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It had been six months since Ariela arrived into Tony's life and since the first day, she changed it for the best. He became the most devoted father in the entire world; Tony was not a lady's man anymore. Now he had a daughter.

The team loved Ella, as Abby chose to call her since nobody seemed to like the idea of calling her Ari, and Ella loved them back. Finally she had a family and she couldn't be happier.

Even when Tony was not Ella's biological father, it did not seem that way, since she enjoyed watching and quoting dialogues from every movie she had watched. Tony insisted that watching movies was helping her to improve her English. Ella also loved playing games on everyone, specially on Jason, Tim and Abby's son .

But one day everything changed. While Gibbs and his team were in the bullpen discussing a case involving the murder of a petty officer, a man showed up looking for Tony.

Good morning, my name is Harrison Langdon, I'm an attorney at Law and I'm looking for Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

What can I do for you?

I'm here on behalf of my client Mr. Liev Horrowitz. He demands the custody of Ariela DiNozzo

Tony didn't know what to say

And why does your client demands custody of my daughter?

Listen Mr. DiNozzo, we know that the minor is not your biological daughter. And the reason why my client is demanding custody of the girl is because she is his grandchild.

Tony, like the rest of the team was shocked. How did that happened? This man couldn't show up just like that and try to take his kid away from him.

Of course she is my daughter. Tony's voice was loud

You can say whatever you want, DNA doesn't lie and the paternity tests are going to prove you wrong. Have a nice day. The man said as he handed Tony a stack of papers.

Tony felt like crying, he was desperate, once again somebody was trying to take the most important person away from him.

Abby hugged him and everyone promised him that they're going to do everything in their power to help him, them.

I'm not giving that bastard my kid, Tony exploded and left. I'll do whatever it takes.

Tony spent the next couple of weeks in purgatory, he knew that Ariela was not his and that bastard Horowitz had a stronger chance.

The night before the results came back, Tony was drinking, for the first time since Ariela was there.

Suddenly she showed up in the living room, holding her teddy bear.

Daddy, what is going on?, why have you been so worried lately? Are you mad at me, did I do something wrong?

Tony asked her to sit by his side, but she climbed onto his lap

Things had been a little bit difficult lately, but nothing is your fault. You're the best daughter a father could've ever asked.

Then, what's wrong?

Tony was about to tell her, but suddenly he remembered about Ziva's letter where she told him that Ariela did not know anything about her father's family. God, Tony did not even know under what circumstances she was conceived. So, he chose to ask her a question instead.

Ella, do you remember "Les Miserables", when Jean Valjean took his little girl and ran away with her?


Well, maybe we're going to need to do something like that

But…why daddy

Because there is this bad and ugly guy who wants to take you away from me

At this point, Ella was crying desperately

Why?, I do not want to go. I want to be with you

And you won't go anywhere, I promise. But we need to stick together ok?


They hugged, as Tony tried to keep his tears from falling, rocking his daughter back and forth. After a while Ella finally fell asleep.

The next day, Tony asked Gibbs to come with him to Langdon's office. The guy was completely sure he was going to win the custody battle. He told them that once the results came back, Ella was going to catch a plane to meet her grandfather.

Tony was furious. It is not fair boss, that man doesn't even care about Ella, why does he want her?

After a while Tony spoke again.

I'm running away with her boss, I won't lose her. Kate died, Paula died, Jenny died... all of them are death because of my stubbornness. And I let them take Ziva away. But I won't make the same mistake, now I have the chance to make things right. Tony was desperate, but he was also determined to keep the promise he made to himself.

They will find you DiNozzo, running away is not going to make things right.

I don't care boss. She's staying with me no matter what. And running away is our only choice right now.

There was a knock on the door and Langdon entered the room. Tony and Gibbs were nervous, but when Langdon opened the envelope, they knew something was wrong because of what they read on Langdon's facial expression.

You were right Mr. DiNozzo, Ariela is your daughter. The results came back positive. Here it says that you are Ariela's biological father.

Tony and Gibbs couldn't believe it, they knew it was not possible, but decided to remain silent.

Please send this results to your client and ask him not to bother us again.Tony said.

Once they were back at NCIS, they shared the news with the team and everyone was happy for Tony and Ella, but he still couldn't understand how that happened.

Gibbs asked McGee to check the surveillance videos from the lab that made the tests.

Boss there was a failure in the system, it seems that the cameras did not record anything, literally anything during 50 secs last night.


I don't know what happened boss, but the screen went black, nothing else, McGee said

Tony started to thank them, because he thought one of them went into the lab and changed the results. But when they exchanged glances among each other, Tony realised that no one on the team was responsible.

I don't understand, if you did not help us, then who did?

In that moment he remembered Ziva's words.

You kept your promise, you did it Ziva, when you said that you're always going to be with us.


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