I'd been watching them for so long. Wondering if they would make it through this lifetime - if things would finally be the way she wanted them to be when she first made that wish so long ago.

I think I can see how, even without my help - really I did practically nothing - they all seem to find each other. It's fate - if you believe in that.

She takes a small breath and looks up at the night sky, trailing her hands along the rails of a balcony.

And now, I know how it will play out.

Like a perfect symphony.

Setsuna raised her phone to her ear and listened as the voice on the other end greeted her.

"- we've missed you. Are you coming back to manage us, Setsuna-sensei?"

"Of course, Tenoh-san. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I think my work here with the girls' band is almost over."

"I'm glad to hear it - though I'm sure you're sorry to leave them."

"Well, I will miss them," Setsuna smiled to herself, "But rock and roll really isn't my thing."

"Michiru and I can't wait to have you back. We've found this cellist - a prodigy really - she's only thirteen years old and already she can keep up with both of us..."

"You don't say?"

Sestuna was having a hard time hiding her smile.

"Yeah - well...the truth is," there was an embarrassed cough, "Michiru's sort of getting to that stage of...ah...wanting to start a family...and we've been thinking about adopting this kid -"

"Really?" Setsuna tried to sound surprised.

"Yeah, she's just so cute, you have to see her! Big dark eyes and the sweetest little face - looks scared to death all the time - but it's probably because I'm too loud -"

"I can't imagine that."

"Well, anyway, we'll all be glad to see you."

"I'll be glad to see you as well. If you won't mind my visiting you for so long - I hate to impose on newly weds."

"Oh for crying out loud, this is the fortieth century, Setsuna - we won't care if you're in the house - as long as you don't care what we get up to at -"

"That's alright," Setsuna cut in with a quick laugh, "I promise I'll update my old-fashioned thinking."

"Oh, Sets...I've missed you."

"I'll be there soon."

She hung up the phone.

"Well," she whispered, glancing up at the moon hanging round and full in the sky.

"It's done, princess."