"Umm well," I mumbled trying to think of a lie that would sound convincing. Unsurprisingly, I couldn't think of one. "She just figured out something that I lied about before and she was making fun of me." There that was the truth, but I didn't actually tell him the lie.

Jared looked surprised and glanced at Mel hoping she would tell him what my lie was. She smiled and shook her head he frowned and looked at me. I blushed under his scrutiny and that just caused him to stare more. Ian was just as surprised, but he on the other hand looked slightly hurt. I felt bad about lying to him now and I was angry with Mel for bringing this up. Although, I knew that I brought it on myself.

"Umm well, Mel, truth or dare?" I asked trying to bring the subject off of me.


I smiled at an idea that had just occurred to me. I knew that I was probably going to have to tell my lie tonight, but I would be sure to make my reasons clear and Mel was going to help me. "Okay, Mel, why did I think that I had to tell that lie?" I asked. She blushed which was incredibly unusual for her and Jared looked shocked.

Mel mouthed, Thanks a lot!, and I laughed. "Well Wanda learned from my past experiences that certain things can cause obstacles in relationships," she said. Well I guess she could tell half truths as well. "Okay, truth and dare over." Yes, I was saved, at least for now.

"Yeah, we have to go get something out of the car anyways," Jared said giving Ian a strange look. Mel and I were slightly confused that they would have left something in the car. They had both dropped a couple of bags at the front door when they came in. What else had they brought? We agreed though and they got up and left.

"That didn't go as I planned, Wanda."

"No, it I guess it didn't," I said a bit sharply.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I promise I won't tell anyone that you lied about your age Wanda. I mean so what if your seventeen not eighteen, it doesn't really matter," she said. She laid down and turned on the TV flipping through the channels for a few moments.

"You really mean that, right?" I asked her suspiciously.

"Of course, I do. I wouldn't break your trust Wanda," she said. She sounded sincere so I nodded and laid down as well. We were only alone for another minute before Ian and Jared burst in. Jared looked amused and Ian looked a mix of upset and amused. Almost as if he couldn't decide which he should be.

"What's going on?" Mel asked sensing that something was going on.

"Busted. We were listening at the door," Jared said throwing a mischievous smile my way. Oh no. Mel and I exchanged a look. We both felt pretty stupid for falling into their trap so easily and looking at Ian's face I knew that I had some explaining to do. This was so unfair humans lied all the time and never get caught, I tell one lie and I get caught. How unfair.