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Bella's Point Of View
March 24, 2008 3:12 pm.

I was late. I was three weeks late. Edward and I had only been married for six months. I couldn't believe that there's a possibility that I'm pregnant now. How would Edward react if I was? I knew he would be an excellent father but I wasn't sure if he wanted a child right now. I'm not very sure how to tell Edward if I am. This was…stressful.
Nonetheless, I went to the drugstore and picked up a pregnancy test. I hope that I am pregnant but at the same time I hope that I'm not because I'm not sure about Edward wanting children! I drove home, and read the directions to the pregnancy test. They basically said pee on the stick and wait ten minutes, and if the result window has two lines you're pregnant.
I peed on the stick and anxiously awaited the results, ten antagonizing minutes. Ten minutes where impossible what-if scenarios ran through my head.
I calmed myself before looking at the stick. Two lines…that mean…I'm pregnant…oh my god…

Alice's Point of View
March 24, 2008 10:41 am.

I drove to the drug store and picked up a pregnancy test. I fidgeted the whole way home. I hope I am! Jasper will be so excited and he would be such a good father! I hope that I would be a good mother. I drove home and took the test. I had to wait ten minutes now….Ten really long minutes. I decided to go shopping on line while waiting. I felt like I had been looking at clothes for ever but when I looked at the clock I realized that there was still eight more minutes to go. I just sat in the living room thinking about the things I would need to get if I was pregnant, the people I would tell first. Besides Jasper of course. Finally, ten minutes had passed. I walked back to the bathroom, like a mature sophisticated adult. Okay, Okay so maybe I didn't. Maybe I ran all the way there jumping up and down. But hey can you blame me?
Anyways, I went to the bathroom, and picked up the test. I then squealed so loud I was surprised the neighbors didn't hear it. I was pregnant!! I couldn't wait to tell Jasper!!

Rosalie's Point of View
March 23, 2008

I'm in the bathroom throwing up…again. I am late and I have morning sickness. I don't need a test to tell me that I'm pregnant. I know I am, and I'm happy. Really I am. I just wish that I wasn't throwing up again. Emmett is holding my hair back and asking me what's wrong. I completely ignore him once again. Finally, I'm done throwing up and I get up to brush my teeth. I finish brushing my teeth and turn to him.
"How would you feel about a baby?" I asked, nervously.
"Rose, baby, are you pregnant?" he asked. Sometimes he could be really smart and others he could be completely retarded. Now was his smart time.
"Because if you are, then I suggest that we start getting ready for a baby right now!!" He said.
I rolled my eyes and answered his question. "Yes, I think I am. I mean I haven't taken a test yet, but I think I am from how everyone describes pregnancy. I've had morning sickness for a few days now and I've been really tired." I said.
"Do you want me to run and pick up a test?" he asked.
"Please. I don't feel like going to a store right now." I said, grateful that he would do that for me.
"Okay, Rose. I'll be back in a few minutes. I love you." He said, kissing me lightly on my lips and then grabbing his keys and leaving. I went and lay down to wait on him to get back. I guess I feel asleep though because when I woke up, it was to the sound of an alarm clock.

March24, 2008
6:57 am.

I may have awakened to the sound of an alarm clock but a few seconds later, I would have woken anyways. I was in the bathroom puking my guts out again. Emmett had heard me and was at my side in a flash. He held my hair back once again. Once I was done, I brushed my teeth again. Then Emmett handed me the pregnancy test he bought last night. I shooed him out of the bathroom so that I could shower and then take the test. I took my shower and peed on the stick and then I got dressed. I walked by Emmett who was sitting on the couch and threw the test at him.
"Rose, baby!! You're pregnant!!" He yelled, running up to me and hugging me tightly.
"Emmett honey, I know!" I said, sincerely happy but still not feeling well.
"I'm going to call our parent!" Emmett declared.
"No can we please wait a little bit before telling anyone?" I asked.
"How long?" he demanded.
"Two days?" I asked.
"Okay, but only two days. Why don't you want to tell anyone? I thought you wanted children."
I do…I'm just not feeling well, and we need to schedule a doctor's appointment…there's just a lot to be done." I said, defending my self.
"Oh okay. I love you honey."
"I love you too."
I stood there and savored the sweet moment when we found out I was carrying our first child.
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