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1: In the Headmaster's Office

The third year Hufflepuff stomped her way along the corridor heading towards the Headmaster's office. It was not the first time that she had made such a trip, and, as the professor of Charms had mentioned somewhat moodily when ordering her out of his classroom, it was doubtful that it would be the last either. Indeed, Nymphadora Tonks was not the most well behaved child to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but she liked to think that she did try.


Before long the young metamorphmagus, today sporting hair a striking lightning blue, found herself stood in front of the Headmaster's desk, trying best to avoid a pair of equally striking blue eyes.

"I do believe that Professor Flitwick has graced me with your presence once already this week, Miss Tonks." Professor Dumbledore said as he peered at her through his half moon spectacles. Despite this fact clearly being one of a negative nature, Tonks couldn't help but think he sounded almost charmed by it, and wondered if he were on the verge of offering her a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit.

"Yes Professor." She heard herself reply somewhat mechanically.

"Your mother did mention to me in a letter some months ago that you had set your heart on becoming an Auror, from the very moment you completed your first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson." Dumbledore told her, eyes twinkling.

Tonks' first thought was why on earth had her mother had been writing to the Headmaster, but she supposed several letters had been sent over the years to inform her parents of her antics and her mother had no doubt responded to them.

"Yes Professor." She said again.

"Well then, Miss Tonks, I imagine a bright young witch such as yourself may well manage to achieve such a position. You ought to bear in mind, of course, that passing both OWL and NEWT level Charms with good grades will be essential to your success."

Tonks nodded almost solemnly at this rather disappointing fact.

Then there came a hurried knocking at the door and before Dumbledore could answer it was flung open to reveal a flustered looking Rubeus Hagrid.

"Professor Dumbledore, sir!" The huge Gamekeeper was bent forward, panting to catch his breath. "You better come quick, there's...there's been a...a..."

"Certainly Hagrid." Dumbledore rose from his chair and began to make his way towards the door. "Make yourself at home, Miss Tonks, I shall return imminently."

And so it was that Tonks found herself alone in the office. Not completely alone, she soon discovered, for after gazing aimlessly around for a while she noticed the Headmaster's magnificent pet phoenix perched proudly on a golden stand by a cupboard. Intrigued by the fiery feathered creature she wandered over to it and stood for a while simply observing. As beautiful as Fawkes the phoenix was, he was a bird of large stature and as Tonks reached forward to stroke his gleaming feathers she suddenly thought better of it and jerked back, clumsily banging into the large wooden cupboard, which shook slightly at the impact. A strange jingling noise came from within.

Tonks turned to regard the cupboard. A mental battle began to take place between her curiosity and her common sense. As on many occasions her curiosity got the better of her and, after glancing over her shoulder to ensure she still only had Fawkes for company, she slowly drew open the door.

Inside the cupboard, on a shelf just below eye level Tonks was confronted with a array of shining metallic objects. They seemed to glitter, as though enticing her further and, holding her breath and biting her lip with concentration Tonks reached forward as carefully as she could and picked up one of the objects.

It was surprisingly heavy and, Tonks realised rather happily, one of the most glittering objects on show. A cord hung from one top and knowing full well her clumsy nature and realising how crucial it was that nothing got broken, Tonks slipped the cord around her neck to be on the safe side. It was shaped rather like an hourglass, though she was unsure of what it really was for it was decorated so elaborately with various twirling symbols. As she slowly moved it in her hands it caught the light in several areas and sparkled magnificently. Tonks took hold of the cord at each end and let the pretty object dangle and spin.

Suddenly the child gasped. The room had began to shift and swirl around her...