I figured I ought to update this story. So I did.

when we left off, Parker was sitting in a cell as a POW. Guess what? He's still there...

"You are not a superman."

"You are not a superman."

"You are not a superman."

"You are not a superman."

"This is stupid. You are not a superman."

"If it's stupid, but it works, it's not stupid."

"So smart ends justify stupid means? Or is that luck?"

"It's stupid luck. But it works, so it's smart."

I was trying to convince myself that escaping is a bad idea, but I was itching to try anyway. Stupid or not, that's how I roll. I blame my parents. I never met them, but at the time I was thinking this must have been their fault somehow. My luck is NOT this shitty on any occasion. Maybe they pissed off gypsies. That must be it.

Boy is this stupid.

I was sitting in my cell, reaching my hand toward a control console I couldn't see, willing it to unlock my cell. I'd been doing this for a while, by the way, and my arm was hurting.

My main concern at the time was that If I could get the plexi-glass thing to open, I would still have no plan. And there was no guarantee that I could get it closed again, which means if I failed, they would put me under guard. However, if I stay, Psycho Bitch would going to ask me more questions about GDI's tiberium infusion program, which doesn't exist to my knowledge.

the rock in my abs was her counter-point to that argument and it was pretty damn convincing.

So I need to escape, but I'm doing it the wrong way.

"Fucking OPEN! DAMNIT!"

My arm hurt too much by then. It needed to rest. I set it down.

"What?! You're giving up on us?"

That was one of my two cell mates. Five-year-old, all-American kids, Johnny O'Connor and Marshal K. O'Connor. They were in my head for a while, but they wouldn't shut up.

"Your mom is fine kid, go away."

"When will mommy come home?"

"SHUT UP! You're not real!"

They cried.

Damn it. This sucks. I think I'm supposed to ignore them to make them disappear, but it's not working. And something tells me that they're right. I have to escape to at least find out if Sarah is okay; And find out what her kids real names are. I can't figure out what the K stands for in Marshall's name. It's all I have to focus on and it's driving me insane faster than the boredom. I'm bored enough to smoke the cigarette, but I'm saving it for Psycho Bitch. She'll get a real kick out of it. Wait. when is the last time Sarah visited? Shouldn't I be carving tic marks on the wall or something?

"Try using your other arm!"

"Don't give up on us!"

"When is mommy coming home?"

Sure. My other arm. And then what? My legs? And maybe after that I'll just point my thing at it. This sucks. Whatever.

I lifted my other arm and pointed to where I guessed the control panel was. A spark shot off the wall. Nothing else happened.

Way to get my hopes up.

This sucks.

Poor Parker. Maybe something good will happen in his favor.