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Author: SkyyRyder

A/N: Okay, so this is a story Skyy and I are working on. I know this chapter has a LOT of what seems to be unnecessary dialogue in it, but it's the mood that matters. Sorry if it's a little dull, it'll get better as we continue, don't worry!

Fallen Now is Babylon the Great


-Reid's POV-

Now, I've been with a lot of girls. It started when I was fourteen and lost my virginity to my babysitter. She was seventeen. I've tried a little taste of everything since then. Some I remember, some might have slipped past the boundaries of my intoxicated memory. There's one I'll never forget though.


She's the only one I ever had to work for.

She was classic. Naturally black hair on flawless porcelain skin. Big blue eyes with rings of gray in them. Slammin' body. Perfectly arched eyebrows, not too thin, but not too thick. She wore just the right amount of makeup to bring out her strong facial features. Smart, popular and straight laced. I was John Bender and she was Claire Standish. You know, from The Breakfast Club? Yeah… Babylon Arnardottir was certainly a good girl. What a name, huh? Her parents are off the boat Icelandics.

The thing with her was she thought she was better then everyone. Too preppy for her own good. All she cared about was schoolwork, ballet and God. Not my type right? Who says I have a type though? I have vast interests.

It all started one particular day at school. I was sitting in the back of English, my feet kicked up on my desk naturally, just doing what I do best, observing. In she comes, dark blue uniform skirt cut above her knees, knee high socks just below them, Mary Janes, not a scuff in sight. She had her white oxford with the navy sweater vest over it and hair held up with chopsticks. The matching navy blazer was slung over her shoulder and I could see her red tie peeking from between the vest and shirt. Yeah, not many girls can make the Spenser uniform look hot, but Babylon looks like an innocent little schoolgirl waiting to be corrupted. Like in porn, you know? Like a good quality one, where the girls aren't already in lingerie before the 'plot' even starts.

Even with the conservative uniform, I could clearly see the rack she was trying to hide. They aren't exactly small, but she never displays the goods, even out of her uniform. And her perfect ass made her skirt come up a little higher in the back then it did in the front. It definitely wasn't the first time I'd noticed that she was a nice piece of scenery, but for some reason it was different today. It seemed… feasible.

She took her seat in the front of my row, right next to the teacher's desk. Oh yes, she was a teacher's pet all right. I'd been in school with her since elementary. We're seniors at Spenser Academy now. I'm pretty sure every single class I've ever had with her, she's always had the seat right up front, closest to the teachers.

I glanced at Tyler who was sitting next to me, opening his notebook, ready to be the good little note taker he was. Goody, goody. I don't mind though. Saves me the trouble of taking notes myself and gives me more shut-eye. I spotted Pogue and Caleb in the third row. Caleb was talking to his new girl, Sarah, and Pogue already had his head on the desk. Pogue and I aren't too studious. Teachers don't give a shit though because we're top swimmers. So we get privileges. Basically a free ride, if you will.

To my left and a few seats down was Kate, Pogue's chick. She was texting on her phone, probably nagging my friend by the flustered look on her face. I'm pretty sure they fight every day. My eyes scanned the room again and landed in the front row. Babylon was sitting next to Aaron Abbot, who was eyeing her while his slut Kira Snider tried to get his attention. Babylon just ignored him, but I'm petty sure she was aware of his roaming eyes.

Back to the subject of interest, Baby—that's what everyone calls Babylon, Baby. I don't think she's too hot on being called that, but she doesn't go out of her way to tell people not to do it. She's too haughty to give people the time of day. So it stuck with her through junior high and high school.

I haven't really talked to her since fourth grade. I've made a few snarky remarks here and there, but I do that to everyone. She notices me though. I know she does. How can't you? I'm one of the only guys in school with a tattoo, and I have five of them. Plus, I'm part of the most notorious, popular clique in Spenser; the Sons of Ipswich. Not to mention, I'm loud, obnoxious and the typical devil may care troublemaker. There's one in every school. In Spenser Academy, it's me.

It was this day, October 21, 2006, that I decided I was going to fuck her. At this point there was no time limit. I'd be able to do it no matter what; I already knew that. It was just going about doing it that was the problem. No, not problem, the… situation. Yeah. She's a virgin, no doubt. Not like she isn't hot enough to have guys wanting to bang her, it's just how she is. A good girl. Jesus says don't consummate before marriage, therefore, she won't. Well, she will. When I'm done with her, Babylon the Great won't be so perfect.

-Babylon's POV-

"Today class, we're going to continue reading out loud where we left off yesterday. Act two, scene three of Titus Andronicus. Same parts as yesterday," Mr. Pennyworth, the European Lit. professor said while walking into the classroom, late par usual. It's because he smokes behind the school. I've seen him do it before when we have the outdoor lunch option. If I sit at the right angle against the big oak in the courtyard, I can see the puffs of smoke. About five minutes later he comes out from behind the wall, looking much more relaxed. Dirty habit. Frankly, I'd expect more will-power from an intellectual and church going man such as himself.

I had been assigned to read as Lavinia in class two days ago when we started this play. Having already read the literature in my own spare time, I knew this would be my last speaking scene since the character's tongue is cut out after she is raped by the Queen's sons, Chiron and Demetrius. We had to stand in front of the class and read the play, acting it out as best we could while we did so. It didn't bother me, except for the two clowns who had managed to be assigned to read the parts of Chiron and Demetrius. Reid Garwin read off Chiron's lines, and Pogue Parry, one of his best friends read as Demetrius. They certainly would have William Shakespeare rolling in his grave if he saw the way they acted in front of the class. A girl named Miriam Warner from the girl's swim team played Tamora, Andrew Carter from the math team played Bassianis, Chris Palmer played Aaron and so on and so forth. It was no secret Mr. Pennyworth wanted to be head of the theater department, but wasn't because Provost Higgins' wife had taken over the role once our previous drama coordinator had retired. Leslie Higgins was passionate, but had no vision, no doubt a woman past her prime who once had dreams of singing on Broadway that have long since escaped her grasp. It's a little sad really.

So Mr. Pennyworh made all his English classes based around plays, straying away from classic literature because he preferred to add a little drama into the classroom. I think he does it so people like Reid and Pogue have no choice but to pay attention. Of course, it's nothing but a big joke to them. Lord forbid they obtain any sort of culture.

I went up to the front of the class with my fellow' 'actors' with my book in hand and turned to the correct page. I was ready for anything, knowing the more into the actual play I red, the better grade I would maintain, not that I needed the extra boost at all; my graded assignments spoke solidly for themselves.

"He that had wit would think that I had none, To bury so much gold under a tree, And never…" Chris began, a backpack in his hand representing the bag of gold his character held. I became distracted easily by Reid Garwin staring at me. I scowled his way, giving him the signal to avert his eyes elsewhere. I've already had to avoid snapping at Aaron Abbot earlier, sitting much too close to me for comfort and seeming to find me collecting my class supplies fascinating.

I read through my lines comfortably until Reid and Pogue started getting involved. "This is a witness that I am thy son." Pogue yelled out dramatically, pretending to stab Andrew in the back.

"And this for me, struck home to show my strength." Reid followed Pogue's action and Andrew pretended to die, twitching a few times as he lay on the ground. I rolled my eyes at the nonsense. Reid and Pogue were snickering along with him.

"Ay, come, Semiramis, nay, barbarous Tamora, For no name fits thy nature but thy own!" I exclaimed, perfectly reciting my lines. I had recently acted in our school's summer performance of The Taming of the Shrew as Kate, so Shakespeare wasn't foreign to me, not to mention I had read a number of his plays and sonnets in my spare time.

"Give me thy poniard; you shall know, my boys Your mother's hand shall right your mother's wrong." Miriam said smoothly. But I had barely heard. I was busy watching as Reid tried discretely to whisper something to Pogue, right before his eyes flickered on me for a second before he averted them and moved away from his friend.

"Stay, madam; here is more belongs to her; First thrash the corn, then after burn the straw: This minion stood upon her chastity, Upon her nuptial vow, her loyalty, And with that painted hope braves your mightiness: And shall she carry this unto her grave?" Pogue read as he and Reid got very close to me. I began feeling extremely uncomfortable; especially with the way Reid Garwin was eyeing me up and down.

"An if she do, I would I were an eunuch. Drag hence her husband to some secret hole, And make his dead trunk pillow to our lust." Reid read his lines with proper malice in his tone. I could feel his breath on my neck. He was far too close to me for comfort.

"But when ye have the honey ye desire, Let not this wasp outlive, us both to sting." Miriam read, a bored tone evident in her voice. She shifted her weight to one foot and sighed, just wanting to sit down it looked like. I know how she feels.

"I warrant you, madam, we will make that sure. Come, mistress, now perforce we will enjoy That nice-preserved honesty of yours." Reid recited, grabbing my shoulders as to drag me off. I tensed as soon as he touched me. I didn't like the feeling of his calloused fingertips against my nice white oxford. I scrambled out of his grasp quickly, moving closer to Miriam.

"O Tamora! thou bear'st a woman's face—" I faux begged my classmate, glad to be away enough from Reid for him to not be breathing down my neck anymore.

"I will not hear her speak; away with her!" Miriam suddenly yelled, her bored tone disappearing quickly. She pointed towards the door and Reid and Pogue grabbed an arm each. I really wish they weren't touching me.

"Sweet lords, entreat her hear me but a word." I pleaded, inwardly just screaming for them to let me go and stop touching me.

"Listen, fair madam: let it be your glory To see her tears; but be your heart to them As unrelenting flint to drops of rain."

"When did the tiger's young ones teach the dam? O, do not learn her wrath; she taught it thee; The milk thou suck'dst from her did turn to marble; Even at thy teat thou hadst thy tyranny. Yet every mother breeds not sons alike:" I hissed in an angry tone, detecting Lavinia's mood at this moment. I turned to Reid as the play instructed. "Do thou entreat her show a woman pity."

"What, wouldst thou have me prove myself a bastard?" Reid spat, holding my chin to look into his eyes. I wanted to pull away from him. I don't feel comfortable around him at all. Especially since the character he was portraying, quite well I might add, represented rape. The thought sent a horrid chill up my spine. He was just such a lecher as it was.

"'Tis true; the raven doth not hatch a lark: Yet have I heard,- O, could I find it now!— The lion moved with pity did endure To have his princely paws pared all away: Some say that ravens foster forlorn children, The whilst their own birds famish in their nests: O, be to me, though thy hard heart say no, Nothing so kind, but something pitiful!" I read facing Miriam again, able to break Reid's contact with me.

"I know not what it means; away with her!" Miriam recited, turning from me.

"O, let me teach thee! for my father's sake, That gave thee life, when well he might have slain thee, Be not obdurate, open thy deaf ears." I stuttered on a few words, feeling Reid's presence right behind me. It was making goosebumps appear on my skin; I could feel them sprouting.

"Hadst thou in person ne'er offended me, Even for his sake am I pitiless. Remember, boys, I pour'd forth tears in vain, To save your brother from the sacrifice; But fierce Andronicus would not relent; Therefore, away with her, and use her as you will, The worse to her, the better loved of me." Miriam said in a bitter tone.

"O Tamora, be call'd a gentle queen, And with thine own hands kill me in this place! For 'tis not life that I have begg'd so long; Poor I was slain when Bassianus died." I again rattled off my lines, being sure to enunciate .

"What begg'st thou, then? fond woman, let me go." Miriam snapped, mock pushing me.

"'Tis present death I beg; and one thing more That womanhood denies my tongue to tell: O, keep me from their worse than killing lust, And tumble me into some loathsome pit, Where never man's eye may behold my body:
Do this, and be a charitable murderer." I was starting to get comfortable with the play again, but it would be very short lived.

"So should I rob my sweet sons of their fee: No, let them satisfy their lust on thee." I scowled to myself at the line. How disgusting, submitting someone to something like rape and torture. Shakespeare was a disturbed man.

"Away! for thou hast stay'd us here too long." Pogue wailed, grabbing my am and yanking me back, a little too roughly. My arm was sore now. Neanderthal.

"No grace? No womanhood? Ah, beastly creature! The blot and enemy to our general name! Confusion fall—" I spat at Miriam, Pogue's hand letting me go. He wasn't invested enough in this to awkwardly stand there holing my arm.

"Nay, then I'll stop your mouth." And with a cruel smile, Reid moved forward and did just that.

He kissed me roughly in front of the entire class, then pretended as if he hadn't just done a thing! That most certainly was not in the play!

Half the class gasped, suddenly more attentive now, and some of the guys encouraged the behavior. Reid just casually read the rest of his lines, as if he'd just done nothing out of the ordinary what so ever. "Bring thou her husband: This is the hole where Aaron bid us hide him." Pogue tried to drag Andrew's body, which hadn't been doing a very good job of looking dead, off to the side of the classroom, but he had trouble doing it and the two boys just started laughing and grunting at each other instead.

But I was in shock. My face was burning red with fury and embarrassment. I wanted to punch Reid in the face, but wouldn't dare because it was un-lady like. Really, I wanted to just shriek as loud as I could in horror; who knows where he's been!

Rigidly, I took my seat, trying to hide myself from the students, some of whom were whispering and giggling about Garwin putting his disgusting lips on mine.

"Very well done class. Except Mr. Garwin. Please refrain from putting your lips on my students. Save it for outside the classroom."

"Gotcha teach," he replied. I was appalled to say the least. What in the world would posses him to do that? What in the world would give him the impression that I would be okay with it?

I turned around in my seat to glare at him as Mr. Pennyworth explained the scene to the class. Reid just gave me a smirk and a wink, then puckered hip lips at me. I gripped my desk, knuckles turning white and whirled back around with a huff.

Filthy pig.