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Warning: Slightly darker side of our beloved Edward.


Chapter 1: Arrival

The pain wasn't going away.

Bella clutched her midsection and groaned. Her night in a nutshell had consisted of flopping around in various positions in her half-conscious state, praying that perhaps this imploding feeling would subside. Moaning aloud she shifted, turning her face into her pillow and taking deep breaths, mentally trying to calm herself.

Stop, she pleaded.

The pain wasn't relenting, digging through her insides and burning to the high heaven. Burning? It surely felt that way she thought bitterly to herself.

Stomachache? Bella shifted sides once again this time to lie on her right, remembering in her health class the teacher mentioning that the human stomach churns clockwise, doing so to try and ease up some of the pain. To her dismay it didn't.

Perhaps it was the pasta I served last night. It was only a few days old… she remembered how Charlie didn't seem to mind at all at its strange crustiness.

Charlie. He never seemed to mind anything nowadays. Bella was glad to not have the overprotective father figure, making new life in the town even more of a hassle. Fortunately, today was fishing day, leaving time for her and Edward to visit.

A flash of pain warped her vision, stealing the breath from her lungs and forcing her into fetal. It was then that she felt the fluid running between her legs.

Startled, Bella sat up, throwing off her comforter to find an angry red bloodstain marked into her sheet. Oh… she sort of half smiled, scolding herself for worrying so much. Realizing the cause of her pain she relaxed slightly, unused to the normal cycle of teenage girls.

She stood slowly, standing awkwardly in a hunched position to subside the pain as began to gather up her dirty sheets. Bella vaguely remembered the conversation she had with her doctor back in Phoenix. 'Natural' he said. 'Completely natural to have a menstrual cycle twice a year,' he said.

Natural. Bella laughed at the word. Nothing in her life was natural, not even her period. Due to low amounts of protein in her body, Bella's body only conjured her period every four to five months, which, on the bright side gave her a lower chance of getting ammonia. This lack of her cycle also gave her less time of actual bleeding, lasting only for three to four days. Lucky Me.

Walking awkwardly to the bathroom in her soiled pajama bottoms, Bella stripped herself waist down and quickly changed into fresh underwear and a pad, one of a few stocked in the house. She never had a need for many.

I need to get a shower before Edward arrives, she thought. My hair still smells like silly string from Alice's party. Bella grimaced as she remembered the onslaught of the multi-colored foam from the Cullen clan. Parties with them always escalated into an adrenaline rush that was hard to come down from. Edward had planned for her and him to go to the meadow today. Bella refused to smell like that horrid material when Edward was with her.

Edward and his awkwardness around Bella had finally gone away, accepting Bella to be the freakishly accepting person that she was. Finally.

Making her way downstairs limping, she disposed of her sheets, underwear, and bottoms into the hamper, readying them to soak to prevent stains. She made a face as she compared herself to Quasimodo and his hunch. Whilst searching for the detergent she found to her dismay that there was none left. "Oh!" she remembered, "I got some last week... I hid it under my bed." God forbid Charlie should find it and try to embark on doing laundry again. Bella shuddered. Too many blue pairs of socks were the result of that day.

Making her way up the stairs, Bella began to imagine her day with Edward in the meadow. It would be her last time to see him for a couple days before he and Jasper went hunting. Bella was starting to become familiar with their excursion timeline, learning to give extra space to him when she was around him during the few days beforehand. She smiled as she remembered their last time in the meadow. She wondered how they had progressed so far as a couple, not quite fathoming how Edward could stand being near her and her blood.

Realization hit her like a car.


She missed the next step on the stairs, which sent her face-first into the top landing. Pain from her cramps were forgotten, as wave of horror rose within her. Scrambling from her clumsiness she wondered why she didn't think of it before. I've never had to worry about it before, she thought in her panic. Blood

Bolting for her bedroom door she wondered how long it would be before he arrived. Nearly falling through her threshold, Bella clawed for the door before shutting it behind her. She fumbled with the lock and leaned back on her heels to fall to her back on the door.

Not long.

Edward looked as if he had just come through the window, wind-blown hair and a sharp fall scent wafted its way to her nostrils. His jeans were slightly wrinkled, probably from his run and his black shirt rested snuggly across his chest, visible by his unbuttoned jacket which was tailored perfectly for his broad shoulders. He was beautiful as always as his face held her favorite smirk and his eyes their topaz shine. Neither lasted long however.

His smile fell slowly, as she watched his cheeks loose their tightness and as Edward's perfect teeth were slowly hidden from sight as his pale lips covered them. His nostrils flared, Probably taking in the smell of my blood… Bella thought in horror. His skin seemed even paler than usual, perhaps it was just her imagination. She risked a glance further up at his face, instantly wishing that she did not. Bella saw in his slowly retreating topaz eyes his hunger, which only heightened her panic.


Bella watched in horror as his neck gave a sharp snap, rolling over his shoulders, closing his eyes and barely giving Bella a glance of his teeth. Bella had hardly realized she was holding her breath when she watched his eyelids for any movement. His head was positioned down. He was not breathing.

A small smile came to his features, but not one that she was at all accustomed to. It was dark and morbid, glaringly beautiful given the situation. A small exhale of air from his lips could have been mistaken for a cough, but she knew better. It was a laugh.

In one sharp, single movement, Edward opened his eyes. Pitch black greeted her vision. His pupils seemed to overtake his eyes, darkening any hope that he might be able to contain his hunger. To Bella's utmost horror, he was not looking into her eyes, but directly between her legs.

The exchange never lasted more than a few seconds.

"Charlie isn't home."

His voice startled her, stealing her breath, it was deeper than usual and held a rough huskiness that she wasn't accustomed to. She shook her head, even though it wasn't a question. He didn't glance up from her thighs to see her response, he didn't need to. Edward knew that Charlie wasn't home.

In a flash, Edward had flown out the window, returning promptly with the soiled sheets stained with blood that she had disposed of in the laundry room this morning. He stared at them for a long while, looking for all the world as if he would die without them.

"You bleed."

"Y-Yes." Her voice cracked.

"You've…" His neck gave a sharp snap again. "You've never bled before."

"No." She was crying.

He lifted the sheets to his face to inhale deeply. Bella watched in horror as he lowered the sheet, leaving his chin coated in blood. Her blood. She backed herself up as far against the door as she could. He grinned.


She had never felt it before around him.

She had never had any reason to fear him.

But now, standing in close proximity to a hungry vampire alone in her own home, bleeding from her most private areas…

She had every reason to fear him.

To be continued…

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