Title: Ghost Town
Rated: PG-13
Fandom: Supernatural & The Magnificent 7 (TV series)
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester; The Seven: Chris Larabee, Buck Wilmington, Vin Tanner, Ezra Standish, Nathan Jackson, Josiah Sanchez, JD Dunne; OMC – Mathew Tanner
Disclaimer: The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators. Mathew Tanner is mine

Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester investigate the town of Four Corners and find that the ghosts of six men have been protecting/haunting the town for over a century.

A/N: Six of the Seven are ghosts so obviously there will be/were character deaths.

Ghost Town

Four Corners, New Mexico Present Day

The Historical Preservation Society of New Mexico had lost their last appeal to get the old deserted town of Four Corners declared an historical landmark. As a lawyer, Mathew Tanner's firm had been the one to handle the litigation. Now as he stood behind the sawhorse barricades watching the demolition crew prepare to raze the town, his failure to save this place was a bitter taste in his mouth.

"You tried Mathew. We all did," said his co-counsel and friend Travis Witt as he indicated the small group of protesters who had gathered to bid farewell to this piece of history from the Old West.

"It's just criminal that this is going to be plowed under to make way for one of those cookie cutter housing developments." Mathew said his arms crossed tightly across his chest as if he was literally trying to hold himself back from charging in and disrupting the demolition.

"That's progress for you," his friend replied. The resignation in his tone was clear.

Mathew snorted. "Don't think my ancestor and his friends would see it that way."

He knew that Mathew felt a personal responsibility to the Tanner legacy to keep the town standing. Travis had recently moved to the neighboring town of Conerstone when he'd joined Matt's firm and found that Four Corners was a bit of a legend in this part of the state. Travis hadn't believed in all the nonsense about it being haunted but he knew that his friend did, disturbingly so, because of similar non sequitur comments he'd made during their work to save Four Corners.

"Well, next time you talk to them be sure and apologize," he teased trying to lighten the mood.

"Don't think they'll be all that forgiving." Mathew said with complete seriousness. The lawyer's eyes were glued to the members of the crew milling about the main street. He watched as a skinny guy climbed into the bulldozer parked in front of the old saloon and smiled. "We may not be out of options yet," he said cryptically.

Harry climbed into the cab of his bulldozer and did a quick check. He was about to start up the engine when movement in front of the 'dozer caught his attention.

He looked up to see two men standing in front of the shovel. "Damn protesters can't stay away," he muttered to himself. He waved a hand toward the pair and yelled. "You can't be here. You need to get out of the way."

As he spoke, the two seemed to fade slightly, almost flicker, before becoming solid again. "What the hell?" he thought as he blinked his eyes to help focus on what he was seeing. It was then he noticed the way they were dressed – like something out of an old western. The taller man looked like a stereotypical cowboy; floppy cowboy hat, checked shirt, a bandanna tied loosely around his neck and a big bushy mustache. The other was clean shaven and wore a bright red coat with a ruffled shirt. The cut of his clothes and the black hat on his head indicated that he was no cowboy.

Harry rubbed his eyes and looked again on the incongruous sight in front of him. "Protesters were really putting on a show," he thought.

"Buck, I do believe this man intends to demolish our saloon using this mechanical behemoth," the red-coated man said.

"Now, that's just plain mean, Ezra," the taller man smirked. "Who would do such a thing?"

"You guys are going to have to leave or I'll get security," Harry threatened. He didn't scare easily and he'd dealt with hippie protesters before. They usually took off once you threatened to call the cops.

"That's odd," Ezra said looking at his companion. "I was under the impression that we were the law in Four Corners. Have I made a grievous error, Mr. Wilmington?"

"Pretty sure we still are." Buck said shaking his head. "Always someone trying to challenge our authority."

"Poor misguided souls," the smaller man confirmed. "I suppose then, it is our duty to remind these interlopers that we are still in charge and it is in their best interest to vacate the premises immediately."

"I agree," Buck said and looked up to address the operator directly. "You need to come outta' there and be on your way. I'd hate for Nathan to have to try 'n patch you up after the explosion." Buck tilted his head toward an African- American man who had somehow appeared beside the cowboy, dressed in similarly old fashioned clothes.

"Never been good with burns, Buck. Best he get down 'fore Josiah drops his cigar." Nathan said pointing past Harry.

Harry looked to his right to see a grey-haired bear of a man standing just out of reach, holding a cigar. "You need to listen to Nathan. I'd hate to see you get hurt." Josiah said smiling congenially with just a hint of mischief in his blue eyes.

"Now wait a minute. Are you threatening me?" Harry was starting to worry. These guys weren't backing down and more were appearing out of – well he wasn't sure where they were coming from. He turned around in his cab preparing to call for security or a nearby crew mate and was startled to come face to face with a grinning young man in an odd little hat who had seated himself on the ledge behind the 'dozer's cab.

The young man just grinned at Harry when he'd jumped in surprise.

"JD get down from there before you scare the poor man to death," Buck called.

The youngster had a sheepish grin on his face as he disappeared only to reappear beside the man who'd called out. "Sorry Buck. I just never seen anything like that machine."

"How the hell had he done that?" Something weird was happening and Harry wasn't about to risk his neck for the job. "I'm going to get security and have you all escorted off the premises." He said trying to mask his fear. He was no longer sure that these men were – well men.

Harry stepped slowly out of the cab, careful not to turn his back on the 'dozer or the figures around it. It was then he noticed a tall blonde man dressed all in black who had been standing just out of sight. The man…ghost…whatever…fixed him with an icy stare as he stepped menacingly toward Harry. Something in his manner just screamed eminent violence and the 'dozer operator started to back away gradually not wanting to antagonize him…it.

"This is our town." The man in black said. "You and your kind are not welcome here. No one's gonna be knocking any buildings down. Not today, not ever. Am I clear?"

Harry nodded numbly, turned and ran as fast as he could toward the security guards. Behind him he heard the man in black say, "Do it Josiah." Moments later the concussion of the explosion threw him to the ground. When he raised his head to look back, the six men were gone and the bulldozer was in flames.