All right you asked and ye shall receive

All right you asked and ye shall receive.


Lily, James, and Sirius arrived screaming their protests, to the sight of a saddened Remus holding a baby Alex who was upset and the mournful gaze of Augusta. Intent on going back there, to get him, they are prevented by a stubborn little house elf.

"NO! Yous stays here! Master Alex says so!" The little being said soundly as she erected a barrier. "Hes made Nippy swear! Yous stays here!"

"Please...let us go help him!" Lily pleads. "He's my son!"

A soft and understanding look coming across her features, the house elf shakes her head. "Nos Mistress Lily. Master Alex mades me swear to keeps you safe tills over." Nippy replied. "When house elf swears ours magic strongers..."

Still the pleading continued. It is only by luck that within twenty or so minutes that Nippy stopped. A sad gaze on her features, she nods her head to Remus and Augusta. The look clear between them, Lily collapses into James arms as Sirius hits the wall. The werewolf holding on tight to his baby godson, Alex finds himself confused now and starts to wail.

Out of habit, at the familiar sound, Lily grabs the toys through the bag only to stop in shock at the sight of two little three year olds peeking out from another room. One of them that she knows quite well as does James and Sirius.

"Harry?" A voice filled with longing and the desperate need of a mother for her child, as Lily gazed upon the little boy with hope. Wanting to approach, as do James and Sirius, this time they find themselves blocked by Remus who shakes his head. Still holding onto Alex, the little boy was gazing at the other two with open curiosity.


"Moony! That's my SON!"

About to attempt to explain, it is Augusta who speaks up. "Mr. and Mrs. Potter, and Mr. Black...please. Trust Remus on this one. There are things you must know first. Allow Remus and Nippy to take care of the little ones?"

"No please...I want my babies..." Lily sobbed as Remus had already started heading towards the two with Alex. Nippy once again using her magic to hold them back, things were steadily going worse. But the old woman smiles softly in understanding as she looks up at them.

"I know..." Augusta smiled softly. "And you will be with them. But right now so that one is not frightened even further as he had seen what was happening. Please let us speak and show you what Alex has left for the three of you to see."

Confusion and questions on their faces, reluctantly one by one they nodded their heads. The three following the elderly woman to a series of couches and chairs, they sit down as Nippy vanishes to help Remus entertain the children.

In front of them, is a glowing Pensieve filled with various memories as well as a few rolls of parchment.

"I would read this one first. It is the letter that he had written before he left. These he had asked for during his stay apparently these last few weeks and Nippy had been willing to aide him in collecting what he needed."

"What is all this..."

"Proof of an old fool's mistake." Augusta said quietly. "Read and then ask me..."

Understanding somewhat, James took the one she had indicated within his hands. Unraveling it, he began to read aloud as Sirius and Lily on either of him looked it over.

Mum, Dad, Uncle Padfoot

If what I believe is true, because I made her swear to protect these, then Nippy's magic should have protected all of you as well as Mrs. Longbottom from the severe change I have managed to make. And do not worry I am not dead. I am just three now and looking forward to playing with my brother as I should have been all along.

If not I hope beyond all hope, that you will not listen to the Headmaster if he tries to make you give up Harry. For that is where it all began...

You see, 14 years from now. Hogwarts and the light will fall to Voldemort.

"What...?" Sirius stated in shock as James remained silent. The look on their faces was enough that even the two loudest boys when they had gone there where quiet.

"My god." Lily whispered in horror. "But how..."

"Keep reading...he tells you." Augusta stated sadly.

That night that Hogwarts will fall, Mum, Dad...the both of you will be killed in front of me. And before you ask how is because of Dumbledore.

You see sometime in the future, I figured you must have felt worse then what I remembered I think. I do not know, and wanted Harry back. But the old damn fool told you he was dead.

It is more then that, for he almost was but it would have happened this year eventually if I not gotten to him when I did. You see, Mum, Dad, that damn old fool took Harry, to dear Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon.

A scream of rage erupted from Lily's lips and Augusta simply was thankful that she had thought ahead at Remus's suggestion and had an Anti-destruction spell placed on her things. For they were they were floating would indeed suggest that the red headed woman was not happy.

James and Sirius both looking murderous, it takes a calming tea, that Augusta has Nippy bring seconds later to relax them.

"Do not worry; Alex had gotten revenge before he brought Harry here." The old woman said kindly. "I had Nippy nurse maid him with Alex's aide to help heal the physical damage done. Time will only heal the mental..." She said gently. "It is why at the moment baby Alex is there along with Remus and my own grandson Neville."

"So we can not shock him..." James worded brokenly. Knowing of how the Dursleys would have treated his heir, his oldest child, he was hurt that the little boy could be afraid of him.

" I suggest you finish the letter."

Yes, what you figured happened, Harry was hurt badly. It was only by chance that the few healing spells I knew I used right away so I could move him. They had him sleeping in a damn Cupboard!

But don't work Dad, Uncle Padfoot! I got revenge.

"Good." Lily replied softly and much to the shock of her husband and friend. Usually the one to obey, they were shocked as she was pleased.

"No one hurts my babies."

But back to where I was trying to say.

I came back to save Harry that night from what awaited him. You see, by saving him now, I prevented someone else from doing so. Someone who did something that Dumbledore would not let you do. For in the time that I one came for Harry.

Uncle Vernon had taken Harry and dumped him in the middle of an alley. Where Lucius Malfoy found him and raised him as his own son's brother. He was no longer Harry...but Marcus Malfoy by the time he returned to our lives. It was he who killed you, and it was because of he that the blood wards allowed him.

And NO Uncle Padfoot, Harry is not dark! Imagine yourself broken and in and pain, and someone takes you in nurses you and acts like a parent where the only people you know or could even remember beat you, starved, or simply ignored you.

When I rescued Harry, you could ask Augusta he would not leave me for several days. And it took me being in the room with her, before he would approach. He is starved for the attention that all of you would have given him as you had done me.

So please don't send him away or let anyone take him...

Tears sobbing now, they look to Augusta who sadly nods her head. "The little one was literally black and blue. I had Nippy look him over as we got him to sleep within his arms. Never before had I seen a house elf cry until then." She worded softly. "And the nightmares he had. Alex had to share the room with him and my grandson, for with his presence there it helped Harry feel safe."

"We shouldn't have let him go..." Lily whimpered. "James, Why did Dumbledore make us do that to our baby!"

"To so called protect Alex because Harry was supposedly a dark wizard." James muttered out in pain as he held onto his wife. Sirius was clenching his fists tightly for his mind had jumped immediately to those thoughts as he listened to how his best friend was killed. But hearing Alex's words, he remembers Remus when they had met and even himself in similar situations.

And it hurts...

Now Mum, Dad, Uncle Padfoot. You must sit down and this is the reason YOU must learn Occulemency. For it is to not just protect you from Voldemort, for which in other scrolls and the Pensieve you will see why with him.

But to also protect you from Albus Dumbledore, who will use what I am about to tell you to try and possibly get rid of me.

You see that night Voldemort, who was the only other person there besides us and Harry, shared his memories with me and the both of you when he attacked along with the Malfoys. It wasn't me who vanquished him.

It was Harry...

Shock crossing their features, they looked at one another.

"It...can't be." James whispered in shock. "But Dumbledore..."

"Was wrong...I know of this prophecy you speak of, you see Frank was my son. My darling grandson, Neville was the other one it could have been." Augusta said quietly as a dawning remembrance of the tall broad shouldered man and tiny woman that was his wife came into play now.

"You're Frank's mother!" Sirius exclaimed. The two had been great fighters in the order as he remembers their names and then what happened. A sorrowful expression coming across his features as does James and Lily. The old woman simply shakes her head and smiles proudly.

"They did not bend and for that I will forever be a proud. And I will raise my son's child as he would have wanted, until somehow he and Alice are able to come back" The old woman said with a proud smile. "But before we go any further, finish the letter. In it he explains why Albus felt Harry was dark and also not the one."

Nodding their heads softly, they begin to finish reading.

I bet you do not believe it right? It is the truth. Voldemort and Marcus told me so themselves that night. You see I will give you the short version here and all will be explained in others I have already written.

But that night he attacked us when I and Harry were one?

Voldemort was going to use mine and Harry's deaths to create a Horcrux. Augusta will help you understand it but I am sure Mum has an idea of what I mean,

Looking momentarily towards his wife, Lily had paled to a shade of white that even a ghost would envy. "Keep reading please...I will explain later..."

Nodding his head in understanding, James turns back...

The dark magic, that the Headmaster was reading where I had none? That's...because when Voldemort fired the curse...he succeeded without realizing it. He had already created six by the time he attacked all of us in the Hollow and he intended to create seven. He did so... Harry is Voldemort's seventh Horcrux.

"NO! NO NO NO NO NO! Lily screamed out loud. James and Sirius pale now as well. Judging by his wife's reactions, the elder Potter male knows he will not like what he is about to hear.

"No...not my Harry...not my baby,"

"Lily?" James whispered.

"If he's right..."

"You at some point will have to kill Harry. For as long as he lives, so will Voldemort." Augusta finishes regretfully. Lily trembling as James holds her, nods her head rapidly in agreement as she speaks this time.

"You see a Horcrux is essentially a piece of a wizard's soul encased in something else. It is only with its destruction of said object will it be destroyed."

"No! I am not going to allow our/my son/godson to die!" James and Sirius roared. "There has got to be a way to take out with out killing Harry." The Potter male replied with an angry tone. "I am not going to lose my son!"

"There is no known way." Augusta said softly. "And on top of that...there is more. But it will be dealt with at a later time. For you have many years to find a way do you not...?" The kind old woman replied.

Somehow hearing her words, they find themselves renewed with a sense of spirit, hope and determination...

There is more that needs to be said. But trust in Augusta, from what I remember. She was among the very few whom despite joining the order. Was willing and had the balls to back it up and to tell Dumbledore and even Voldemort where to shove it.

Please let her help and do not go to Albus unless you have to and even then learn Occulemency as I said before. Considering how big a mistake he did, trust in what you know. Trust in those who can. And above all trust that you love me and Harry.

Together as Mum always says...we can win!

So now I have to go. Time and History is changing. The notes and Pensieve I have left, will be your clues to what is to come once Harry and I attend. Trust is what we believe and please do not kill the Malfoys.

The fact that the loved Harry when they could have killed him? Shows that like in the Stars Wars movies that Mum Loves... and by the way Mum...he's supposedly making more. But like Luke says...

There is good in him...

Goodbye...and I love you. See you again like this in 14 years!


The letter finished and read. Tears of sadness and pain were on all their faces. It was at that moment that Remus who had been listening looked to Neville, who ran to his grandmother.

The old woman seeing him understands that now is a perfect time for Harry to meet his family. Staying out, for she knows that the little boy will still need her and Nippy's presence for a bit. The little house elf was already one step ahead and appeared beside her with drinks and cookies as Remus approaches.

One of the two stuffed stags in his hand, they notice how Harry clutches the other desperately in one hand as he is reluctant to let go of Remus's other. Alex, the braver of the two at this moment, immediately lets go and runs to Lily who holds him tight.

Still as he settles down and Sirius who understands takes him, they watch as Lily slides to the floor, with James beside her. Remus stepping carefully, she gestures to the little boy with tears in her eyes as she sees the scared expression.

"'s Mummy baby. Me and your Daddy never forgot you." Lily whispered softly. James himself cries as the little boy who looks so much like him. Can't seem to remember him at all...

Looking up at Remus and then Augusta with trust in his eyes, the little boy steps forward. Knowing to let him make the move, they stay still as he clutches that little stag in his hands with desperation that no child should really have. His free hand reaching out, he touches the tears on first Lily and then James cheek.

"Why cwy?" He asked and then reluctantly handing them his newfound toy. "Pwongs wiw hewp you. Do you need Pwongs?"

Shock at what Harry had spoken. James lets out a soft little smile as Lily shakes her head. There was a little bit of the Harry that remembers them still inside the little boy. "No you keep it baby. You know what we need to help us feel better?"

"No...what need?"

"A hug?" Lily asked with a gentle and tentative smile.

Waiting for a few minutes as the little boy looks thoughtful, both Lily and James are soon rewarded as Harry steps into her open arms.

Their arms wrapping around the little boy, soft smiles of joy are on their faces as words of love for him come out. Pulling Sirius along with Alex and then Remus into it, Augusta who watched the entire time found herself hugging Neville as she whisked her wand out and took a picture with the proper spell.

Even Nippy, felt a jump of pure joy as the Potters and friends held on tightly to one another.

After all this was one moment, one never wants to forget...



That's it guys...this is the Reunion chappy...

Off to write Hogwarts...