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Chapter 6

He had to find a way to apologize. He had tried approaching her but she was always around him. He had tried to get him in trouble with the Provost, but all he got stuck doing was tutoring, and for some reason Athena had been glued to him ever since.

He tried calling her, and she simply ignored him, and if Reid wasn't stopping him from getting closer to her, Vera was. Vera and Tyler, an interesting match Aaron had thought, but nonetheless a huge pain in his ass.

So he did the only thing he could think of. He wrote her a letter. He apologized profusely and told her that he couldn't stop thinking of her, and Kira meant nothing to him. Nothing.

He slipped the note in to her locker the following Monday. He just hoped she'd read it. He looked around and noticed her walk in with Reid, Tyler and Vera. The four of them seemed inseparable the new Caleb, Sarah, Pogue and Kate, he growled at the thought.

How did the Sons always out trump him? He had his sights set on Kate in junior high, but she was already infatuated with the long haired Son of Ipswich. Then there was Vera, but he fucked that one up on his own, but she was now wrapped around Tyler. Sarah came and he thought that he'd get in the good graces of the new girl, not so much, Caleb came in and 'saved' the day. Lastly, it was his Athena. The one girl that had taken him by surprise, and she was before and after him with Reid Garwin.

He just didn't feel right about that. She was supposed to be his triumph. She was supposed to be Aaron Abbott's… period.


After arriving at school together the four went straight to their lockers. Athena laughed at Vera's impersonation of her boyfriend, yes that was correct, Vera's boyfriend… Tyler. Tyler and Reid laughed along with them.

Athena opened her locker and an envelope slipped out on to the ground at her feet. She glanced down and picked up the off-white envelope, her name scrawled across it. She recognized the writing and sighed to herself.

Reid leaned in to her, pressing that firm, lean body on hers. She felt her temperature rise as he breathed in her ear, asking her what it was. She fumbled with it, shoving it in to a stack of papers, "Nothing…" was her reply.

Reid lifted an eyebrow in suspicion and Vera lifted a shoulder in disinterest. The gang of four walked towards their first class where Sarah came running towards Vera congratulating her on her 'hook up' with Tyler.

"That is so old news…" Athena laughed jokingly as Kate skipped in to the room. The four girls started talking wildly.

Caleb came in to the room, a smirk on his face. He had been like this ever since he found out that Reid had to tutor as his 'punishment'. Reid gave him the finger and Caleb grinned as Pogue let out a hearty laugh.

Bastards, Reid mumbled as the girls were pulled apart by the professor entering the room. Athena took her seat between Reid and Tyler, and Vera took her seat next to Tyler, soundly under his arm.

Aaron sat back looking down at Athena who was leaning in to Reid and whispering about something. He felt his anger boiling deep inside as he tore a piece of paper out of his notebook and scribbled something down on it.

He pushed it forward and had the girl behind Athena hand it to her.

She looked back at the girl handing her a note and glared down as she opened it. She knew who it was from, and she knew what he wanted to know. She opened it and in his almost illegible handwriting was the question…

'Did you read the letter?'

She turned around to glance up at him and simply shook her head, balling the paper up and tossing it in the basket across from her, while Professor Meaders' back was turned. She grinned as Reid gave her a questioning glance.

Athena simply lifted her chin behind her and Reid took a glance back at Aaron who was turning another shade of red. Reid smirked as he looked back at Aaron; he slipped his arm around Athena's shoulders, letting his hand wrestling freely over her right breast.

Aaron caught this and wanted to jump down there and beat the tar out of the blonde Son. He couldn't believe that Athena was letting him do this to her. He couldn't take it. He ripped another piece of paper form his notebook and scrawled across it.

He handed it to the same girl who rolled her eyes and tapped Athena on the shoulder, Athena grabbed the note and stared at it for a second, she turned back and smirked at him, she was about to crumble it up and toss it in the waste basket when Reid snatched it from her.

Aaron's blood level rose again as Reid crumbled it up and tossed it in the basket, with little effort.

The class soon ended and with many failed attempts Aaron was running out of options. He was worried that she wasn't going to read his letter. He grabbed her arm before she left the class and Reid stopped, in a stoic motion.

"Let go of me, Aaron…" She stated threw clenched teeth.

"Just read it, please?" He asked her calmly.

"I'll read it if you leave me the fuck alone," She growled before pulling her arm out of his grasp and walking away with her friends.

"What's he talking about?" Vera asked as Reid's tongue itched of the same question.

"He wrote me a letter; he wants me to read it…" She rolled her eyes and took out her books for her next class.

"You're not going to give him the satisfaction, are you?" Tyler asked lifting his eyebrows in questions.

"I haven't decided yet…" She stated shrugging her shoulders. "We'll see…"

By lunch time she gave in. She was pestered beyond belief to read the letter. All of her friends were telling her not to, to just throw it away and lock away the key, but a part of her needed to know what the note said. She hoped that maybe it would give her the closer she needed.

She sat down under a shaded tree and opened the envelope, pulling out a letter that was at least two pages long. She sighed and began reading…

' Athena,

There is really no easy way to go about this, you and I both know that I've never been good with words, or expressing myself. I didn't lie to you that night, I love you. I know I fucked up…'

She continued to read through the note, his handwriting staring her in the face, his emotions pouring out in to his words, like she had never seen him do before.

'I can't get you out of my head. You have no idea how hard it is to see you everyday and not be able to hold you in my arms, and kiss you. I'm sorry for everything that happened… I'm even sorrier that you had to find out the way that you did.'

She didn't feel bad for him, no… she felt angry. For some reason, instead of this note making her feel better, it made her feel worse, especially after reading the next part of his 'letter'.

'I had a moment of weakness…'

'It was a big mistake. She means nothing to me, absolutely nothing at all. She tricked me in to doing this, Brody and Ryan got me drunk… and I shouldn't have let that happen.'

She read the rest of the note in a fury, she had to confront him, and she had to put this jerk in his place. She didn't want to read his words any longer, she didn't want to hear his voice, and she certainly didn't want to see his face.

She walked back in to the lunch room; she headed straight to Aaron's table where he was sitting sullen with Brody and Ryan. She whizzed by the Sons of Ipswich, even though they were all calling her name; she ignored them.

Aaron saw her coming and he perked up, but when he saw the look of determination on his face, he second guessed himself. She stood in front of his table and he swallowed hard.

"We need to talk," She stated firmly.

"Thee I can explain…" Aaron started as his buddies chimed in.

"He's eating Athena, can't this wait?" Ryan pushed.

"No, this cannot wait," She glared daggers at him for even possibly thinking that he could just shove this aside. "We can either take this outside, or we can do this right here Aaron…" She growled.

"Athena, babe…" Aaron stood up looking around, Kira was just coming out of line talking but stopped seeing Athena and Aaron arguing, which made her smirk as she stopped the line.

"Fine, we'll do it right here… right now…" She stated mustering it up. She held up the note. "This is a bunch of bullshit…" She stated firstly.

"What are you talking about…"

She cut him off, "Its all fucking lies Aaron," She shook her head angrily. "You didn't have to go pick up Brody and Ryan from Nicky's… you didn't have to throw back a few shots of Jack and Kira didn't have to trick you in to fucking her…"

"Hey!" Kira snapped from her stoic position.

Athena's eyes flared as she stared over at her for a brief second, "Don't get me started on this bullshit about love…" She stated ripping up the letter right in Aaron's face. He stood standing completely still, absolutely embarrassed. "I thought I loved you, Aaron… after three months…" Her brow deepened as she tossed the ripped paper like confetti at Aaron. Aaron's mouth flapped open looking for words to say but nothing would come out. He didn't know how to defend himself in this situation. "I felt things for you I didn't let myself feel for anyone else, and what a big mistake that was…" She scoffed. "You made me remember why it was so easy to just have no strings, to just fuck whoever I want and not put my heart in to it…" She felt the tears welling in her eyes as she stared him down. "I don't want anymore of your apologies… it's too late for that…"

"Athena, I…"

"No," She shook her head. "No more excuses…" She glanced over at Kira, staring at her long and hard. "You said she was nothing to you," Her voice shook, and Kira's mouth dropped in shock. "But, I just have one question for you Aaron…" She stared him down. "Was it worth it? Huh? Was she worth this?" She asked before turning on her heel and heading straight for the door.

The entire cafeteria burst in to cheers, laughter and applause. Athena Klein walked out of the Spenser Academy Cafeteria with her head held high, and her dignity in place. The same couldn't be said for Aaron Abbott who stared around the cafeteria and back at Kira who had tears in her eyes.

She dropped her plate of food, and ran out of the cafeteria bawling her eyes out, her friends hot on her heels as they tried to comfort her. Aaron felt his stomach wrench as he glanced over at the Sons of Ipswich table, they were all staring. Not laughing, clapping or cheering, though he could see a smug smile appearing on Reid's face and it made him sick to his stomach.

He sat down at his table and felt his friends laughing at him with their eyes; he picked up his books and left the cafeteria in a hurry.

Reid sat down in his seat and smirked, proud of Athena for shoving it in Aaron's face… and in front of everyone. There was no sweeter victory than watching your enemy crumble to pieces after he took away one of the most important people in your life, except for that someone coming back to you before it was too late.


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