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emphasis song lyrics

"C'mon Sasuke please."


"Why not?"

"You know how I feel about country music moron."

"It's just one song Sas. One song and I won't bug you about listening to me play another country song ever again."

"I said no. I hate country music."

Sasuke barely looked up from editing his Intro to Literature essay as he said that. It was true. Sasuke really, really hated country music, which was a bone of contention between him and Naruto, his best friend of sixteen years, lover of five, and college roommate of three. Though he liked pretty much all kinds of music, Naruto loved country music, often lived and breathed it and waxed poetic about the...well poetry of the genre. But Sasuke had to admit, Naruto was conscious enough about his dislike of country that he didn't play it without earbuds in when the Uchiha was around.

Sasuke, for his part, was enamored of rock music. Punk rock and emo being two of his favorite sub-genres but he loved all rock music. He played it all the time, all the time, and could pull random quotes from any song by any rock artist out of thin air at any time and do not get him started talking Nirvana, you'd be there all day.

He and Naruto were both music majors in college and often made covers of their favorite songs in addition to writing their own. Sasuke was forever bouncing his cover versions and originals off Naruto for input he trusted though he didn't reciprocate the service due to his loathing of country. Sometimes, during his very rare introspective moments, he felt guilty about that but Naruto never seemed to be bothered by it so it quickly passed.

This was the first time Naruto had asked him to listen to a song cover of his and Sasuke knew he should probably be more accommodating but his essay was due tomorrow morning and he didn't want to have a song he hated stuck in his head while perfecting the damn essay.


The Uchiha spun around, a pair of reading glasses perched on his nose, and a glare in his eyes. "No!"

Though he usually subsided after such a vehement snarl, this time Naruto returned the glare with steady, slightly irritated eyes. "I listen to your covers and originals all the time Sas. Even the angsty emo suicidal shit you know I can't stand. All I'm asking is for you to listen to one, just one, country song for me then we'll go back to the status quo."

Sasuke hissed. Naruto had hit him right where it counted. He shoved away from his desk and fully faced the blond, snarling, "Fine! Play the stupid thing so I can get back to work."

Bright blue eyes rolled at his pissy behavior before broad, long fingered, tanned hands settled an acoustic guitar in front of their owner and began strumming out a melody, blue eyes watching those fingers work the strings.

Sasuke nodded, the melody was decent and it never really was the melodies he hated about country music, it was the lyrics. They just seemed inane and pointless to him. His attention snapped back to Naruto when the blond began singing. Sasuke loved Naruto's voice, even when speaking, but when the blond sang the growling tone became smooth whiskey and tangled bedsheets and it never failed to make part of Sasuke soften.

As Sasuke watched his lover play the guitar, the lyrics took shape and rolled out in that sinful bedroom voice.

Oh there's something 'bout a man in black
Makes me wanna buy a Cadillac
Throw the top back
And roll down to Jackson town

Sasuke raised a brow at first thinking that the 'man in black' was him because he did have a fondness for wearing the color. Then the rest of the verse joined it and the Uchiha's lips curved as he realized the man in black was Johnny Cash, the only country singer he liked. No one could truly call themselves any kind of rockstar if they didn't appreciate the original badass's music. And Johnny Cash was the original badass.

The brunette relaxed a bit, more willing to listen to the song now, and focused on the music.

I wanna be there on the stage with you
You and I could be the next rage to
Hear the crowd roar
Make 'em want more
And kick the footlights out

A sliver of blue peaked up at Sasuke, who had leaned forward, then went back to watching the tanned hands play. Sasuke was drawn in by that slight glance and the emotion that echoed in Naruto's voice. The blond wasn't just singing and playing for input but telling Sasuke how he felt.

The Uchiha nibbled his lip as he thought of how he and Naruto both wanted to play their music to throngs of fans and then he almost shivered at the thought of performing with his idiot, singing to each other in front of those fans.

The melody picked up pace slightly and Naruto's voice took on a slight intensity that drew Sasuke in like a moth to a flame.

I wanna love like Johnny and June
Rings of fire burnin' with you
I wanna walk the line, walk the line
Til the end of time

I wanna love, love you that much
Cash it all in, give it all up
And when you're gone, I wanna go too
Like Johnny and June

Sasuke's lips parted as he caught the message there. A message of enduring, passionate, faithful love. The kind that didn't burn out with time or death. A love that wrapped around him and caught him just as surely as the deep voice of his boyfriend.

The melody and that voice softened again for the next verse.

I wanna hold you baby right or wrong
Build a world around a country song
Pray a sweet prayer, follow you there
Down in history

Sasuke had to fist his hands to keep from lunging for his beloved idiot and kissing the breath out of him as he was told in melody and verse that Naruto wanted to be there no matter what the world might throw at them.

I wanna love like Johnny and June
Rings of fire burnin' with you
I wanna walk the line, walk the line
Til the end of time

I wanna love, love you that much
Cash it all in, give it all up
And when you're gone, I wanna go too
Like Johnny and June

The chorus picked up again and Sasuke had to close his eyes and just let the emotion in it wash over him. Gods he could see them, just him and his idiot living as they chose, the hell with the rest of the world, and dedicating their lives to loving each other until their lives were taken.

He opened them again as Naruto's voice stayed strong and intense through the next verse and his eyes lifted and locked with Sasuke's.

More than life itself
No one else
This endless promise
They don't make love like that anymore
Is that too much to be askin' for?

Sasuke caught the slight lift of the corner of Naruto's mouth and translated it accurately as the blond saying that they had that kind of love, rare thing that it was, and he had no intention of letting it fade or slip away. The devotion and adoration shining from the blue topaz of his idiot's eyes humbled and awed Sasuke so much he felt his heart squeeze in his chest even as the melody slowed and his lover's voice softened once again for half the chorus and the last of the song.

I wanna love like Johnny and June
Rings of fire burnin' with you
I wanna walk the line, walk the line
Til the end of time

I wanna love, love you that much
Cash it all in, give it all up
And when you're gone, I wanna go too
Like Johnny and June

And when we're gone there'll be no tears to cry
Only memories of our lives
They'll remember, remember
A love like that

Sasuke stood as the last note faded and strode over to stand before his idiot as Naruto uncomfortably set the guitar aside. Black eyes collided with worried blue and Naruto opened his mouth. "Uh so yeah. You probably hated it bu-"

The blond was cut off as Sasuke cupped his face in pale, gentle hands and pressed a kiss against his idiot's lips.

Naruto's hands went up to rest lightly on Sasuke's wrists and his eyes fluttered closed as their mouths moved against each other, taking, giving, the love in the kiss palpable as it stretched on and on.

They slowly pulled away from each other with light nibbles and lingering small kisses. Sasuke pressed his forehead against Naruto's and looked into the blond's eyes, his own shining with the intense emotion his idiot had stirred in him. "Hn, moron. Maybe I should listen to you play more often if you're going to do songs like that."

Naruto's eyes lit with joy and love as he realized that Sasuke had liked the song and gotten the message he'd been sending with it. He bumped the Uchiha's nose with his and smiled. "I love you Sas."

A light chuckle came from the Uchiha. "Back at you idiot."

Naruto's eyes flamed briefly and he whacked Sasuke's arm. "Bastard!"

Sasuke full out laughed as he tackled Naruto to the bed and pressed a loving kiss to the center of the blond's forehead. Oh yes they were going to love so well and hard that even the gods would remember them, Sasuke would do anything necessary to make sure of that. Even listen to country if it made his idiot happy.

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