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Sam turns on the couch, listening to the voices coming from the kitchen. How can they just sit around and talk while everythings going wrong. Don't they know what's happening? Don't they understand that Dean's going to hell, forever? Looking over to the desk in the corner Sam stares at the books piled high covering the surface. Damn books. Always waiting for someone to look and find nothing. Pushing himself up and swinging his legs over the side of the couch Sam keeps his eye's on the books. They should be in hell. He spots his laptop bag placed on the chair of the desk. Technology huh. The whole world travels on technology and what does it do? It fucks things up that what it does. Sam pushes himself up, grabbing the armrest to stop him falling back down. He waits until the room comes back into focus before taking slow steps towards the bag. His hand reaches out to the bag but he pulls it back before touching it. What good is it? It's just like him. Useless just something else for the world to hate.Sam snatches up the bag and opens the flap, pulling out the laptop. He throws the bag to the floor and holds the laptop in both hands. I don't need this...this heap of wasted metal. He raises it above his head and with all the force he can muster he throws the computer at the far wall. A small smirk comes to his face as he watches break. Small pieces flying in all directions. Laughter escapes from his lips as it lands on the floor with a thunk. Grabbing his hair with both hands he starts to laugh, the laughter of a broken man.

Dean sips at his coffee. His mind searching through ways to help Sam. He winces when he comes up blank, hits a brick wall. Slamming the cup down Dean pushes his chair back making it slam against the cupboard behind him.

" Dean?"

" Sorry Bobby." Dean blinks and grabs the chair placing it back at the table. God damit. What was he supposed to do. How can he help if his brain won't help him even get a clue. He looks up at Bobby. " I just..I can't get anything Bobby. My baby brothers in there." He aims a finger at the main room." broken and I feel like...I just don't know what to do." With glistening eye's Dean stares at Bobby." I need..need." His arm slides across his face to wipe away the falling tears.

Bobby bites his bottom lip and swallows that damn lump that reaching out to escape from his throat. Taking a quick look at his own coffee cup Bobby shakes his head before looking back up at Dean. " What do you need Dean?"

Dean's bottom lip quivers and he hates himself for becoming this weak. He wasn't supposed to be weak. He was supposed to be the strong one, the one that held all the answers. Hell he didn't have them half the time but he made sure he could help in some way, but what's happening now he didn't know where to go. Letting a small stream of tears travel down his cheeks Dean looks to the window at the side of the room. " I need Dad."

Bobby's throat threatens to burst. How can he give something that can't be given. How can he help the people he loves if he can't give them what they rightly deserves. Hope, faith, there dad? When they first arrived he held this piece of hope close to his heart. He could help them. He would help them. But watching Dean loose himself that hope has started to inch away minute by minute." I wish he was here for you too son. I truly do. But..." Bobby's head snaps to the doorway as the sound of a crash travels around the house. He looks up at Dean, before he has a chance to blink he's following Dean.

Stopping to a halt at the doorway Dean looks over at Sam. " Sam?"

Sam's hands are still gripped in his hair. His feet tracing a line along the carpeted floor. Sam? Yeah right. Sam's no longer here. No Sam here just me. The useless human. Stanford must have had a bad day when they accepted his application. A way bad day. He wasn't smart. He was a dud. Dud that's what he was. The smirk returns to his face letting out a laugh.

Dean looks around the room and spots the broken laptop on the floor. His eye's dart back to Sam. " Sam what happened?"

" It...it...didn't work." Sam carry's on his pacing." Didn't work."

Bobby closes his eye's. He can't watch this. How can he stand here and watch them crumble to dust.

Dean walks over to the broken laptop and squats down to run a hand along the open cracked glass." Sure as hell broken now." Hearing Sam's footsteps stop he turns his head." Sam what happened?"

Running his fingers along his lips Sam's head tilts back and he laughs. " Didn't work Dean." Sam looks back at Dean." All this." His arms come out to the side and he spins a full circle." Didn't work!" He pulls a book from the top of the pile on the desk. Opening the book and flicking through the pages Sam mumbles. " Crap crap crap crap." He holds the book up." See crap." He throws the book to the ground. He picks up the next one and waves it in the air." Same again. Crap!" The book flies and lands near Deans feet. "And this, and this and this." He throws books like they're paper aeroplanes.

Dean pushes himself and jumps out of the way as the books come flying." Sam what the..." He jumps back as more books come flying. He's brother was going mad. Throwing books that's what five year olds do in a tantrum. He dodges another book and looks back at Sam. " Sam stop it."

" Nothing." He throws the book behind him hitting agaisnt the wall and dropping to the floor. " Oh ho this one of my favourites." Sam grabs a large book with both hands and holds it up to face Dean." This book is fantastic. a big book Dean. A big fucking book and it's nothing!" Sam tosses it to the side." Oh look another waste of paper." He throws the next book.

" SAM!" Bobby's voice booms through the room." Stop it."

" Bobby Bobby Bobby." He throws another." Dear old Bobby. Got enough books to build a freaking library but they have nothing IN THEM!." He turns and glares at Bobby." Or do they." He takes a step forward watching Dean step closer from the corner of his eye. Why is he still here. Doesn't he have some place to go. Far away from him. Someplace safe. " Maybe you know." Sam stumbles over the books on the floor and heads to Bobby." Do you know where it is?"

Dean moves quickly and places an arm across Sam's chest, stopping him from getting close to Bobby." Calm down Sam."

Bobby raise a hand to stop Dean. Sam needs to do this. Let it out and if he was the target then he would be that target. If it would help them heal then he was going to do this." Do I know what?"

Sam's hands pull at Deans arm across his chest. " Know how to stop the deal. You would know and you're not telling me." He lets go of Dean's arm and reaches out to grab at Bobby." You know."

Dean steps around the back of Sam and pulls his arms back." Sam come on! Stop just stop." Dean grunts as Sam's elbow hits his stomach." Dammit Sam Stop."

Bobby steps froward and looks Sam dead in the eye." I don't know how to stop the deal Sam. I wish..." Bobby tilts his head back as Sam lashes out at him." I wish I did kid, I do but I don't."

" Stop fucking lying. Get off me." Sam struggles in Dean's grip. He slams his head back onto Deans shoulder." He knows and he's letting you go to hell."

Dean pulls his arms tighter around Sam." He doesn't know Sam." Dean pulls him back." Stop. Please just stop."

Bobby steps close to them and grabs Sam's head between his hands." Listen to me." His thumbs rub against Sam's cheeks." I swear to you I don't know how to stop it."

Sam raises his legs and kicks out at Bobby." Stop lying." His whole body is lifted of the ground. Why won't anyone tell him the truth. They know and they're not telling him. He kicks his legs out harder trying to hurt the man who won't tell him the truth. " Stop lying."

Dean swipes Sam's leg and drops them to the floor. He grips tighter as Sam struggles harder. " He's not lying Sam." Dean speaks the words through gritted teeth. " Stop kicking me." Dean places Sam between his legs, moving his head out of the way as Sam slams it back again. He wraps his legs over Sam's and pulls his arms across his chest." I swear to god stop IT!"

" I hate you!" Sam's snarl faces Bobby full on." I hate you!" He pulls agaisnt the restarning limbs holding him." You're a lying bastard and I hate you!" Sam starts to shake and small whimpers begin to escape. " I hate you. I hate you. I hate you."

Bobby kneels down infront of Sam and looks over his shoulder to Dean. That boy's gonna break in half soon. He refocuses on Sam." Sam?" He takes Sam's face in his hands again. " I don't know anything. But I swear to you I am trying. I am trying."

Tears run down Sam's face. " Why do you hate me so much?"

Dean eye's widen at the question. Why in the hell did his baby brother think that they hated him. He loved the kid. Sure he didn't say it but he never hated him." We don't hate you Sam." Dean tightens his grip as Sam struggles harder. He holds tight until Sam's body starts to slow down." Why on earth would you say that?"

Letting his body go limp Sam lets out a whimper." I can't help. I can't do it Dean. I'm going to lose you and It's my fault." Sam struggles again but stops when Dean's arms tighten." You're supposed to have all the answers." His eye's meet Bobby's." You're supposed to have the answers. " Letting all his energy go Sam tilts in Dean's arms." Please Bobby. Help me. Please. Help me save Dean. Please." His last words fading to whispers as he closes his eye's." You're all I have left to help me."

Dean lets go off Sam and turns him around into his lap. He pulls Sam's head into his chest and wraps his arms around Sam's body. Holding him like he did when Sam was a small child and scared of the thunder. He looks at Bobby, eye's pleading for him to fix this. To save not him but his brother. Not being able to suppress it any longer, Dean pulls Sam in tighter and cries for his baby brother.


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