Draco Malfoy sat in a darkened room, the only light was from the moon shining through the window on the opposite of the room. He was sitting at his desk, a whimsical smile on his face. He knew that he should probably be going back to bed. He didn't want his wife, Astoria, to catch him in his office at this hour. She might get suspicious. That had always been a fear of his. Nearly every night, in the middle of the night, he would wake himself up out of bed and rush to his office, where usually there would be an owl waiting for him, a piece of parchment tied to one of its legs. Draco looked up as he heard the distinctive "tap, tap" at the window.

Draco's heart was beating with excitement. He rushed over to the window and opened it allowing the large eagle owl to enter. As soon as the letter was safely in Draco's hand the owl flew across the room. He felt like a school boy again as he held that letter. The only time he ever felt this happy was when he got a letter from his son, Scorpius when he was away at Hogwarts. In the last eleven years Scorpius had become his entire reason for living. He had never known love until the moment that he had held his son for the first name. A part of him. The best part of him. Draco had been determined to be the father to Scorpius that his father had never been to him.

It had been hard. There had been all of those instincts that he'd had to put aside. Lucius had never been there for Draco, he had always held him to unbelievably high standards and when Draco had failed Lucius hadn't let him hear the end of it. He had been so controlling that Draco hadn't felt like his own person. Not until Scorpius was born did Draco finally rebel against his father. There was no way he was going to let Lucius Malfoy have any control over the most precious things in his life.

The night Scorpius was born Draco had decided that he was tired of being a person that he couldn't stand. There was nothing about himself that he liked, nothing about his life that he liked. He was in a cold, loveless, marriage. The only thing he had in common with Astoria was Scorpius and she tried to have as little to do with there son as possible. Draco didn't dislike his wife, they co-habitated Malfoy Manor without fighting, without speaking, without anything really. The night his son was born Draco had realized how empty his life was, how many things he had done wrong. How many people he had hurt.

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger had been at the top of his list. In the middle of the night he had sat down, holding his newborn in his arms, and wrote all three of them a letter. He had apologized for all of the things that he had done and all of the mistakes that he had made. It had made him feel good to let it out, like allowing poison to seep out from his wounds. It had taken all of his courage to actually send the letters out. He didn't know what he had hoped to accomplish. He just knew that a weight had lifted off of his shoulders that day.

He hadn't gotten any response save one. Draco wasn't surprised that Potter hadn't written him back, or Weasley for that matter. Hermione Granger, however, she had surprised him. The day after he had sent the letters out he had gotten one back from her.

"I forgive you. -HGW"

Draco still had that piece of parchment tucked away in the locked bottom drawer, along with all of the other letters she had written him over the last year. There had been many, and he cherished everyone of them. Those three little words that she had written to him had lasted him for years. Randomly, when he was in a rather foul mood, he would pull out that piece of parchment and it would make him feel better just to look at it.

Just to know that someone in the world forgave him.

It had been about ten years since that letter when one night he had been sitting alone in his office in misery. Scorpius had been at Hogwarts for three days and Draco had sorely missed him. He had heard of people suffering from "empty-nest syndrome" but he had never figured that he would be one to go through it. Being away from Scorpius for just that short amount of time had driven him insane. It was that night that he had written her again. He wasn't sure why he had done it. Of all the people who would understand him he felt like she would.

Scorpius' first day, Draco had seen her standing on the platform with her friends, all of them saying goodbye to their children. For some reason he thought that she would understand the misery that he was going through. She actually had. They had commiserated for a few weeks through letters about how much they missed their children. He had shared with her his joy over Scorpius being sorted into Ravenclaw. Ten years of raising his son and his greatest hope was that he would be sorted into any house but Slytherin. Being in that house had done nothing but bad things for Draco and he didn't want his son to go through that. He didn't want the reputation of Slytherin to sully the great person that he knew Scorpius was, and would be.

Hermione had told him how her own daughter had been sorted into Ravenclaw as well. Throughout the beginning of the school year they had written each other, almost daily. At first it had been the usual, talk about their children. Draco delighted in having someone who could understand the pride that he felt in Scorpius. It was nice to share that with someone. Draco spent a large amount of his time in seclusion. He had very few friends, very few people to talk to, and it was nice to share that, even if it were only through letters.

Slowly the content of their letters had begun to change from talking about their children to something more personal. He remembered the day about six months ago, around Valentine's day. Apparently she and Weasley, her husband, he still couldn't believe that she had married him, had gotten in a bit of a fight and she had vented to him in the middle of the night. Ever since that night they had been sending each other letters in the middle of the night.

Which is what they were doing right now. He broke open the seal and opened the parchment. He so much looked forward to reading what she had to say. His last letter to her had been an important one. He hoped he would get answer to his question. He began to read:

I'm sitting here in front of the fireplace. Rose and Hugo have fallen asleep on my lap. I was reading them a story. I am so happy to have them both home with me. I don't think I will be able to stand to send Rose back to Hogwarts in a few weeks. She misses it though, I can tell. I don't know what I am going to do when Hugo goes in a year. I will miss him so much.

I was thinking about you earlier. About what you said. I really... I really don't know what to say. You have become such a joy to me. I never thought I'd tell you that but it's true. I can't wait to get your letters and I can't wait to respond back to you. I can't tell you how many nights I've stayed awake long into the night writing you while I should be sleeping. Right now being one of them.

Your last letter... I still don't know what to say. I can't even begin to tell you how I felt inside while reading it. Or the tears that came afterwards. I need to see you. I believe it's going on seventeen or eighteen years since I've talked to you face to face. I need to talk to you.

I'll give you my answer then.

Draco sat there holding the letter. His heart pounding. She wanted to see him? It was strange but he was afraid to see her. He was afraid that if he talked to her face to face then somehow she would remember all of the reasons why she hated him. Still he had to know the answer.

He had to know If Hermione Granger-Weasley was in love with him too.

Thank you for reading Part One of this story, there will probably only be one or two more parts until the end but I hope you liked it anyway. If you enjoyed this and haven't read my other two Hermione/Draco story: 'Twilight and Shadows' and 'Elusive Awakenings' check them out, I think you might enjoy them. Thanks again for reading!