Somewhere… "So the two are aware of their nature now? And their destiny in the coming struggle?"
"Their nature, yes. But they still have time before they must learn their fate. It is still early. However, when the time comes, the Children of the New Dawn shall be prepared."

* * * * * * * * * * * *
The End (or at least intermission before the big event in Part 3 of the "Souls of Darkness, Souls of Light" trilogy.)

Author notes: Whew! Finally able to get this one wrapped. Yep, part 1 was fully inspired and fleshed out over one weekend, but unfortunately, typically writing takes a lot of time and work. So a couple of months later, now well into fourth season episodes, Part 2 is finito. Again, I started this series, meaning it to be a one shot deal, and guess what? Some creative disagreements, Xander had more to say, characters squabbling over lines. Namely the fact, Cordy had a cameo in the last, Oz played a crucial brief role in the last, but in this, nowhere to be found. And Angel? Well, I suppose now I'm going with the idea, he hasn't come back from hell, or he did, and nobody knows, and he's playing Invisible Vampire. Really, too many characters would have ruined my story, so I decided to focus on just Xander and Willow. However, the Giles/Buffy pairing dynamic somehow crept in there. I have to admit, it's an interesting relationship to look at. A girl without a father due to divorce, and a man without a child who still had paternal instincts. I think the two transcend the apprentice/mentor pairing, and even father/daughter relationship. They are close and rely on each other. Depend on each other in fact. Their relationship has progressed to the point of complete synthesis. Of course, as I said, this is a trilogy so expect Part 3 to be out oh, maybe early next year, hopefully if the Y2k bug hasn't blown up my computer that is. *LOL * School and work are keeping me hopping, plus I still don't know what the plotline's to be yet, other than a big showdown with the Mayor. Heh-heh. Thanks for all the feedback and support, especially one of the guiding lights of the W/X Onelist, Palaskar. Hugs and a trampy Willow for ya! *LOL *

10/28/99 (heh-heh, finished this just in time for Halloween. *G * Barely... *shrugs *)

Post Note- Thanks for all the feedback for the first story. Seemed to read yer mind on sequel, neh? Heh, as you can see, had this finished some time ago. But I'm a reformed procrastinator, hence the lateness. ~ Whisper