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Sakura was still knocked out. She was lying on a bed in a hotel room. Sasuke and the brown haired girl were there with her. Sasuke starred at Sakura and couldn't help but feel guilty.

"Don't blame yourself." The girl said.

"It's my fault. You saw this coming and I should have watched her closer but I just didn't think this would happen so soon,"

"Hey at least she isn't hurt that bad, she just has some bruises around her neck that's all."

"That's all?" Sasuke looked at the girl as if she was missing something, "Her mother will see this and wonder what happened."

"Well Sakura can tell the truth that her dad did this. We didn't do anything but save her."

"She can't tell her mom, From what Sakura told me, her dad used to be her hero and I'm sure she's not mad at her dad for what he did so she probably doesn't want to tell her mom because if she does that then her mom may never let her see her dad again, and I know that would upset her."

"Oh good, point. Wait, I have an idea."

With that, the brown haired girl walked off to the bathroom of the hotel room. Sasuke heard her messing around in her bag that she had brought.


Sakura's POV

(Point of view)

My neck was throbbing; it even hurt to breathe a little. I could swear I could hear two people talking. A guy and a girl. One of the voices sounded familiar.

But then the voices stopped. I opened my eyes to see a blank white ceiling starring back at me. I winced as my neck started to hurt from the deep breath I had just taken.


I immediately sat up as I knew who's voice it was that had spoken to me, only one face came to my mind—Sasuke.

I was right. Sasuke was standing right next to my bed. But wait, a bed? Where am I? I looked around the room. A hotel room?

"Are you okay?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah." I noticed how horrible my voice sounded so I cleared my throat.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"A hotel room. We saved you from your dad in that parking lot. We brought you here to stay so you could rest."


That's when my question was answered, out from the bathroom came a girl carrying a small bottle of something. She was fairly tall, very slender and had the face of an angel. Her skin was ivory and she was beautiful. But what was she doing with Sasuke?

"Me and Sasuke, he means." The girl said, flashing her brilliant smile. How could I compare with her, she looked like a super model. Her hair was light brown and very thin but it only came down to her shoulders.

"I'm Emi." She said.





I just starred at her. Why was she here, was Sasuke trying to rub it in my face that he was with some other girl?

"Oh! No, I know what you are thinking, I'm not Sasuke's girlfriend, I'm more like his sister."

"You're his sister?" I asked.

"More or less. Not biologically but close enough, maybe you could call us step sister and brother."

"Oh ok." I felt relief hearing this, but I don't know why. Sure I do like Sasuke but why does that matter? He said we couldn't be friends, wait – so why did he save me?

"You have to call your mom and say that you are getting a hotel room up here for the night because you are tired and you don't feel like driving back tonight." Sasuke said, handing me my phone.

"Oh ok, good idea." I happily took the phone because spending the night in a hotel room with Sasuke was bound to be good, well better if Emi wasn't here but hey beggars can't be picky.

I got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom to get some privacy. I quickly dialed my mom's number and waited for her to answer. She answered on the second ring.


"Yeah it's me mom."

"I've been waiting for you to call for a while. I was wondering how your day was going."

"Oh why didn't you call?"

"I was afraid I would interrupt you and your dad's day."

"Mom don't be silly. But it was good. Everything went great, dad seems a lot better." Not.

"Really? Well I'm glad. Where are you? You better not be driving and talking on your phone."

"I'm not driving, I haven't left town yet, I started to feel bad after I dropped dad off at rehab and I got a hotel room to stay for the night. I hope you don't mind, but I was scared to drive home at night feeling bad."

"Oh no that's fine. I'm glad you are being safe. You sound a lot happier now. Maybe seeing your dad did the trick, huh?" Not really just Sasuke being here did it.

"Yeah totally mom, but anyway I'm tired and I will call you as soon as I get up in the morning to check in with you."

"Alright sweetheart, I love you."

"I love you too. Bye."


I hung up the phone and walked back into the room only to see Emi. I must have had confusion displayed on my face because Emi smiled.

"Sasuke went out for a walk. I hope you don't mind me staying here with you."

"Oh no I don't care."

"I'm glad, but if you're wondering I have a way to cover up those bruises on your neck."

"What?" I dashed to the mirror and surely, enough there were dark spots on my neck. If my mom saw me like this I would have to tell her the truth but if I did I probably wouldn't get to see dad for a while.

"I have this base make-up that can cover it up; I think you have the same skin tone as me so it should blend in. I'll put it on you in the morning before we leave."

I turned back to her and smiled. Emi wasn't half bad. But then a thought struck me. Is Emi a vampire too?



"Since you're Sasuke's sister, are you a v—"

"Vampire? Yes."

"Wow. How many others are there in your family?"

"Well there is seven total in our family but with me and Sasuke there are five others."


"Yeah there are three girls and four guys in our family."

"I bet being a vampire is so cool."

Emi smiled. "I guess so."

"How did you know to find me here?"

"You know how Sasuke can read minds?"


"Well, my special gift is that I can see the future. I saw a vision of you and what your dad was going to do a couple of days ago. I told Sasuke about it, and he was going to be ready when it happened but he wasn't expecting you to go so soon, so when he figured out you weren't at school and after he asked around he knew he had to find you, I came along to help him find you. We found you a little late though."

"No, as long as I'm walking around I'm fine. Thanks for saving me. I was surprised to see Sasuke. He said we couldn't even be friends."

"Don't be fooled. He's crazy about you."

"Sasuke? Crazy about me?"

"Yeah, he was only trying to stay away from you for your own good. He tells me all about you, either that or I see it."

"How is it for my own good?"

"Sit down, Sakura. I'm going to tell you a story about Sasuke."

I sat down next to her and she starred at the wall as if she was having second thoughts about telling me but I knew she just wanted me to know.

"I'm only telling you this because you are the first thing in I don't know how many years that has made Sasuke happy. You're special to him and you need to know."

"You don't have to tell me."

"But you do want to know don't you?

"Well of course."

Emi laughed. Her laugh was like perfect, it was soft yet warming.

"Well to start off, hundreds of years ago Ike, who is like a father to me and Sasuke, was a vampire hunter. It was a group in about the sixteen hundreds. But on one of his mission to track one, Ike got bit and of course became a vampire."

I had a feeling this was going to be a long story.

"And then he became a doctor and while he was working in a hospital he met a dying woman. Her name was Hitomi. Even though she was dying over the months she struggled for life, Ike fell in love with her and he did everything to try and save her, but when he knew there was no way to save her, he turned her into a vampire. Hitomi is like the mother of our family because she's married to Ike and because she is physically the oldest female. She's physically 26, Ike is physically 24."

"How old are you, physically?"

"I'm 19. Or at least that's how old I was when I turned into a vampire. Sasuke is 17."

I nodded saying that I already knew.

"Well anyway, after Hitomi became a vampire, there was me and my twin brother. We were from a small foreign country. We were both 19 years old when a war broke out in our country. We were caught right in the middle of it. We traveled for two months trying to find safely from the war. Then a bomb was set off close to us and we got hurt really bad.

Some group of people found us and took us to a nearby place where doctors were. Ike happened to be one of those doctors. He had been asked to come to our country to help out because our country had only a few doctors because many had been killed in the war. Me and my brother had lost too much blood and there was no hope for us. So Ike asked if we had any family alive. I told him that our whole family had been killed in the war, which was true, it was just me and my brother left.

He figured that since we wouldn't be missed, he bit us and turned us into vampires and so we joined his family here in Japan."

The story was really starting to get good. I only wondered when Sasuke came into the story.

"Now in the family it was Ike, Hitomi, my brother and I. And then that's when Sasuke comes into the story. It was around 1920 and we lived near a large town. I pretended to be human teenage girl, kind of like how Sasuke is going to your school acting to be human. But anyway I became best friends with a girl named Yukina. She was an amazing girl, she was smart, nice and very beautiful. She had pink hair and looked a lot like you."

"Like me?"

"Yeah but she had bangs that covered her forehead and her hair was a lot longer -- it came down to about her knees. She usually had it tied back in a ponytail that rested on her neck. But her mother had died giving birth to her younger brother who was two years younger than her. So she only had her dad and brother. But as soon as Yukina turned 19 years old, her father died of a sickness that was going around. So her brother was the only family she had left. She didn't have any aunts, uncles or cousins that lived near her.

But then that's when Sasuke came. He was a blood thirsty vampire. His family had been attacked by vampires, but he was the only one who lived, he had been bitten but he was left barely alive and so he became a vampire. He hated the world for what happened to his family so he took it out on the world. He was a killer. He attacked humans for the fun of it."

"Oh my god…Sasuke?" Fear struck my face. I always thought Sasuke had killed some people but never just for fun.

"He would go from town to town to attack. And one day he came to our town. I saw him coming in my visions but I couldn't tell exactly where he was going to strike in the town because I can only see the future when people decide what they are going to do, Sasuke decided to come to our town but he hadn't decided where he was going to attack, so I couldn't find him in time.

He had begun to kill innocent people, and then he came across Yukina's younger brother who was 17 at the time. He was about to kill him when, a rock hit Sasuke in the head. He turned to see Yukina. She had a knife in her hand and she looked as if she wasn't afraid. Sasuke asked her, 'What are you doing, girl?' and Yukina answered him, 'The question is: What are you doing?' Sasuke was amazed that some girl had the courage to talk back to him. He found it amusing.

He walked toward her, expecting Yukina to run away but she stood perfectly still and then once Sasuke was standing so close to her that he was almost touching her, he spoke to her, 'I am a vampire, woman don't you see how stupid you are being?'. Yukina only smiled at him. 'I am a human and do you know how stupid it would be for me not to protect my brother? and by the way…' As Yukina was speaking Sasuke was raising up his hand to attack her when Yukina finished talking, 'I'm not afraid of you!'

Once Yukina said that, he froze. He couldn't bring himself to kill her, he couldn't even hurt her. He didn't know why but he just couldn't. He only starred down at her and ran off. Yukina told me what happened that night when I showed up to see if she was okay. By then I had told her I was a vampire too. I was amazed at how she had stopped him.

However it wasn't the last time she saw him. A week later, Yukina was outside her house when she saw him in her yard. He had tried to kill her but when he was about to attack he couldn't bring himself to do it. She just smiled at him. 'If this is just an excuse to come visit me, then try to make a better excuse.' Sasuke only got mad. 'Woman do you have any idea who you are messing with?' Yukina smiled, 'You're just some vampire, and by the way my name isn't woman. It's Yukina.' Sasuke was amazed at how brave she was. He ended up coming back to see her many more times and after a while he just gave up trying to hurt her so he just came to see her and eventually they fell in love."

I couldn't help but feel jealous of that girl. I may look like her but Sasuke never told her they couldn't be friends, he came to visit her all the time.

"Then one day, when he was going to visit Yukina, Sasuke was walking down the street acting like a normal human when he saw a man on the side of the road that had fallen and scraped his knee, he was bleeding. Sasuke couldn't control himself around the fresh blood, he snapped. Yukina heard the screaming from her house and ran out to see Sasuke attacking someone, she ran toward them and grabbed Sasuke's arm and tried to pull him off of the man when Sasuke turned toward Yukina and….he ended up hurting her."

"How bad did he hurt her?"

"Well, pretty bad, she was losing too much blood, as soon as Sasuke realized what he had done, all his blood thirst was gone. He rushed her to a doctor, I went to see her in the hospital because I was her best friend. It was just me and Sasuke with her. She didn't have much time left. We both told her we could save her and she could be a vampire, but she refused. Sasuke said, 'Yukina we could live together forever, I love you so much and I can make all of this up to you.' Then Yukina answered him, 'I just can't. Let me die.' We both couldn't understand why. But then after a while of us trying to talk her into it, she said, 'Sasuke, I love you, and even though I was never afraid of you, I…don't…want to be a…monster.' Sasuke was crushed. But then Yukina said how much she loved Sasuke and how much she would have loved to live with him as a human, but Sasuke was still crushed about what she had said. In the end Yukina died holding Sasuke's hand. Her last words were, 'Sasuke, I love you.'

Yukina was 20 years old when she died. Her and Sasuke had been in love for about eight months. And after her passing, Sasuke vowed to never get close to another human girl again. So he acted like a player and went on dates with girls and then broke up with them so he would never get close to them. Of course he could have just not dated, but then people would have said that he was gay or something. His actual goal was to piss off every girl by breaking up with them for no reason so none of them would try to get close to him but.."

I laughed. "That plan backfired. All the girls love him."

"Yeah, and when he first saw you, the only thing he could think of was Yukina. The pink hair, green eyes, and your faces look so much alike, you are even about the same size as she was. Yukina was a little bit taller though. He told me that he had to get you to hate him, because he knew he was going to be drawn to you, but he hoped that you would get pissed off at him if he dated you and broke up with you, but when he hung out with you that one time, he could never bring himself to do anything to hurt your feelings so you would hate him.

And then when you and Temari got into that fight, you were bleeding and he was so scared he was going to kill you, he said you smelled so sweet, better than anything he has ever smelled. So after that, he demanded that you couldn't be friends with him, especially after what you said to him."

My heart stopped. My mind raced back to all the past conversations that Sasuke and I had had. But I couldn't remember anything mean I had said to him.

"When he said you couldn't be friends with him, you said that you weren't afraid of him, just like Yukina. He said it was so scary for him, here was this girl who looked so much like Yukina, saying the exact same line, nearly 80 years later."

I finally understood. I could not find my voice in my throat but I managed to speak.

"I finally understand."

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