Title: Pink and Blue Wallpaper

Title: Pink and Blue Wallpaper
Rating: PG-13 to be safe?
Summary: In which something important is dropped and Neku is not being forthcoming.

Pairing: Joshua/Neku.

After the last traces of cut-up noise faded from the concrete, Neku spotted a spot of orange peeking out at him from where it was partially hidden under a yellow 'under construction' sign that he had seen mentally propelled through the air just minutes before. Glancing from the orange anomaly to the irritating back of his partner who was now brushing invisible dust from his dress shirt, Neku walked over and picked it up, turning the precious phone in his hands.

It had probably been forced from its owner after he was tackled to the floor towards the last moments of the battle. He debated returning it for all of three seconds before the said owner of the lost item turned to face him with a carelessly arrogant flick of his front locks.

"Ready to go, Neku?" asked condescending, prissy Joshua Kiryuu, causing Neku to instinctively bristle.

"Yeah," he replied before walking over to join the other boy. The orange phone was deftly slipped into a white pocket.

The walk through Tipsy Tose Hall was made in relative silence with Neku lagging slightly behind. He contented himself with glaring a hole from over his collar into a spot below the other's neck as the light-haired boy slid his left hand casually into a pocket, looking the perfect image of ease and contentment. Then he took his hand out which he lifted to briefly fix his collar. Then his other hand slipped into his right pants pocket. Then he stopped dead.

Neku noted with no small amount of satisfaction that Joshua was exhibiting uncharacteristic restlessness. His collar hid the fact that a corner of his mouth had quirked up. He slowed his steps and came to a stop next to his partner.

"Something the matter, Josh?" he questioned, sliding both hands into white pockets, one casually brushing against the plastic which was warm against his thigh. Joshua tilted his head at him before letting out that infernal giggle and shook his head, waving a hand airily to dismiss the notion.

"Oh, nothing, Neku. I just remembered something I wanted to take a closer look at back at Spain Hill. You don't mind if we walk back, do you?" Neku gave a shrug.

"No," he replied, knowing full well that there was nothing to look at but Mexican Dog at Spain Hill. Joshua smirked at him before turning to backtrackā€¦ rather briskly.

Neku followed at a more sedate pace, feeling the solid bump against his leg with each step. Once at their destination, Joshua made a big show of going into the fast food joint which he did not like to eat at.

Remaining outside, Neku gave a cursory glance through the window before stalking a few meters away from the entrance. Without further ado, he flipped open the orange phone--

--Only to drop it in utter outrage to see himself in a Lapin Angelique dress in all its feminine glory as the wallpaper--

--Just as Joshua reemerged from the restaurant. And stared at him. And the phone. With a look of slight distress.

"W-What the hell is thatā€¦ that doing in your goddamn phone?!" Neku blurted out hysterically. As the wallpaper?!

Joshua chose to temporarily ignore him in favour of rescuing his beloved phone from being stepped on by an unknowing RG passerby. When he faced Neku he was as smug as ever.

"You looked cute." To emphasize those horribly confusing and ambiguous words that had already sent Neku reeling, he leaned over and pecked him chastely on the lips.

Dimly through his shock induced catatonia, Neku thought he saw Joshua wink at him before walking away.