All I know is that I had a vision ( not a YED one, thank god.) anyway I just neede to write it so I did. I'm not really good at going into great detail in stories ( Tell you the truth I have trouble getting allthe details from my head to the page if that makes sense. But god bless all of you that do. Because you make truely great stories!) If you've read some of my others I kinda just go basic, I think that's what I would call it. Anyway back to this story I am going to do it in two chapters. So of we go.


Dean looks at the large wooden building. Letters flashing down the side announcing the name of the only bar in town.Sighing to himself Dean shakes his head an walks over to the main doors. Resting a hand agaisnt the wooden door Dean takes a deep breath and pushes it open. Just as he thought. Bikers in their full leather gear and tattoos. Ignoring the glares from the bikers at the bar Dean heads to the far end and raises a hand to the barman.

He simply just says." Dean."

The barman picks up one of the small towels from behind the counter and wipes his hands." I called you." He gestures with his head to the far corner of the bar." Managed to get his phone from him. He kept talking about you. So..." The barman shrugs." Doesn't seem like the drinking kind."

" No." Dean looks over his shoulder. " He's usually not. Thanks." Dean gives a quick nod before pushing away from the counter. Being careful not to bump into any of the other drinkers, god he really didn't want a fight right now, he made his way over to the farthest table in the room. Taking a look over the table Dean could tell someone was going to have the worst hangover ever. There's an empty bottle of whisky and at least half a dozen empty bottles of beer. " Please don't tell me they're all yours."

" Deeeeeean." Sam's head flops back, hitting the wall behind. His eye's are glassy and there is a huge drunken grin spreading across his face. " W'er ave you beeeeeen man?" Sam moves his head slightly from side to side. " Here." He reaches out for the empty bottle of whiskey but it just seems miles away as his hand can't quiet grab it. " You know what?" He pulls a face as his head knocks back onto the wall." Your a big boy, gedid yousel." He nods his head in a ' there you go'.

Dean rolls his eye's ' great'. " Lets get you to bed huh?" Taking a breath to stop himself from attacking his brothers sorry ass Dean places one hand under Sam's arm pit and grabs him tightly as he pulls Sam to his feet.

Sam blinks then squints his eye's." You know that." Sam's hand slams on the table as he stumbles in Dean's grip. " That is so cool. The chair is magic." He laughs to himself before placing his finger over his lips." Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." His body swaying, trying to gain balance." It's a flying chair. I was...I was." Sam turns his head to Dean smiles." Hey Dean!"

Dean turns his face away from his brothers. The amount of alcohol coming out with Sam's breath could strip paint of a thousands houses." Shut up Sam." Dean pulls Sam's arm over his shoulder and reaches the over one around Sam's waist." I swear to god just shut up or i'll..." Dean stops talking when a hand lands on his face. Fingers slowly moving down his face finally stopping at his chin before falling away. " I am so gonna kick the...Sam." Dean pulls his head away as the hand comes close to his face." What the hell?"

Sam again places his finger onto his lips." Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." He reaches up and grabs Deans chin, squeezing tightly." You have to be quiet or he will hear you."

Dean, with his face still squashed in Sam's hand turns to look at Sam." Who?"

Sam removes his hand, placing it curved around his own mouth, like he was making an announcement. He leans into Deans ear." . Dean will. You have to be quiet."

Dean pulls Sam closer." Lets get you to bed." Dean nudges Sam's foot to make him start walking." That's it Sammy. One infront of the other." They finally make it to the door, managing not to piss everone off who got hit in the head by Sam's flailing arm.

" Are they there?" Sam rolls his head on Dean's shoulder to look up at his older brother." Hey you got tall!" Sam laughs to himself and pulls away from Dean. " Whoa it's dark. When did it get dark?"

Dean reaches out to grab Sam but stops when Sam manages to catch himself agaisnt one of the railings." It's flippen 2 o'clock in the morning Sam." Dean pulls Sam to his side and hooks his brothers arm over his shoulder again. " What do you mean are they here yet?"

" Huh." Sam lifts up his right foot and pokes a finger inside the top of his boot.

Dean rolls his eye's and quickly steadies them." What the fuck are you doing?" He pulls Sam's hand away and pushes his foot down. He sighs as Sam's foot pulls up again and he stars to pull at the lace." Sammy what are you doing?"

" Iiiiiiii." Sam slurs and his head wobbles on his neck like a Jack in the Box." I, in there. It's Sam." Sam pulls his finger out and pokes it in Dean's chest." Sam. S...A...uh 1 no 2 no it's...uh Why is my foot here?"

" That is what I've been asking." Dean grunts as he drags Sam closer to the motel. Thank god it's only a five minute walk." Why are you drunk anyway?You don't drink Sam."

" Welllllllllll." pulling to a stop, Sam's eye's widen." Are you drunk Dean. Cos man that's just so...oh look."

" What?" Dean grits his teeth and his own eye's widen as Sam's face comes in close to his." Sam?"

Sam giggles, like a goddamn girl. " You have eye's. " Sam smiles and prods his fingers around his own eye's." Hey me too!"

" No shit Sherlock." Dean closes his eye's while counting to ten. Taking a deep breath he opens them and is met by Sam's huge grin." How about we be really quiet so Dean doesn't hear us okay?"

Sam nods, well , wobbles his head." Sounds like a ..a...a...yep."

" Great. Now be very quiet and just walk." Dean smiles to himself, drunk Sam is a following Sam." Be really quiet."

It takes them twenty minutes to get back to the motel. Sam stopping every few minutes to pull at his boot.

Pushing the motel room door open Dean drags Sam over to the bed at the back of the room and sits him down at the edge. He shakes his head as he watches Sam tilting to the right. He pulls Sam back up and unzips his brothers coat. " Okay Sammy lets get you to bed huh." Dean pulls Sam's arm free and throws the coat on the floor next to the bed." You are guna feel like shit tomorrow. You know that?"

Sam reaches out and takes a handfull of Dean's shirt." Why?" Sam smiles as two Deans stare at him." Dean 1 and Dean two or Dean and Deano!" Sam leans forwards and stares wide eye'd. " You look funny."

" So do you." Dean pushes Sam back up and reaches down to undo Sam's boots. " Hey!" Dean's head shoots up when Sam starts to pat his head." Listen." Dean forgets the boot and grabs Sam's wrist. " Just sit really still for me okay. Can you do that?"

"M'not five Deeeeeean. Anyways why you drunk cos man it's not good ya know. Mem...mem...ber when you...Dean what you doing down there?"

Dean just stares at Sam." You talk shit. Man i've seen crazy drunk and angry or weeping drunk but you are a shit drunk."

" Thank you." Sam twists his body to the left and places his hands on top of the covers." Wanna get a drink cos...whoa where did the thingy go."

Dean pulls at Sam's shirt until he manages to grasp an arm." The bed?"

" Yep that's the...Now." Sam pulls out from Dean's grasp and stumbles before slamming back first into the room wall. Acting like nothing happened Sam carries on. " Now what do you wanna do? Cos time...ya know and." He raises a hand, index finger pointing at the watch on the other arm." Oh man I think it's broken. Look." He holds the arm up. "The little hands are going too fast. Round and round and round and round and...Hey Dean."

" Sam please just get in the god damn bed. Because I will drag you there myself.!" Deans teeth clench and he pinches the bridge of his nose.

Sam shakes his head." Nah. I need to...I need a drink, got any? Why is my boot doing that?" He shakes his leg out and tilts to the right before putting his foot back down." Whoa that,don't do that Dean." Sam laughs again.

" For fucks sake Sam!" Dean storms over to Sam and grasps the top of his arms. " I am getting so sick of this." He grabs Sams chin with his thumb and finger and pulls his head up eye level. " What the hell is wrong with you? " Dean bends his head a little to catch Sam's fallen eye's." This is the third town that you've gone and done a runner as soon as i'm asleep. Hey!" Dean tightens his grip as Sam tries to pull away." This isn't you man. I've put up with the silent treatment and the sulking. The not eating and endless hours on the computer. But this Sam, this is not you." Dean shakes Sam's head on the last word.

Sam rolls his eye's." What ya gonna do? " Sam's lips curl up at the sides. " Ground me!" He raises his arms in the air." Stop my pocket money or or..." Sam's knees give and he presses his hands against the wall to push himself up." you gonna make a deal?"

" Don't Sam." Dean lets go of Sam and turns around taking a few steps." Do not start this up again." He spins on his heels to face Sam." Get to bed. I'm not talking to you while you're like this."

Sam shakes his head and closes his eye's. Taking a deep breath Sam pushes himself a step away from the wall. Opening his eye's he stares at Dean." Just like every other fucking day Dean. " He feels the room spin and stumbles back to the wall." Never allowed to talk about it. Cos big brother is always right. Correct Dean? You're going to hell and that's okay."

Dean rubs both hands over his face, growling in his throat." Lets get you to bed. Before we both say something that..."

" What Dean. That's true. Cos I gotta tell ya man. You don't know how to speak it."

" Just go to bed Sam."

" No!" Sam raises a hand and points a finger at Dean. " Don't keep doing this. Don't make me start to hate you Dean. Don't make me...make me..."

Dean moves over to Sam and pulls his arm." Shut up Sam."

Sam pushes Dean away and watches him fall to the floor." Stop telling me to shut up. Do you know how much this is killing me? Do you? I died Dean. I fucking died and because of you i'm alive and you're going to hell. So don't tell me to shut the fuck up. People I love die Dean. Mom's dead, Dad's dead, Jess is Dead, hell Madison is Dead, I was dead and in here, "Sam pats his chest "I still am because my selfish brother is going to leave me alone. " Sam bangs his head against the wall, causing Dean to flinch. " Why does everything have to evolve around losing people I love."

Dean looks up at Sam from his position on the floor." Why don't you just lie down and go to sleep. I want to go to sleep." Dean runs a hand over his face, stopping to rub his eye's with the heel of his hand. Looking back at Sam Dean notices the small trail of wet lines running down Sam's cheeks. " Sammy?"

" I don't...I just wish that..." Sam lips tremble " Why can't I just keep one thing? That's all I want. One thing." Sam slides down the wall and wraps his arm around his legs as they pull up to his chest." All I want is one thing Dean. One goddamn thing and like everything else it's gonna be taken away." Sam lowers his head onto his knees.

Dean swallows the growng lump in his throat. Taking a second to go through what he's just heard Dean looks at Sam curled tight into a ball, crying. " Hey." Dean crawls over and and sits infront of Sam." What's going on in there?" Dean taps Sam's head." Sam?"

Sam raises his head, eye's swimming with tears." You know sometimes when we're on a long drive. I look out of the car window at every thing we pass, houses, people." He rubs his cheek on his knee to wipe away some of the tears. " I start to think about the future. Crazy I know." Sam smiles a little." You know what I think about?"

Dean licks his lips, placing his hands in his lap. " I could imagine, but no."

" I see us Dean. Me sitting beside you in the car listening to you moan about getting grey hair and wrinkles. I see us sitting in a back yard watching our wives talking about their latest girls night out, our kids running around chasing each other. I see you happy." Sam looks at Dean, letting more tears fall." That's what I think about Dean. That's what makes our past worth it. And now I just see me, dead on the inside fighting in a world that I don't really want to be in."

Dean lowers his head. Letting a few tears drop onto his closed hands." Sam." He shakes his head.

" Please. Just please." Sam scrunches his eye's close." Please I just want to be able to live a life worth living."

Dean looks at Sam and he feels like his heart is going to shatter." I'm sorry Sam. I really am sorry. But I had to do it. Your my brother and I couldn't let you die. I couldn't."

Sam laughs." Sorry doesn't make it okay Dean." He drops his head onto his knees again. " Sorry doesn't stop me from dying again."

Dean stares up at the ceiling. How could he have not noticed how far his brother had fallen. Reaching out Dean pulls Sam forward. One of his hands taking the side of Sam's head and pulling it close to his chest. Dean pulls him in tight and drops his head ontop of Sam's. He pushes his legs out and pulls Sam's in closer, just like he did when they were kids. Rubbing Sam's back and face Dean lets the tears flow. "Oh Sammy."

Well I hope you liked it. I tried really hard to put down what I wanted.Thank you for reading my short fic. Please pray that Sam gets Dean out from hell because we need two sexy men on our screen.(Three if John was still alive). again thanks for reading.