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Colour was something that he noticed too much. The dull dark blue of the uniform they donned every day. Blue was meant to symbolise the colour of the sea, the sky while symbolising trust, loyalty and confidence. It was ironic that it was the signature colour of such a hated organisation as the military. Blue symbolised stability and wisdom, calmness and sincerity. It was appropriate for her, but as a colour he hated it.

Red would be the colour that many would associate with him. Apart from the obvious connection with fire it symbolised passion, intensity and desire, qualities that many would claim he possessed. But it also symbolised war that haunted him, courage that he didn't feel he had and the blood that was forever stained on his hands.

He wished he could be yellow like the colour of her hair. But it still was not an appealing colour. It was too bright, too cheering and if used in access could prove to be disturbing. On top of that it attracted too much attention. He had enough that with his tendency towards red.

There was green, but again that was no good. It was a calming colour, one associated with safety. There was nothing safe or calming about his life. It is also the most restful colour for the human eyes. He only knew one person who had bright green eyes and he was gone now. No, green was definitely not his colour.

White was the colour of purity, angelically so showing up every imperfect spec. It was too positive. Black symbolised power and death and was notoriously evil. Although it appealed slightly, it was somewhat too negative.

No, he had to face it. He was red, no doubt about it. He sighed and looked over at his First Lieutenant, her blue and crisp uniform as perfect as ever, the colour so similar to her personality.

"Hawkeye?" She turned focusing her hazel eyes upon him.

"Yes Sir?" She asked. He paused for a moment before asking

"What's your favourite colour?" she blinked, obviously confused at the question. He suddenly felt like an idiot. He had been pondering over the colours of people's personality for over an hour now. He really was going crazy.

"Sorry, ignore that Hawkeye." He sighed picking up his pen and gazing at the untouched report in front of him. He suddenly wondered if red symbolised stupidity and the ability to ask ridiculous questions that no one but him would ever think about. That would mean blue would be forced to listen to these questions day after day after...

"Purple." His head shot up from the paperwork to gaze astounded at the woman in front of him. Seeing his confusion she simply stated.

"My favourite colour Sir would be purple." And with that she placed a file on his desk and walked back to her seat. He sat there for a few moments in thought before a smile began to spread across his face. Purple. Purple combines that stability of blue with the energy of red. It symbolised blue's wisdom, independency and mystery with red's dignity, magic and creativity. Yes combining the strongest and best parts of both.

"I believe that is a very good choice Lieutenant." He stated, causing her to look back over to him. Their eyes met and a small rare smile graced her lips.

"Oh I know that Sir. Believe me. I know."

A/N: In case you are wondering, synaesthesia is a condition where one set of senses invokes another, so hearing words triggers a colour in a person's mind. For example if you name a day of the week some people see that day in a particular colour. It is unknown how many people have it, it is believed that we are all born with it but loose it as we grow up. Each individual experiences it differently. For some it's simple a part of their lives, and for others it can take over their lives.

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