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Chapter 1

Death and confrontation

Alexander Potter ran. his eyes rapidly filling with tears, he runs like he has never run before for Hogwarts. Because of recent events that have happened, his emotions were at an all time high. What would normally be a happy and well loved young man...became one full of bitterness and hate as thoughts of how this all started and who was to blame.

For as of now, his parents were dead. His parents, whom he had adored, were dead and even though it was partially their own fault. It was more or less the fault of the person he was going to see.

Slamming through Hogwarts, people of the order and students trying to stop him to say hello, he finds himself pushing them all away.

"Where the hell is he?"

"Alex?" Whispers his best friend Ron, the red head whom he had gotten to know was wondering.

"Where the hell is Dumbledore?!"

"In his office. What's going on?" Hermione stated as she approached.

"Good...because I am going to kill him. IT'S ALL HIS DAMN FAULT!"

In a rage, Alexander turned for the Headmaster's office. The youth was there in no time flat with members of the Order following to try to stop. He spared no one as he blasted the gargoyle out of his way.

Startled by the sudden barging in, Albus looks up to find the wand of his student and savior of the world pointing it directly at him.

"You sorry excuse of an old man, you never bothered to check when it happened did you."

"I don't understand Mr. Potter..." Albus started to say only to be halted by the youth in front of him. Looking identical to his father, he had his mother's hair and James's eyes, which now brim with hatred.

"It's Lord Potter to you now." Alexander said bitterly. "It seems all of you neglected to tell me I had a brother. He let Voldemort in to the Manor and watched with pleasure as he killed them."

Paling now, those who had followed almost collapse as they hear Remus and Sirius both Professors at the school whom had chased after him. Confusion evident on their faces as they look at the youth whom they adored, they hear his words and go white. "No...Lily and James said he died."

"Well apparently dear Mum and Dad lied. You see I heard as he was taunting Mum and Dad...that Headmaster Dumbledore here, made them give him up. Especially when he started showing some dark tendencies..." The red headed boy replied.

"Albus is this true?" Minerva replied with shock. Ron and the other students who had managed to squeeze in along with the Order. "You made Lily and James give up one of their sons?"

Reluctant to speak, Albus nods his head. "Alexander needed more of their attention and on top of that we had heard when I visited. Harry talking to the snakes... We figured some time in the muggle world would benefit Harry prevent him from going dark. So I took him with promises that he would be someplace safe. But he died about four years in..."

Giving a loud angry snort, Alex glares at him. His words cold and like stone. Uncle Padfoot, Uncle Moony, guess where he took my brother. And it was someplace not even Mum would return to."

Anger was now arising in their features, as both men turn on Albus as they speak in almost perfect unison. "YOU TOOK MY GODSON/CUB TO THE DURSLEYS!"

"Yes with them being family, they were sure to protect him."

"You old damned fool." Remus worded as he and Kingsley had to hold Sirius back. The black haired auror was angry and furious. "Did you never once listen to Lily talk about her sister? Petunia hates us. She hates anything to do with our world. She and Vernon would have done things..."

"Oh...they did. Harry so happily shared his memories when he saw me." Alex said in anger. "They beat him...starved, and paid no attention save treat him worse then a house elf. Would you like to see...hell would you like to feel?"

Casting faster and before anybody can blink in his rage; Albus received the memories of a childhood that never should have happened. Tears of pain and sorrow crossing his features, the old man seems to visibly age even more.

"How...how did he get away from all that then?" The old man whispered in pain and regret.

"I will give you a hint...on second thought I won't...Lucius Malfoy"

Hearing the name of Voldemort's right hand, Albus trembles as Minerva and many others go white. "It seems he saved my brother, when dear Uncle Vernon had beat him and left him for dead at the tender age of 3 going on 4 in London. And took him in as his own, and did what my mum and dad should have done. He loved him."

"No...we would have known. Harry would have gotten something from Hogwarts..."

"Blood rites..." Remus whispered. "You telling me Draco's brother Marcus..."

"Is Harry." Alex stated with hate as he glares at the man who was once his mentor. "But there's something else. Something that Voldemort and Harry both tasked me to tell you dear Headmaster...something that will make you and all of us wish you were dead. You doomed us all for Voldemort wins."

"Alex...?" Ginny said quietly as she approached her ex-boyfriend. Only to be pushed away. The two having gone out for a while, they both realized that they were wrong for each other. He was too much like her for it to work. She needed someone steadier. Calmer...

"Dear Headmaster was wrong. I was never the Savior of the Wizarding World. HARRY was..."

"No...I can't be wrong."

"Yes you could if Harry himself was a Horcrux." Alex said bitterly. "That's why my brother had all those dark abilities. "Voldemort marked him as his equal."

"No...I'm right you were. You had the scar...everything."

"So does Harry. He had a black curse scar on his forehead, Headmaster. Or in your need for a hero did you not see it?"

"I would have noticed..."

"Albus...if what Alex is saying is true..."

"You killed us all."

That moment, Hogwarts began to tremble. Albus looking around as all things started to whirl. It is Peeves the ghost who comes floating through at top speed.


"Headmaster...the Death...Eater's they're here." Hermione said with fear. "And Voldemort and the Malfoys are leading them..."