Yes, this is really short. It was written quickly, and edited in a little more than thirty minutes. I wrote this because I -sob- broke my left 1st toe, and I - for the first time - need crutches. I can't do karate now, either, and this is a busy weekend for I needed to vent out my unhappiness somewhere - and Kurama is the result of it. Enjoy my little fic of sorts, and I will try to post something a little longer soon, hopefully. Oh, yeah, this would be my first attempt at un-humorous humor. It's funny, but not in the way to make you crack up, if that made any sense.

"I'm fine, thank you

"I'm fine, thank you."

"No, I don't need one. The bleeding will stop in a minute."

"No, I'm all right."

"I don't need to be escorted anywhere, thank you."

Kurama didn't know how many times he had to say those sentences over and over throughout the school day. After three periods, they were beginning to sound hollow and flat, with the undertone of annoyance.

The only thing he couldn't get over was that it was for a paper cut. He'd gotten slashed through the stomach more times than he could count, almost collapsed from loss of blood, had a fatal plant running through his bloodstream, gotten attacked while unconscious – the list was endless – and now his classmates were asking him if he wanted to go to the nurse's office for a paper cut.

Kurama knew that the girls at Meiou were seconds away from creating a fan club in his name, but he didn't know it was this bad. He merely said a quiet "Ouch," and not even half a minute later thirty or so ran over to him to see what was wrong. He really didn't like large crowds of people surrounding him, and he felt like he was suffocating. But he smiled as nicely as he could and tried – failing miserably – to ward off the mob.

Once more he sighed, and made a mental note never to make origami paper cranes in his free period ever again.