Chapter 3: Team up.

Helena had just seen Jason burst out of his cell; and she could hardly believe that the 'boring', 'weird' boy could managed to send a steel door flying like that. Her reaction betrayed her surprise, "Whoa!"

Jason looked at Helena and a worried expression spread over his face. "Don't tell anyone. Please don't tell."

"Don't worry. I can keep a secret. But... but how did you do that?"

Jason hesitated for a moment but then replied, "I'm Superman's son"

Helena's eyes went wide. "Really?! That's so cool! I wish my dad was a superhero." Jason smiled, and Helena asked, "So do you have the whole package: heat vision, invulnerability, super speed? I all ready know that you're strong. Oooh!" Helena inhaled sharply. "Can you fly?!!!"

Jason looked down and lightly kicked the floor, embarrassed by the comparison. At this point in Jason's life he'd only manifested a couple of superpowers, and they were far bellow the levels of father. "No. So far, I'm just strong and pretty fast."

"Oh... Well, that's still pretty cool."

"Thanks. Now lets get out of here."

"Wait, we can't just leave. What about the others?"

"We'll notify the police. They're better suited to deal with this than we are."

"But we're already on the inside."

Jason looked like he was debating with himself. He had reservations about getting involved. The last time he'd gotten caught up in an evil plot, he'd ended up crushing a man with a piano. And in real life, the scene looked very different from how it did on Looney Tunes; and Jason was still bothered by the memory. However, he did want to help the other captives. There was just something in him, a small voice that called out to help people.

Of course, Helena had no idea what was going on in Jason's head. She only saw someone who had the power to help and didn't seem whiling to. She challenged him, "I thought you said that you were Superman's son?"

"I am!"

"Well, what would he do?"

Jason just looked at Helena for a moment then he sighed and replied, "He'd save the day. He always does... Fine, what do we do?"

Helena's finger tapped her chin as she formulated a plan. "Well, the people who are being held need to be our top priority. Once we get them out, the cops can come in without worrying about hostages. We need to find out where the other prisoners are."

"Sounds good, but how do we find that out?" It was then that two pairs of foot steps were heard coming down the long hallway.

"I'm thinking we just ask. Come on." Helena took of towards the foot steps, and Jason followed her.

Two lumbering thugs were walking down the hallway. They saw the young kids coming at them and smiled. The thugs figured that they would just grab the kids and toss them back into their cells. However, the thugs figured wrong.

Jason sped up; and, to the thug, the boy seemed to disappear then instantly reappear right in front of him. Jason saw the shocked look on the thug's face. The boy nonchalantly shrugged. "S'up?" Then knocked the thug out with one punch.

Helena took the other one down. She jumped up and grabbed a crossbeam, then swung her body forward. With a high pitched "high-ya!", the girl drove her feet up and into the thug's chin, and he fell.

The thug shook his head and was about to stand, but Jason grabbed the man's shoulders and held him in a sitting position. "Just sit down and take a lode off. My friend wants to have a little talk." Jason turned his face to Helena. "Nice kick, by the way."

The girl let go of the beam and dropped to the floor. She stood up and brushed the long, black hair out of her face. "Thanks. I guess those calisthenics can come in handy after all."

The thug told them everything. Being held captive by a seven and eight year old could be a very scary thing for a hardened criminal. The cops and possibly capes they came to sort of expect and were prepared for. But a couple of kids from elementary school? That just wasn't something they the thug knew how to deal with, and he quickly broke under the constant assault of noogies, Indian burns and wet willies. After Helena and Jason got the information they wanted, Jason clubbed the thug on his head, knocking the six-foot-three, two hundred and fifty pound man out.

The thug who was guarding hostages from inside the corridor of cells heard a thud outside the door and got up to check it out. He opened the door and saw the guard, who was stationed out side, lying unconscious on the floor; and before he had a chance to raise his gun, the butt of another one impacted his head. He fell on top of the other thug.

Helena took the keys from the thug's pocket, and then her and Jason entered the hallway. She ran over to Mary's cell and freed her. Then Helena handed Mary the set of keys. "Free the others, then you all need to get out of here and call the cops."

"Wait! Where are you going?"

Helena replied, "I'm going to teach the clown, who tried to kidnap us, a lesson in proper hosting."

"Are you kidding? You'll be killed!"

"No I won't. I've got a secret weapon."

Helena left Mary to free the others and rejoined Jason just outside the hallway. She turned to her new friend and said a line from one of her favorite Toon Disney shows. "Alright, Jason, 'Let's get dangerous.'" Jason smiled, and the two of them headed for the control building.

It wasn't hard to find. The thug they interrogated had given them very complete directions. The two kids burst into the building and found The Joker, Harley Quinn and a number of thugs sitting around a poker table.

One of the thugs exclaimed, "I win!"

Joker replied, "No you don't. You've only got two pair. I've got three of a kind."

"But I thought you said that jokers were wild."

Joker growled. "Only when I get them."

"But... but that's not fair."

"You know what? You're right. It isn't fair. And you want everything fair, right?" The man slowly, dubly nodded his head, and then Joker smiled widely. "Then that's just what you'll get." He pulled out a gun and shot the man in the head then began laugh manically. "You know what they say? Life isn't…" Joker never got the chance to finish his statement.

Jason ran up, lifted him off the ground, ripped the gun from his hand and threw him across the room. The 'Clown Prince of Crime' crashed into some wooden crates, shook his head and said, "Get that little brat! He interrupted my punch li…" There was a bong sound as Helena used a metal rod, that she had found off in the corner, to knock out the white faced psychopath.

Jason quickly dispatched the rest of Joker's thugs. He grinned as he saw the various shocked expressions on their faces. They were quite startled at being beaten up by a seven year old.

The thugs were unconscious, and so was their leader. The only one left was Harley. Jason looked at her and was about to charge when she said, "Ah, you wouldn't hit a women, would you?"

And then that little voice in the back of Jason's head caused him to stop. He really wasn't sure if it was right to hit a woman, even if she was one of the bad 'guys'.

"He might not, but I will." Helena used the metal rod to sweep one of Harley's legs out from under her. The clown ungracefully fell to the floor, and Helena bonked her over the head with the rod, knocking her out.

Jason looked at Helena. "Thanks."

Helena shrugged. "No prob."

"Well, I guess that takes care of the bad guys. We better be getting back now." Jason turned around and pointed to his back. "Hop on."

"What? Why?"

"I can run faster than a sports car. I'll take you home."

Helena hesitated for a moment then jumped on her friend's back. She grabbed his chin, and he hooked his arms around her legs, piggyback style. Then the two took off.

For Helena, the ride home was faster, scarier and more fun than any of the ones at the park; and as they neared the twenty foot stone wall that encased Wayne Manor's property, Jason tightened his grip slightly. "Hold on." He said before leaping the wall in a single bound.

Jason and Helena got back just as their parents were starting to get worried and began searching for them. Helena left Jason behind a bush then went around the corner of the house. She waited until the grown ups spotted her and then ran back around. Her parents gave chase and rounded the house just as Helena made her way around the bush. She exclaimed "Found you!" and pulled Jason out.

Bruce caught up to his daughter and fixed an analyzing stare on her. "What have you two been doing all this time?"

Helena looked up and sweetly, innocently replied, "Why just playing Hide and Seek, Daddy."

Bruce looked at Jason. "Really?"

The lad nodded, and Bruce eyed the two kids suspiciously. He knew they were lying. However, whatever they had done, had obviously formed a close enough bond between them that they were willing to cover for each other; and that was what Bruce and Clark had wanted all along, a bonding experience for their children. So, Bruce let the lie pass. It wasn't like he didn't keep his own secrets. "Well, it's time for Jason to go."

"Awwww, does he have to?"

"Yes. I'm afraid it's a long trip back to Metropolis."

"Well, can he come over again?"

Bruce smiled at his daughter. "I think that could be arranged."

Helena jumped into Bruce's arms. "I hope it's soon."

Batman just hugged his daughter. Yup, I think the future is in good hands. He thought.

(Well I hope you liked the ending.

Have a good day, and God Bless.

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