This game is painful, this game is painful

It's painful and it can't be helped

Even so we continue to play…

"They are friends, yes friends, very nice, yes they are"

"I see... so what shall we do next? What do you suppose, Bright-Eyes?"


"That would be an excellent idea, what do you say, Child?"

"Good idea, yes it is, yes"


"Bright-Eyes is very smart, yes she is, clever Bright-Eyes"

"Would you like me to assist you with punishing those creatures, Child?"


"Oh, why shouldn't we punish them? What they did, they are no different from the others"


"Bright-Eyes think we should make them suffer? Not play with us? Why no play? Why?"

"Child, don't you think it would be more fun to torture the monsters first?"

"Yes, good idea, yes. Bright-Eyes should go watch friends, make sure their safe, yes, protect them ok"


"Ok then, lets go"

Pai sat alone at his desk in his room, as he tried to think of a new plan that would surely enable them to beat those pesky humans. He briefly wondered where his two partners were, probably playing around and ignoring their duties when they should be working. He sighed softly to himself as his violet eyes lowered to the computer control pad on the desk in front of him, the small red light that signified an incoming call was flashing brightly.

"What is the matter?" he asked in a rather bored tone, pushing the button to answer the call, there was no reply for a moment and then crackling and choking sounds came over the connection, he stared blankly at the computer, as he tried to think of what was wrong with it.

"Play with me?" a small female voice asked hopefully.

"Who is this?" he asked gravely, he knew as this ship was the only one of its kind in the area there was no way it could be someone from his home planet, also the ship had been specially designed so that transmissions from Earth wouldn't interfere with the ship's computer, so that meant that the strange female voice had to be coming from the ship itself. "Who are you?" he asked again, a deep feeling of dread growing at the back of his mind.

"Play, yes?" the small voice asked again with an odd giggle.

"Mew mew Pudding, is that you?" he snarled dangerously, the only humans that knew about them were the Mews and their creators, and the voice did sound an awful lot like the little yellow mew, the girl giggled again.

"No" she replied merrily "I'm not Pudding, do like playing with you, yes I do, yes"

"Who are you then? And where are you?" he asked, feeling incredibly worried now.

"I'm in the room" she stated simply, Pai blinked in confusion what did that mean 'she was in the room'? Was she trying to tell him that she was on the ship? Well that much was oblivious; they wouldn't be able to have this conversation if she wasn't.

"Hey Pai" the eldest alien jumped up out of his seat when the automatic door opened and Tart stepped inside "Are you talking to yourself?" the young brown haired boy smirked, gently rising off the floor and carelessly floating in.

"Huh? No, I was talking to the intruder" Pai explained, trying to make sense of the current events himself. Tart's face fell in confusion and he clearly didn't understand what his older friend was talking about.

"What intruder? Has one of those stupid girls gotten in here?" he asked, almost growling at the thought of Pudding prowling around, waiting to pounce on him.

"Hello I'm here, play with me, yes now, ok?" the strange voice called, Tart's orange eyes widened as he realised what Pai had been talking about and he rushed forward to the computer to stand next to his friend.

"Who are you? Are you a representative of the Mew mews?" Pai asked standing next to Tart and facing the computer.

"I'm here, play yes?" was her only reply, Tart's mouth fell open as he noticed something desperately important.

"Um… Pai" he muttered before pausing for a moment as he tried to find the right words "The computer isn't on" he whimpered seeing that the main screen was blank and all of the power lights were off, Pai's eyes immediately shot down to the message alert, it was off as well even though it had been flashing not too long ago. Both Pai and Tart's eyes widened and shifted to stare at each other as they both realised the same thing at the same time. The voice wasn't coming over the computer; the girl was in the room with them.

"Hello, I'm here, play with me" they turned around to face where the owner of the strange beckoning voice must be standing behind them but the room was completely empty, the automatic door was still closed, they hadn't heard it open and nothing else in the room seemed to be disturbed in anyway.

"What the hell was that?" Tart asked bewildered as he breathed a deep sigh of relief where as Pai simply continued to stare at the area the strange voice had apparently come from. "Well at least it's…" Tart began, turning around to look back at the computer and try to work out what had happened. On top of the desk was a girl sitting there, at least he was quiet sure it was a girl; she was small and around his age, maybe a few years younger though. She was simply sitting there with her thin arms hanging limply be her sides and her head hanging to the side at an unnatural angle with her mid length orange hair falling forward to completely hide her face and neck.

"U-um… P-Pai?" he whimpered almost silently, suddenly, the girl's head snapped up from it's odd position, resting fully against her shoulder and cracked loudly, her hair parting to revile her blood stained face and the reason for her neck to be bending disturbingly like that, blood slowly seeped out of the side of her neck where it was broken and part of her spine had torn through the flesh, the bones sticking out disgustingly. He stared in fear into her lifeless hazel coloured eyes that seemed to laugh at him with a sense of demented humour in them and her pale and chapped mouth turned into a vicious smile.

"Play with me?" she croaked out in a low groan, her head falling back to the side as her arms reached out to grab at him.

Pai jumped and span around at the painful sound of Tart's terrified scream, but found himself to be alone in his room with no trace or either the owner of the voice of his young companion.

"Tart?" he called, looking around for the missing boy "Taruto? Where are you?" he asked, more to himself than anyone else.

"Play with me?" a jolt of panic shot up his spine as he heard the horrifying voice right beside his ear and he could feel soft panting cold breaths blowing across his neck. His eyes widened in fear, this thing, whatever is was, was going to kill him, just like it had got Tart and it was so fast that he knew there was no way he was going to live though this.

"What are you?" he asked, if he was about to die then he at least wanted to know what was going to end his life, he was determined to get some answers before he was killed. The thing, the strange child-like creature leaned further into his back as it pressed itself even closer to him and giggled a cruel and sadistic sound.

"Revenge" the creature uttered before he was roughly grabbed and was pulled into the ominous darkness.

When Ichigo opened her chocolate brown eyes she found herself to be in the middle of a large forest. She blinked as her eyes slowly adjusted to the dark moon light that gave everything silver glow.

"Hello?" she called, wrapped her arms around her body as a breeze rumbled through the trees and chilled her to the bone. An ear splitting cry sounded and before Ichigo could even work out what happened she found that her legs were running towards the source of that heartbreaking sound. After fighting through a few last shrubs that stood in her way she entered a small clearing in the dense forest. She stared blankly at the scene in front of her, her mind unable to grasp the idea of what had happened. There, in the centre of the clearing, stood her beloved Aoyama with his usually clean and tidy clothes splattered with dark red, cherry coloured blood and beside him lying on the ground was a girl whose head seemed to be bleeding heavily and her eyes were surrounded by dark blue and purple shadows as if she had been punched in both eyes.

"Aoyama-kun, what's going on?" she stuttered worriedly, there had to be some other explanation for this, it couldn't be what it seemed to be. Aoyama would never willingly harm someone. He looked away from the girl on the ground to glare at hatefully at her, his dark and usually warm eyes burning furiously right into her frightened ones.

"Please Aoyama-kun, what's going on?" she pleaded helplessly and watched as he tore his vicious glare from her to look back at the girl who was most probably dead. Ichigo gasped when she looked more closely at her, the dark crimson hair, the dead glazed over chocolate brown eyes that stared widely at nothing in death. It was her.

Ichigo screamed out, her eyes instantly snapping open as she frantically grabbed at the blanket as she searched for something to protect herself with. Hold on, bed covers, pillows, the moon gently pouring in through the glass window to calmly highlight the shapes of her bedroom. That had all been a dream? Or course, that was it. There was no way her wonderful boyfriend could kill someone. It was all just a dream.

She sighed to herself and settled back down into her warm bed, trying to get back to sleep. She turned her head to the side and glanced at the digital clock sitting on the little bedside table. It was midnight. Damn, she had school in the morning and after waking now she would be exhausted by the time she was supposed to get up. She closed her eyes and tried to get as comfortable as possible but she just honestly couldn't get back to sleep or even make herself tired at all. After trying everything from clichés such as counting sheep to thinking back to the exhaustingly boring argument she had with Ryou earlier that day but not even that would work, even though she could have fallen straight to sleep then if she hadn't been so irritated by the ignorant blonde boy. Damn him, and his stupid pink café. He was probably tucked up and fast asleep in his cosy little bed, in his cosy little room above his stupid, stupid café. Damn him all the more. She began to grow jealous of everyone who was asleep right now, how come it came so easily to them while she sat in the darkness bright eyed and bushy tailed, damn them all. Ichigo shook her head and sighed, there was no point sitting here and cursing everyone, she decided to go and wash her face since she was still sweaty from that disturbing dream.

She swung her legs over the side of the bed and got up with a small grumble, walking out into the almost pitch black hallway and quietly making her way to the bathroom, as she carefully passed her parent's room she could hear her father snoring softly inside. She flicked on the light switch as she padded bare foot into the family bathroom and her eyes stung in protest to the sudden brightness. After splashing her face and over heated neck with refreshing cold water she peered up at her reflection in the mirror hanging just above the sink. Her own chocolate brown eyes widened in fear at the sight of two bright blood red eyes behind her, she let out an almost silent gasp of horror and snapped her head around to look where the eyes had been right next to her shoulder, but there wasn't anything there and when she turned back to the mirror there was no strange reflection either. She stood completely still for a brief moment before letting out a light chuckle, there wasn't anything to be afraid of, that odd dream had merely upset her and made her paranoid, she was being silly.

But as she got back to her bedroom she still couldn't shake the feeling, she peered around the room with wary eyes, there wasn't anything but it was almost as if she could sense something watching her. Ichigo remembered the only other time where she had this feeling, it was that time in the school when all the windows were suddenly smashed, no one had ever found out what caused that but this terrifying fear that grew inside of her was exactly like that day. She shivered as she quickly felt cold even though she had been sweating and over heated just a few minutes ago and her body tensed as something that felt like two cold arms wrapped around her waist.

"Kish, let go of me!" she screeched frightened and yet furious at the same time because that stupid alien though that he could scare her and play around with her like a toy. The arms instantly released her and she turned around sharply to glare at the green haired alien boy, only to find that she was alone in the room.

"Kish? Where are you?" she whimpered, the fear creeping back into her mind, he couldn't teleport that fast… did that mean it hadn't been him? If it wasn't, then what was here in the room with her?

"Masha" she called softy, the little pink puffy robot stirred lightly from where he had been sleeping on the bedside table next to the clock and her transformation pendant, his pastel pink computer eyes popped open and he swiftly flew across the room to hover beside the cat girl.

"Yes? Yes?" he chirped, waiting for what he had been woken up for.

"Masha, can you do a search for aliens?" Ichigo asked, Masha seemed to think for a moment as he processed his command.

"Masha can! Masha can!" he replied happily before falling silent and then coming to his conclusion "No aliens Ichigo, no aliens"

"What?" she whimpered "That can't be right I felt…" she trailed off as she heard heavy breathing coming from behind her "M-Masha… w-whats behind… m-me?" she whispered shakily, squeezing her eyes tightly shut with her hands clenched into fists at her sides, frozen in fear.

Masha let out a confused chirp before floating closer to her face "Nothing there, nothing there" he squeaked lightly. Tears began to silently run from she closes eyes as the thing, whatever it was, held onto her tighter and she was sure she could hear a soft rumbling coming from behind, almost like the thing was quietly purring, she was so terrified that she didn't know what to do.

"W-what are y-you?" she whimpered, the pressure on her back suddenly disappeared but she refused to move or even open her eyes until Masha's squeaky voice spoke up.

"Cat" he uttered quietly, Ichigo peered over her shoulder to see a small brown kitten sitting on the floor beside her feet and it was staring up at her with its bright blood red eyes. She took a few steps backwards from it but it only followed her until her back bumped into the wall and she had nowhere else to go, the kitten stared her for a moment before pressing its furry head against her leg. Even through the cotton of her pyjamas she could feel how cold the little animal was as it pressed against her shin.

After a few moments she realised that this was the same cat that had been following her "What do you want? Do you want to talk to me?" she asked quietly, the fear still heavy in her voice. The kitten's ear twitched to the side and then it let out a loud hiss, growling viciously it turned toward the window and then it disappeared all together, leaving Ichigo standing in her room bewildered.

"Hey koneko-chan, what are you doing up so late?" the familiar voice of Kish chuckled and the air in front of the cat girl seemed to ripple insanely before the green haired boy appeared grinning mischievously. "Did you wait up for me?" he asked smugly. Ichigo briefly forgot her fear as irritation took over.

"Kish, what are you doing here? Get out!" she demanded angrily, but she was also secretly pleased that the strange cat was gone. Masha stared blankly at Kish before letting out a warning chirp.

"Alien! Alien!" He squealed flying around in circles above Kish's head, Ichigo giggled slightly at how cute Masha was sometimes.

"There's the smile I love" Kish said with a genuine smile that Ichigo couldn't help but blush about; he seemed so sincere right now. "Ichigo? What's wrong? Were you crying?" he asked suddenly noticing the wetness that trailed down her red cheeks.

Tamala watched the couple inside Ichigo's bedroom from where she was perched in the tree just outside the window and the kitten sitting next to her hissed once again in anger as they watched Kish gently kiss Ichigo, trying to comfort her.

"Bright-Eyes, what now? Now?" the orange haired girl asked quietly as she tilted her head to the side "Can I play with him? Can I? Yes? No?" she asked, looking down and unclenching her fist to look at the black ribbon she had torn from Tart's shirt when she had 'played' with him and a cruel smile broke out on her pale face, her lips pulling back to show her gleaming teeth.

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