ask him and if he would do it, but that was a think she wanted to learn since she had her first step aboard a ship.

"Mister Gibbs, you know…I mean…you know me since I was a young girl…could you perhaps do me a favour?" Lizzie asked carefully

Gibbs eyes widened, he never knew what to think of her, she was as unpredictable as the sea. "Depends on what it is you want!" Gibbs answered

"Well, all I wanted to learn is…" she hold her breath and finally said "how to steer the Pearl right."

Gibbs turned around and saw her blushing and looking down to the floor. He knew exactly why she wanted to learn it, she wanted to impress Jack and he liked the idea. From his point of view he thought they both belonged together, they complete one another and they both were pirates in their hearts.

"Aye, Elizabeth, if ye want to learn it I show it to ye."

"Thank you so much, Mister Gibbs."

"Well, it's enough if ye just call me Gibbs."

"Alright, so how do I do it?" she asked getting more and more exited.

"Well, first of all, ye hav' to become one with the ship, put yer hands on the wheel and then close yer eyes." Lizzie did exactly what Gibbs told her.

"Can ye feel the ship rocking softly under the waves?"

"Yes. Yes. I can!" she whispered, trying to become one with the Pearl.

"Fine. And now, try to turn the wheel a bit to the left and feel how the ship is turning, ye just have to get this feeling, if ye find out how she reacts then ye know how to steer her." Lizzie tried to feel it, she was steering the Pearl in wiggly lines, getting the feeling. Gibbs was quiet proud of her, she was very talented in doing it.

At least she managed to steer her straight again. She was really overwhelmed of the feeling that she was steering the Black Pearl, the fastest ship of the Caribbean, now she could totally understand why Jack loved his ship and yes it seemed to be more than a ship, just like two people interacting with each other. It was one of her perfect nights.

"Gibbs, can I steer her for a while, or is it a difficult sea here?" Lizzie was smiling

"No, it's quite easy, go on. I'll return later, alright? Or should I stay?" Gibbs asked, hoping to get himself some rum, but he knew that she was stubborn so she would like to do it on her own.

"No, no, I'm fine and thank you so much."

"Aye." Gibbs said and was heading to the rum cellar.

Jack was sitting in his chair, drinking some rum and trying to study a map, when the Pearl began to move in wiggly lines. Bloody hell, he really should have found a first mate who was less drunken and could have steered the Pearl in a straight line. So he decided to have a word with Gibbs. When he left his cabin he saw someone heading down the stairs to the rum cellar, a person who looked like Gibbs. Jack was worrying if he already was starting to hallucinate. His first mate would never leave the ship alone, so he started to climb up to the helm when he saw Lizzie standing there with closed eyes, starting to move the ship now again to the left. He tiptoed silently behind her, but she had recognised someone.

"Gibbs, I really am fine and I can steer her alone." she said a bit disappointed that Gibbs had no faith in her.

"Well, luv, I think he has, otherwise he wouldn't have left ye here alone." Jack said starting to smirk.

Lizzie opened her eyes in shock, he was the last person she had expected after he had locked himself in the cabin the whole evening and she immediately let go of the wheel. The ship was rocking hard when the wheel turned back and Jack quickly caught it, pressing her between him and the wheel. He was too close once again, at least she couldn't look into his eyes, but she felt his body and her knees were getting week again.

"I'd be careful" he whispered in her ear "she's quite like ye, if ye don't treat her well, she gets angry and stubborn and it's hard to change her mind then."

Lizzie didn't know if she should smile or get annoyed but she somehow she had to smile. He was comparing her to his great love the Black Pearl. He took his right arm and stroke his finger down from her shoulder to her fingers and carefully he put her hand back at the wheel, the same he did with his and her left hand so that she as steering her once again. Lizzie had closed her eyes and trying to concentrate to feel the ship, not the warmth that was creeping up in her body and trying not to shiver, but she just couldn't. She was a married woman, but her body never reacted that way to Will, she didn't know why, but she doesn't wanted to think about it right know.

When she snapped back to reality Jack was walking away from the helm, but he told her before turning to his cabin "I have faith in you!" with that he disappeared for the night. She was smiling, he had faith in her, just like she had faith in him. Peas in a pod she thought.

Later in the night Gibbs was displacing her and she went to sleep and she slept so well, she hadn't done for quite a while.

In the morning someone was knocking at her door.

"Elizabeth, the captain had ordered everyone to come to a meeting aboard in five minutes." Gibbs shouted from outside.

Five minutes later:

"I have to find my sister." Jack started to tell his crew what his plan was "But the problem is, I could imagine that me brother has a profound aversion against pirates and especially me, being his filthy brother, but nonetheless just he knows where my sister is, so there's no other option not to avoid him. But…. and now Lizzie and you, Governor, come into my plan. I need you." He glanced over at them.

"Ye could find it out for me! Governor, you're doing some business stuff and having by accident yer daughter with ye. And Lizzie, I hope, ye still remember how to play the touchy and well-educated Governors daughter. Perhaps we should find ye dress before and a bath."

"And how shall we find it out? Just ask accidentally if he has a sister and where she is?" Lizzie asked a bit shocked. She doesn't want to go through this, she was quite happy not to have to talk to such bore persons.

"Persuade him." Jack said mockingly

"Friendly?" she gave him a glance full of disgust

"Of course not!" Jack nearly shouted.

"Why? He is your brother and an aristocratic, so the aristocratic Governors daughter could use everything that is necessary to get what she wants to know, don't you think?" Lizzie said smilingly. Jack was throwing daggers at her. Was he jealous of someone, he hasn't seen for quite a while, no, Jack, no! But still he's his brother and if she fancies him then why not his brother as well?

"Alright." The Governor interrupted "I think it is quite a good plan."

"Land ho!" Gibbs was shouting from the helm

"Good. I've chosen the other side of the island then where the oficial port is, 'cause there's a small village and they kind of like pirates. But don't worry it's a small island, not even 15 minutes to walk into town."

"Have you already been there?" Lizzie asked curious

"Luv, there's no island in the Caribbean where I haven't been yet. But I don't want to return to any of them" Jack looked quite distressed

Florence was sitting on the beach staring at the waves, like she did every day, she loved the sea, although being on a ship, she got every time seasick and she hated it really (getting sick).

She had curly brown hair down to her shoulder that was drying in the wind, she wore a yellow skirt with some green stripes and a red shirt. The smell of the sea made her feel alive.

She was so depressed. Her life was so boring, so annoying, so hopeless and every day just the same. Her mother raised her in Germany, although she was French and after she died, when she was six years old, she was sent to her uncle Blackbird with whom she lived a few years in England after he went with her here on this island, when her brother had called them and now her uncle was dead, nearly two months now. He had found that she had such a lovely voice so he had given her singing lessons in England and she had become an opera singer, but she wasn't that happy. Singing made her feel alive and happy, yes, but she had to sing every evening and in front of all those boring people here. If she would have stayed in England she would have had a choice to sing at a real opera house, but here? They were all completely idiots, one day she had sung horrible on purpose and they all had told her how brilliant she was, stupid idiots.

And now her brother had told her that she should get married, she was old enough with her twenty two years, but she doesn't wanted any of these boring idiots. She had told him that she'll have a look at all the men during the evening dinner and tell him as soon as she had chosen one.

Everything had gotten worse since her uncle had died, he was the only person who she could trust, who loved her, who was caring for her. He had always called her Felicity because he was so happy to have her and she was a happy girl. So her brother had introduced her as Felicity as well, because the French wasn't liked in that much in the Caribbean. She was interrupted when she saw a longboat approaching to the beach, finally some new people to speak to.

She helped the boat to the beach. There were two men and a young girl, she was probably in the same age like her.

"Welcome to our little village." Felicity said "We don't have very often visitors. But if you…wanted to find the Governor of this island you've chosen the wrong side." She had sadness in her eyes that broke Jacks heart. How could such a young woman be so unhappy?

"You're absolutely right." Jack said "But first we have to get Lizzie dressed up like a fine upper-class woman, what in fact she is and by the way my name is Jack." He said smilingly trying to get her to smile too, but she didn't.

"Well, I understand. I have a lot of dresses, if ye like to come to my house, I think one has to fit, I have to get dressed myself."

"Fine, then let's go."

The young girl led the three persons to her small house. When she arrived she made them a tea and took Lizzie with her. She hoped that one of her dresses would fit her, she was not as thin as Lizzie, but perhaps one of her older dresses.

The Governor and Jack were sitting in the kitchen and Jack was getting bored and he knew exactly that sooner or later the Governor would asked him why he hadn't chosen the upper-class life. And he really doesn't want to talk about it. So he started to examine the room, but it was sparely arranged. But to his surprise the Governor fell asleep and Jack a little bit later as well.

An hour later the two girls re-entered the kitchen and Lizzie was smiling when she saw those two asleep.

"Father, Jack! Wake up!" Lizzie shouted at them. And both men woke up abruptly and were staring at the two girls. Lizzie wore a light blue dress, her hair was draped the same way like on Commodore Norringtons promotions ceremony and her blond hair looked really amazing. Felicity wore a velvet dark red dress and her born hair was draped as well but still it was curlier than Lizzies. They both looked absolutely breathtaking.

"We have to go soon." Felicity told them "Eric doesn't like it if I'm later or his visitors."

"Do you stay here, Jack?" Lizzie asked

"No, I'll accompany ye to the house, for the case ye need me help. I try to be unnoticed by anyone."

"Alright, then let's go." Felicity kind of commands them out of the house and they started to walk into town, which they finally arrived after fifteen minutes.

Jack was waiting outside in the shadows when he watched the three entering the house.

Eric was coming to welcome his sister and then saw the other two.

"Eric, this is Governor Weatherby Swann from Port Royal and his daughter Elizabeth." She introduced them "He has to do some business here or so, I don't understand much of this."

Eric looked like Jack, he had the same dark eyes, but they were less friendly and he wore a grey wig and was dressed like the other gentleman. Lizzie knew at the first sight that she probably wouldn't like him that much, but she put a smile on her face when he kissed her hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Swann." He smiled and let her to his table. Lizzie felt like she was suffocating playing the lovely Governors daughter.

"I hope you had a nice navigation, unharmed by pirates?" he asked her. "Oh yes, yes, we had."

"Vile and dissolute creatures the lot of them" Lizzie was getting angry inside but she knew she had to moderate her temper. He was reminding of her of a mix between Jack and Norrington, and she just hated it.

The evening was continuing quite boring. She had some chats with some bore gentlemen and finally Felicity had to sing, and she sang so beautiful and such a sad song: "Lascia ch'io pianga", it was Italian and the lyrics meant:

Let me weep over my cruel fate,
And sigh for my lost freedom!

May the pain shatter the chains
of my torments just out of mercy.

(if someone likes to here the song, here's a very good version: de./watch?vmWdIzqbDcvk or the Farinelli version: de./watch?vuu1Z2PoaE5I&featurerelated)

Lizzie couldn't help but tears came into her eyes and were rolling down her cheeks, she new that the girl felt the same like she, trapped in this society, helpless and lost, she had to help her, help her to find a way out of it.

After a while the music had turned into a bit happier and the gentlemen asked some ladies to dance. It was the newest valse, brought from Austria the Viennese valse. It was a dance where the persons had to be very close but it seemed like fun, but no one dared to ask her to dance, Lizzie was really getting depressed, but suddenly a familiar voice was asking her if she liked to dance, she turned around and it was no one else then Jack.

"Arrest him!" shouted a voice. Lizzie looked up to where the voice came from and it was no one else then his brother.

"Well, but first I'd like te have me dance with the lady." Jack smiled at him

"I do not think that any lady would like to dance with a creature like you." He said snobbish "Isn't it right Miss Swann?"

Elizabeth was so angry at this stupid, snobbish, arrogant idiot, that she stood up smiled at Jack and said

"It would be a pleasure to dance with you Captain Sparrow. It would be more nice if there would be music playing."

The orchestra started playing the "Blue Danube" and Jack had found out before, while he was hiding behind a plant ,how the dance worked and so had Lizzie after the first people started to dance, she pressed herself as close as possible to him. He told her shortly before they started turning "Lizzie, feel the music, like you felt the waves tonight and it'll work". And it did, they were dancing so twinkle-toed that it was a pleasure even to look at them. Very soon Lizzie felt really dizzy because of the closeness to Jack and because of the turning, so she closed her eyes and nestled her head on his chest. Her feet were moving alone without thinking. The two suddenly had forgotten the world around them, it was so perfect, so beautiful. And the dance was too fast over, really too fast!

"Arrest him now!" shouted Eric and at that moment a swort was pointing at his throat "You don't want to be doing that" she yelled at him but he laughed "Young Missy I don't think you have any idea who this person is nor how to use a sword."

Elizabeth sliced the uniform of him and his eyes widned in shock and now she smiled. "I do know how to handle a sword and I do know who this person is, first it's no one less then Captain Jack Sparrow, secondly he is a good man, a man who saves me life everyday before suffocating in a society like you fancy, thirdly he made me pirate king and fourhtly he's me husband!" she lied and the Governor and Jack looked at her surprised.