Love in the Stars, A Megaman Starforce Fanfiction

Love in the Stars, A Megaman Starforce Fanfiction

Geo Stelar- Hoshikawa Subaru

Sonia Strumm- Hibiki Misora

Omega-Xis- War-Rock

Lyra- Harp

I DO NOT OWN MEGAMAN STARFORCE! This is a one shot. I may make a sequel.

Hoshikawa Subaru stared at the stars through his visualizer from his favorite spot at Vista point.

It had been over three months since the Ra-Mu incident and lately there hadn't been much Denpa activity in Kodama town. Of course it wasn't anything that he couldn't handle, with all three OOPARTS, he could just go tribe king and own everything in sight.

Of all things he could think about, only one thing stood out in his mind…Misora.

She called everyday, as energetic as usual, and there wasn't a commercial she WASN'T on. Akane often teased him about his feelings for Misora, but he never gave it much thought…until now.

He pondered over all he times she had saved him, and the times where he saw he get hurt. Who could ever forget the time where Cancer pulled that stunt with Class President?




"What does she mean to you?!"


At that time he didn't know what he felt towards Misora…then again at the time he also didn't know she was Harp Note. And the way she took his hands at Dombra Lake with the Brachio incident, or the way she was so eager to investigate the OOPARTS with him…this was all so confusing…


Subaru fell over at the sound of the yell. He recognized that voice as he turned around to see who it was…


Misora stared at him as if she were also surprised, even though she was the one who called out to him.

"I got your e-mail Subaru-kun!"

Subaru was puzzled. He never had sent a email to her. He was about to tell her when she knocked into him, running crashing her lips to his, locking them together.

Now he was just caught off guard…until he just melted into the kiss and just returned it passionately to Misora, even adding some tongue to it. (HOW HE KNOWS THIS DO NOT ASK ME WHY!) This kiss lasted for about ten minutes until they broke apart for air.

Misora whispered near his ear…"I love you too…" Subaru figured that he should tell her he never sent the email but he thought to himself

"Ah, who cares…"

He leaned in towards her as they kissed again, as a meteor shower started, as the heavens above praised the romance of the new young couple.

Above, on the Wave Road…

"Thanks War-Rock for helping to get Sonia and Geo together by sending that email to Sonia."

"Yeah, but I really, don't get this concept of human love. Humans are a weird race…"

"Then call me weird."


"Oh come here you idiot.." as Harp moved in on War-Rock…

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