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AN: This story draws form the movies: Superman the Movie, Superman II, Superman Returns, Batman Begins, Batman the Movie and Batman Returns. I'm also drawing from Batman the animated series and a little bit from the comics. The two main characters for this story are going to be Jason White and Helena Wayne. Neither of them are OCs. Jason White is Superman and Lois's son from Superman Returns. Helena Wayne is from the comics. She's was the earth two version of the Huntress and the daughter of Batman and Catwoman.

PS. Even though Joker died at the end of the first Batman Movie, I've got him as the main villain. As I've said, I'm drawing from the animated Batman series and comics as well. Anyway, enough chit chat. On with the story.

Chapter 1: Strange Visitors.

It was a sunny and pleasant morning, quite the rare thing in Gotham. The birds were even chirping as, the butler drew the curtains and roused the young Wayne heir. "Come on, Miss Wayne, it's time to wake up."

The eight-year-old girl rolled away from the light that was streaming in through the curtains. She pulled the covers up over her head. "It's Saturday, Uncle Alfred. Can't I sleep in for once?"

"I'm afraid not, Miss Wayne. You know your father's orders. Morning calisthenics are to be done at eight o'clock sharp, no exceptions. Well, except Christmas and your birthday, of course."

The young girl let out a sigh. She knew how crazy her father was about the routine he'd laid out for her, and she knew that Alfred would make sure she stuck to it. She pushed down the covers and sat up. Alfred already had her breakfast ready. He placed the tray in front of her. It wasn't the kind of breakfast that a typical eight year old would look forward to.

There were no pancakes, waffles or sugary cereals. Bruce Wayne would not permit his daughter to contaminate her growing body with such eccentricities. No, Helena's breakfast consisted of an egg white omelet, piece of grilled fish and small slice of fruit.

After setting down the tray, Alfred left the room, presumably to attend to another of his butler duties- making breakfast for the girl's mother perhaps? Helena didn't bother to concern herself with where 'Uncle Alfred' had gone. She knew that he would return in twenty minutes to escort her to the mansion's gym. Helena sighed, unenthusiastically ate her breakfast and then changed out of her nightgown.

As Helena finished putting on her gym clothes, she heard a knock at her door. Alfred was right on time. She wasn't surprised. He always seemed to be. She opened up her door and let Alfred lead her to the gym.

It wasn't like she couldn't have gotten there by herself. She knew every inch of Wayne Manor. In fact, she could probably navigate the entire place with her eyes closed. However, it was all part of the morning routine. The two entered the gym just as the girl's father was finishing his morning exercises.

Unlike Helena, Bruce's exercises were never routine. His daughter noted that he tended to do two different sessions a day. However, the timings were chaotic, and it was not uncommon for him to miss one, sometimes both. On a few rare occasions he would even disappear entirely for several days. Helena always wondered where her father was at these times; but whenever she would ask him about them, he would say that she wasn't ready and that he'd tell her when she was older. Helena often wondered what he meant. Ready for what?

After Bruce finished his last set, he walked over to his daughter. "You look like you're in a thoughtful mood. Just what going on in that little mind of yours, I wonder?" Bruce reached down and picked up his daughter. She giggled as he twirled her around, before placing her back on the ground. Then the man went down on one knee, bringing the two of them face to face. "Now, I want you to finish your exercises quickly today; we're having company."

"Really, who?" Helena asked, nearly beaming in anticipation. It wasn't often that they had guests over.

"Just a friend from out of town. He's got a son your age and is bringing him along. So, you'll have a playmate."

"What's the son like?"

"I've only met the kid a couple of times. He's… different." Bruce looked into his daughter's face and saw confusion. "Just do your exercises quickly, change into a nice dress and you can see for yourself." Bruce kissed his daughter on the forehead and began to walk away.

As Bruce exited the room he heard his daughter's exercise music start up. Bruce mentally shuttered at the pop beat and cookie cutter lyrics of his daughter's latest 'best group ever'. However, picking her own music was one of the few indulgences that he allowed her. Even the Dark Knight's daughter needed to be allowed at least a couple of normal eight-year-old interests, he thought.

Helena sped through her exercises then returned to her room. She picked out what she thought to be one of her best dresses and got changed again. Then she rushed downstairs.

The young heiress imagined that the guests would arrive just as she cleared the staircase. However, such was not the case. Instead, she waited... and waited. She waited for what seemed like an eternity. In truth, it was less than one hour; but Helena was as impatient as any other eight-year-old girl, who was expecting something exciting to happen.

Then there was a knock at the door. Helena jumped up and stood between her mother and father. And Alfred answered the door; but as it opened, the smile quickly faded from Helena's face. The man who walked in wore big glasses, a three piece suit and an out dated hat. After a brief look, a kind person would've described him as bookish. However, the terms nerd and geek had been used far more often.

The man shook Alfred's hand; and as he entered the mansion, the boy behind him became visible. As was often the case, the boy bore a resemblance to his father. He lacked the suit, hat and glasses, but there was a similar air about him.

The two fathers exchanged pleasantries, and the families began to get acquainted. Helena learned that the man's name was Clark and his son's name was Jason. On the outside, Helena was as pleasant as a proper young lady should be. However inwardly, she was searching for some way to escape her current situation.

Her father's friend was boring. The adult's conversation was boring. The kid, her supposed playmate, was boring. All he seemed to do was sit in the corner with that book that he'd brought. Of course she wasn't being very exciting herself as she sat on the richly leathered couch, nibbling on a cucumber finger sandwich. Even the food was boring!

Helena felt like she was about to start yanking her hair out, but then the door bell rang again. Alfred excused himself from the room and answered the door. He began to announce the new guest as a young Miss Winchester, and Helena practically bolted from her seat. Mary Winchester was her best friend and, unlike the rest of the people around her, was always doing something exciting.

Helena rushed over and met Mary in the entrance hall. "What's up?"

"I was just on my way to the new theme park, 'Laughing Land'. I thought that you might want to come with."

"I thought that wasn't opening till next month."

"It's not, but some people got special pre-opening invitations. You know, like a preview? I was one of the lucky ones."

Yup, Mary was always doing something exciting.

Bruce had followed his daughter out of the pallor, and Helena turned to face him. She flashed her biggest smile. "Oh Daddy, can I go, please?"

"But honey, what about Jason?"

Helena looked into the parlor. She stared at the boy who was her intended playmate. He still had his face stuck in the book. Never before had she seen a seven year old (Helena had discovered that was the boy's age, seven. How her father could say that they were the same age when she was a whole year older, she just didn't know.) who seemed to enjoy reading so much. She turned back to her father. "All he does is read that book. He's so boring."

Bruce tried a gentle nudging. "Well, maybe if you asked him to play a game?"

Pass up a chance to try out a new amusement park with her best friend so she could play a game with the boring boy? This was not a suggestion that Helena liked. She did think up a counter offer, though. "What if we take him with us?"

Bruce looked at his daughter then at her friend and finally back at his daughter. His hand went to his chin. "No, I don't think that's a good idea."

"But Daddy?"

"I said no. Jason's come a long way to visit us, and you're not going to run off to an amusement park with Mary. It wouldn't be right." Bruce wasn't yelling, but his voice had taken on an authoritative edge.

Helena knew that edge... and she hated it. It meant that her father had made up his mind, and she wasn't going to be able to change it. Bruce excused himself and his daughter, and then led her back into the parlor as Alfred escorted Mary out the front door.

To say that Helena was disappointed and upset would've been an understatement. However, an idea quickly struck her. If she could just get outside and reach Mary's limo before it left, she'd tell Mary that her father changed his mind and be on her way to "Laughing Land" before anyone knew the deference. Helena knew that her father would be mad at her, but it was worth it. After all, it was always easier to get for forgiveness than permission for something that parents didn't want you to do. Still, Helena needed a way to quickly get outside without arousing suspicion. Then a a plan formed in her little mind.

As soon as Helena was back in the parlor, she asked Jason if he wanted to play a game of Hide and Seek. Jason agreed, and that got them out of the house. And her father couldn't possibly be suspicious. She was, after all, just doing what he suggested.

Once out, she told Jason to cover his eyes and count to one hundred. Helena didn't want to take the chance that he'd see her running to Mary's limo and rat her out. Jason leaned against a tree and started counting; and as soon as Jason's eyes were closed, Helena ran around the mansion.

Mary's limo was just at the end of the insanely long driveway when the drive noticed a little girl waving her arms and running after them. The driver had driven Mary and Helena around enough to recognize the girl, so he stopped the car and let his boss's daughter's friend catch up.

Helena was panting as she entered the limo. Her friend asked, "I thought your dad said that you couldn't come?"

Helena took a moment to calm her breathing and replied, "He changed his mind." Her friend didn't seem totally convinced that the statement was true.

Mary wanted to believe Helena, mostly because she really wanted her friend to come with her. However, Helena's dad was not known for changing his mind. Mary looked at her friend, the girl's face holding an unsure look.

If their life had been a cartoon, this was were the angel and devil would have popped up on Mary's shoulders. Helena urged her friend, "Come on! Let's go! Don't you want get there before the lines get too long for all the good rides?" And that was all it took for the devil to win.

Jason had finished counting and had begun looking for Helena. He was just rounding the mansion as he saw a limo pull out of its unbelievably long driveway.

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