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Chapter 10: Heaven's Price


Edward stared down at the girl resting under the blankets. Her breathing was hollow and deep but her eyebrows were fixed together, concentrated in dream. The sheet that was pulled under her chin was smeared in blood and smelled of their lovemaking. He reached down to pull aside a strand of hair that had fallen in her face and tucked it silently behind her ear. Nothing mattered except for this girl who was finally his.

All of his.


Edward never truly came down from his high of ecstasy. Even now his mind was still buzzing to take her again. To make her his again.

And no one else's.

Edward gently lifted the sheet off her body and exposed Bella's body to him. The purple marks that she had sustained were a stark contrast to the paleness of her skin, marking her temporary for what he did to her.

Other injuries were not so fleeting.

Closing his eyes, Edward remembered the after.

Bella had erupted into tears after he had stopped. He was positive they were tears of joy but he wasn't sure what for.

Perhaps it was that he had finally consented to her wishes all along.

Perhaps it was that had come back to her in the end.

Or, perhaps it was simply that he didn't harm her as much as she thought.


Edward cringed inwardly as he remembered trying to pull out of her. Edward's want did not cease and he was still exited and very hard when he lifted back from her clenching walls. He rested a cold hand on her stomach to soothe the screaming girl but it did little to help. Edward concluded that since his want was cold, it had been subsiding the burning on the inside, and when he had finally released himself from Bella, the pain took over.

She immediately blacked out.

Maybe it was for the best that she didn't stay awake to endure the pain of post-consummation.

Edward chuckled. He made it sound like an operation.

He returned to her body, blood nearly caking her thighs and wafting to his nostrils once again. His body responded and he had no control to suppress it. He looked down upon himself then, noticing the blood and her excitement on his member. Sickeningly it aroused him more.


He stood and stretched, the muscles in his back protesting. Never taking his gaze off of the nude Bella on the bed he grabbed his jeans and slid into them gracefully making a quick work to run to the bathroom and return with fresh towels and some water.

In his moment of absence she had rolled onto her back, splaying her legs ever so slightly for his view. Edward growled, taking a towel and shoving under his jeans to between his legs to quickly clean himself off. Contact with himself exited him more and he couldn't help just giving himself one stroke.

His growl was deep and guttural, rocking his body with pleasure.

Disgusted with himself he gave a bitter laugh.

'Oh Bella…'

He gave himself another stroke.

'You giving yourself to me…'

He laughed again darkly.

'Was truly the death of the rational.'

With all his mental strength he pulled his hand back, fastening his jeans with difficulty with his excitement in the way. He pulled a fresh towel from the stack and dampened it with water.

Moving over Bella he was careful not to wake or agitate her injuries, he began with her neck, working down to rub at her collarbone. As his hands traveled to her breasts he began remembering from his fogged memory what he had done to her for her to receive all the injuries that she did.

Looking down upon her body and knowing that he was the source of the injuries was punishment enough for inflicting them.

But alas, it was not.

Edward knew vaguely that Alice had seen what he did. He knew that someone was on their way to find him. He was aware that he could never hide from them.

Or hide what he had done.

He had tasted human blood.

Bella's blood.

He had tasted what was forbidden.

It was time for heaven's price.

Perhaps it was the one hundred plus years that had driven him past the brink of reason. He had been denied true human blood for so long that when the opportunity presented itself to him, he could not deny it.

'What is the cost of the finest wine?'

He would surely find out.

Edward continued to clean Bella's body until he reached the junction of her thighs. He situated himself between her legs again and inhaled deeply. Her thighs were coated and her cycling blood was still draining. His keen senses picked up her consummation blood within all of it.

Edward reeled back. This was torture, pure torture to not take what he wanted. She was unconscious and couldn't consent to him tasting her. He wouldn't do that.

A small voice spoke up in the back of his mind.

You could…

'I wouldn't be able too stop myself if I did.'

You will never have this blood again…

'Bella would never forgive me.'

Bella would never know.

'But I would.'

Edward waited for the voice to come back. He was surprised when it didn't retaliate.

Would the knowledge that he tasted Bella without her consent really stop him? How much more guilt could he endure?

"I could survive more."

Edward started at the sound of his own voice aloud. This wasn't the small voice, it was his own. He dropped the towel onto the bed and gripped the sheets on either side of her hips.

"She is mine now."

No voice was stopping him. There wasn't any argument inside his head. It was all one sided and it frightened him. Was this his true nature?

"Her body is mine."

On his own violation, he watched as his hand neared her center with horror. He knew that it was sick and twisted to want this again, fully aware of what it would result in.

He lost control the first time. And here he sat with his blood-coated fingers ready to venture to the darkness again.

He wanted the darkness.

He couldn't live without that feeling of power and ownership. Poor Bella was simply the receiving end of a drug that Edward had no intention of quitting.

Poor Bella

Edward extended his elegant and soiled tongue past his perfect teeth to taste the virgin blood of his lover.

Bella's wall caved in when Edward threw his body against it. If he hadn't known why they called it a blood-curdling scream before, the one he issued from his mouth was the very definition of it.

The finest wine

Edward fell to the ground, rolling around and clenching his fists. His kneeing wails and growls were unsettling and deranged.

After a short while, Edward's breathing somewhat leveled out. He dragged himself to a sitting position on the floor.

He couldn't explain his happiness. Perhaps it wasn't happiness. He might have confused it with rage… or sorrow. He shook his head back and forth, trying to regain some consciousness.

I can't feel anything

The fact that his senses were on the bust was probably the reason he didn't feel himself standing up. It was probably the reason that he didn't care that Bella's wall sported a large gash. It was also probably the reason that he didn't react to the mirror on Bella's desk, reflecting at him red eyes.

Edward gave a dark smile into the mirror, rather liking the blood hue his eyes transformed into.

Picking up the discarded towel on the bed, Edward returned to Bella and began wiping away at the blood at her legs.

He didn't need anymore of her blood.

He had taken her.

He was aware now of his true nature.

'And all it took', he laughed, 'was your help love.'

The death of the rational.

How ironic.

That it spurred the birth of darkness within Edward.

No, it was there all along. It just needed an incentive.

She was the incentive.

Edward continued to clean Bella's legs until the blood was gone. The bruises still remained but it was considerably cleaner. He grabbed the last clean towel and folded it neatly, spreading Bella's thighs and situating it between them so it could catch the blood-flow and prevent any more mess.

Crossing the room to her closet he ignored the figure in the doorway, opening the door and retrieving a spare comforter before returning to the bed and covering Bella's body.

Only finally had he safely tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead did he turn to face Carlisle.

He knew. It didn't matter if Alice had told him. Edward's blood shot eyes told him all.

He had tasted what was forbidden.

It was time for heaven's price.


The End


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