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Too Late, Should've Said No
Written by Skyy Ryder

Ipswich, Massachusetts
Three months earlier

She waited for him, she had texted him, telling him to meet her at their spot. But he was late, which was usual for the blonde. Her heart pounded in her chest as she recited what she was going to say to him.

She had worked it all out.

She never expected for this to happen. What they had was good, no strings, no emotions, just two friends enjoying each other's company. She had wanted something more though, something with substance, and she got it in the form of her very good friend's enemy.

He had asked her out unexpectedly. She had no idea that he was interested in her, that was until he came up to her after American Lit and pretty much asked her to go out with him.

So here she was, waiting for him to get here so she could tell him personally. They had to stop what they were doing, because she was going to be dating Aaron Abbott. The one person that the blonde despised more than anyone else at Spenser Academy.

She rested back on to the grassy knoll and let her dark brown hair fall over her shoulders, she heard whistling. His whistling. She opened her eyes and saw the mop of blonde hair hiding under the black beanie, his hands clad in his ever-famous fingerless gloves, baggy dark blue jeans, and layered hoodies.

"So, what's so important, babe?" He asked lowering himself down to give her a rough kiss on the lips.

The girl shied away after his lips removed from hers. The blonde cocked an eyebrow at her and took a seat next to her.

"I've got to tell you something…" She bit her bottom lip in thought.

The blonde smirked and let his hand linger over on her bare leg. Her stomach twitched at his touch, her body temperature warming up as she tried to look away from those deep, pale blue eyes.

"I thought I told you not to fall in love with me, sweet cheeks…" He grinned teasingly.

She let out a small, bitter laugh and shook her head, "Reid… we can't continue this…" She stated pushing his hand off of her thigh.

The blonde's eyebrows slammed together in confusion, "What?"

"Well, someone… sort of asked me out today… and I really like him…" She shrugged her shoulders, leaning forward a bit to free herself from his intense gaze.

"Someone like who?" Reid asked.


Reid's face pinched together in disgust, had she just told him that she was going out with Aaron… Aaron Abbott? Could this be possible? Could his friend… one of his closest friends actually be going out with that prick?

"You can't be serious," Reid shook his head standing up.

She looked up at him, dark green eyes daring him to tell her that she wasn't. She could see the dark look in his eye, his fists clenched at his side.

"Are you absolutely mad?" He asked her shaking his head. "I can't fuckin' believe that you would do something like this…" His jaw was set tightly staring at her like she was the devil incarnate.

"Reid, it just happened ok?" She defended herself. "He's not as huge a jerk as you think he is…"

"That's right…" Reid stated glaring at her. "Because he's a fuckin' prick," He growled.

"He's really sweet," The girl stated pulling herself off of the ground and in to Reid's face.

"You shouldn't go falling for his false charm," The blonde turned on his heel. "I hope you're fucking happy when he cheats on you… he's just using you Athena…"

With that Reid Garwin left his close friend Athena standing on their spot. She stood their just watching him climb in to his best friend's black Hummer and leave. Leaving her there to dwell in her own thoughts.

He was absolutely livid. How could she do this to him? Athena, of all the people at Spenser Academy, had fallen for Aaron Abbott's delusional charm.

He drove the black Hummer to its brink until he slid in to a parking spot in front of Nicky's. He had to talk to Tyler. He needed someone who would understand what he was going through, or at least someone that would listen to him bitch about it.

He found his best friend racking up the balls on the pool table. He stormed over not bothering to send a courteous wave to his two other best friends who were surrounding the foosball table. Tyler looked up his blue eyes meeting his.

"Where've you been?" Tyler asked shifting his weight against the pool table.

"You will not believe what Thena just told me…." Reid blurted grabbing a pool stick angrily.

"What?" Tyler raised an eyebrow in concern.

Reid look pissed, he could tell as soon as he walked in, and it was unusual to see him enter Nicky's without Athena with him. Their relationship was odd, but no one ever questioned it. They didn't bother because as long as both parties were happy, all was good for the Sons of Ipswich.

"She's dating Aaron fuckin' Abbott, now…" Reid's eyes flashed black and then back to their pale blue hue.

"Whoa, wait a second… Athena… your Athena?" Tyler asked confused.

Since when had Athena shown any interest in the likes of Aaron Abbott? She was practically best friends with Reid, and close with Tyler, and neither of them had ever heard her talk about Aaron. Especially not in a good way.

"Yes, My Athena is dating Aaron…" Reid stated tossing his stick on the table, to angry to even think about shooting pool.

Aaron tapped his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. He was waiting for the neon green numbers on his stereo to change so that he could walk up the stairs and grab his date for the night.

Athena, he had been contemplating to ask her out for several weeks now. Though, he thought it was going to be next to impossible to get her to go out with him because everyone knew that she and Garwin were 'Friends with Benefits'.

He didn't realize that she had been eyeing him as well, and he happened to hit the jackpot when she walked out of American Lit late, without either Garwin or Simms following her around like a lost puppy.

His thin, pink lips twitched as the neon numbers changed. He pulled his keys out of the ignition and ran up the steps of the dorm to escort his date for the night to Nicky's. He knew that there were going to be some very pissed off people at Nicky's that night. One of them being Garwin and the other, Kira… Aaron's ex-girlfriend.

If you could call her that.

They were more of a Garwin and Athena relationship. Kira was fawning over Caleb Danvers and used Aaron for her wants and right-nows. Though, he had broken it off with her so that he could scoop up Athena.

He ran a steady hand through his dark brown curls and knocked on her dorm door, waiting for an answer. The door opened and her room mate gave him a rather bored look as she walked back in to the room.

"Thena, the prick is here…" She muttered falling back on to her bed.

"Vera, please…" The dark haired girl stated glancing at the red head. "Could you be nice for once?" She asked.

"Fuck no, I was being nice…" The girl stated with a smirk on her face.

Athena rolled her eyes and smiled at Aaron who was standing in the doorway of her room. She grabbed her purse and smacked Vera with it roughly. She walked towards the door sending Aaron a flirtascious wink as she turned back to her roommate.

"You sure you don't want to come, Ver?" She asked.

"Not with that scumbag," The girl stated opening up a magazine and ignoring her friend and roommate any further.

Athena turned and looked at Aaron, "Excuse her, PMS…" She stated before closing the door as a shoe came flying in their direction.

Aaron laughed, "I understand,"

In fact, Aaron completely understood, he didn't blame Vera for being a bitch to him. Actually, he'd be quite surprise if she wasn't. They had dated briefly during sophomore year and Aaron said a lot of things about her that he shouldn't have. And though, he had apologize, only to her, she still hated his guts.

Aaron glanced over at Athena as they got situated in his Beamer. He grinned over at her and wondered how Garwin took the news.

"So, how'd it go with… Reid?" He asked carefully.

Athena shot him a glance and adjusted the seatbelt that was restricting her in to her seat, "To say he was pissed would be the understatement of the year…" She stated with a sly grin. "But he'll get over it…"

"It's not like you were actually dating…" Aaron pressed as he headed towards Nicky's.

"No, but I can think of a few reasons he's going to miss it…" She stated glancing down at her body, and then back up at Aaron with a naughty grin on her face.

"Oh really?" Aaron stated as he felt a smirk tug at his lips.

"And you might just find out why…" She stated biting her lower lip and relaxing in the leather seat.

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