Chuck vs The Fight or Flight

It has been a year since fate arrived to Chuck Bartowski in the form of a computerized message containing all of our government's secrets! Since then he has been chased, kidnapped, shot, held hostage, nearly blown up (a couple times), literally used and abused at the governments benefit.

Not everything in Chuck's life was bad, he has a loving sister and an awesome future brother in-law, loyal friends and Sarah. Sarah was the only thing that kept him sane, even after countless rejections he still never gives up on her, for each time he can see it get harder and harder for her to say no. He knew she had feeling for him, he could see it in her eyes, the soft gaze she would give him when he would do something sweet, or the sad lonely stare that cut straight threw his heart every time he would see it, even her cold, harsh stares when he would piss her off made him want her, but the job was all she had (in her mind) and was to scared to let someone in again.

After he was nearly taken to a holding facility to hide from fulcrum, Chuck's life has been mission after mission to try to put an end to the rouge agency. In his mind, he would never get to have a normal life again but he refused to live his life in hiding. Something in his mind had snapped, he was going to stay and fight for the things he wanted most, even if he died trying.

With each successful mission he became more and more confident in his abilities. He asked Casey to show him how to use a gun to avoid another incident like trying to get Sarah out of the freezer. He also asked Sarah to teach him some basic self-defense moves, which quickly came to a halt when Chuck pinned her to the ground and was inches away from kissing her before Casey walked in. Instead he went to a local gym and started to take boxing lessons. He was tall and scrawny but he could move like no other.

He made for quite a fast study and in-between missions, work and training Chuck was becoming a totally different person. His body became more muscular and tone, he would often catch Sarah staring before she would get embarrassed and walk off. His mind became sharper and more aware of certain types of situations. Casey was even impressed on how well he is becoming more confident and in his words "less nerdy".

On Friday night Ellie decided to have a small little get together at the apartment. Sarah was there of coarse sitting next to Chuck on the couch. Morgan and Anna were curled up next to each other on the floor and Ellie was sitting in Awesome's lap in the chair.

Ellie: hey guys! Want to watch a movie?

Awesome: good idea babe! Why don't you pick a movie!

Sarah: Yeah Ellie pick a movie and Chuck and I will go make some popcorn.

Sarah stands up and grabs Chuck's hand and pulls him off the couch as he whines in protest.

When they reach the kitchen Sarah opens the cupboard to reach for the popcorn. Chuck can't help but to stare at her body leaning up against the counter, legs stretched out standing on her tip toes trying to reach the top shelf. His eyes and smile reflect a devilish plan brewing behind them. He slowly walks up behind her pressing his body right up against hers placing one of his arms around her waist so she cannot move away as the other hand runs up along the side of her body feeling every curve as it continues up her arm to her hand in the cupboard. She shutters at his touch but doesn't try to stop any of it, he lowers his head next to her ear, she can feel is warm breath next to her neck as he slightly lunges forward pressing his body into hers as she lets out a gasp. " Let me help you with that!" he whispers in her ear as he grabs the box of popcorn and backs away smiling.

Sarah slowly drops her arm from the cabinet and is breathing rather rapidly. "Did he do what I think he just did?" her mind was asking herself. Sarah composed herself and turned around and locked eyes with Chuck. He was at the other side of the kitchen but the way he was looking at her made her feel like he was inches away. She didn't know how to react it was arousing and unexpected she was not prepared for him to do anything like that even though she enjoyed every second of his touch. She shot him a smirk and walked past him leaving very little room between them when she did, she was testing to see if this new found confidence would take him any further than his recent act, when it didn't she let out a grunt and sat back down on the couch plotting her payback!

Ellie found one of her favorite movies to watch, all the men groan as they see her put in The Notebook.

Ellie: Shut Up!! This is what I want to watch.

Awesome: ok Babe whatever you want!

Morgan: whipped!!

Anna: watch it Morgan, I like this movie to.

Ellie: Sarah do you like this movie?

Sarah: oh...uuhhh I never seen it.

Ellie: oh my god it is so good, I will get you some tissues.

Just as Ellie got up Chuck walks in with 3 bowls of popcorn and hands one to Awesome and the other to Morgan. As he returns to his spot next to Sarah he hands her the bowl and sees the rather amused smirk on her face as he sits down. He rests his arm on top of the couch while reaching for some popcorn. Sarah glances at him out of the corner of her eye and sees that evil smirk has returned she smiles the same way and moves into him so he could wrap her up in his arm.

This was totally not the old Chuck, but the change wasn't all that unpleasant he was still sweet and endearing but it was like he lost the shyness. During the movie the two would play games with each other. Chuck would slowly move his fingers up and down Sarah's arm giving her a slight tingling sensation. She would take his arm and trace along the muscles in his biceps then intertwined their fingers together before kissing his hand. By the end of the movie they both were so tensed up from their mindless flirting and teasing that the next touch would cause them both to erupt.

Chuck: I will walk you to your car.

Sarah saw her opening for payback. "Actually I am really tired, (she moved in close to him and ran both of her hands up and down his chest.) Do you mind if I stay the night?" she said in a very sultry voice.

It was working, Chuck turned back into the shy bumbling idiot that she loved. He stuttered his words and fidgeted his hands and couldn't figure out the right way to say yes!

Sarah let out a little laugh and leaned next to chucks ear to whisper something, as she leaned in she kissed his cheek and told him goodnight. As she left Chuck realized that she had beaten him at his own game, as he went from confident man to fumbling boy with just a few words and a pretty smile. He was going to enjoy his payback there was no way he was going to let this go!

He next morning Chuck was still kicking himself for letting Sarah get the better of him again, she obviously like the confident part and was very playful and relaxed. "I have to keep her on her toes and not back down every time she shoots me a smile."

Casey: Morning sunshine, no company this morning?

Chuck: no Casey, Sarah went home after the movie.

Casey: well what the hell happened? It sounded like you two were very... flirty with each other.

Chuck: We were, I was doing good till I looked into her eyes and she gave me that smile and...I turned back into goofy Chuck.

Casey: well man up Bartowski and today when you go see her be a little more aggressive and don't back down.

Chuck: thank you doctor love. Why are you over here so early anyway?

Casey: we have a mission, be ready to go in 10.

Chuck: fine let me get my stuff and we can discuss it on the way to work.

Sarah was still in bed dreaming about Chuck and his little antics last night, she began to dream about what would have occurred if he wouldn't have backed down. As she opened her eyes and let out a sigh she gets out of her bed just in time to hear her cell phone ring.

Casey briefed Sarah on tomorrows mission which would involve her and Chuck to be very convincing as husband and wife at a dinner party at a hotel for a corrupt political figure. She called Chuck over from work to go over a few things. As Chuck made his way across the parking lot, Casey's words were stuck in his head.

Chuck: ok Chuck, be aggressive, don't back down.

As he walked in he saw Sarah at the main counter cleaning it off, she turned and saw him walking towards her at a relatively fast pace. She turned back to the counter and threw the rag back in the bucket, before she could turn back towards him Chuck was already there and spun her around grabbing her face and planting a wicked forceful kiss on her lips. Sarah lets out a surprised sound but melts instantly at his assertiveness. The kiss is intense and Chuck doesn't see himself backing down from it anytime soon especially when he feels Sarah's hand reach behind his neck pulling him down more. Their tongues tease and play as they both try to find time to breath. Sarah backs into the counter pulling Chuck with her, his hands slide down her side grabbing hold of her legs and hoists her onto the counter.

Sarah gasps as he does this breaking her lips from his, Chuck tries to find something to plant his lips on and they land on her neck. Sarah runs her fingers threw his thick curly hair as he continues to kiss and suck on her neck. In a few more seconds things were going to get more interesting as Chuck's hand slides up the skirt of her uniform, not making an attempt to stop him from the pure pleasure that his fingers are bringing they both come to a screeching halt as they hear someone in the store clearing their throat to get their attention.

Scooter: Ms. Walker if it is so difficult for you and your boy toy to keep your hands off each other I would suggest getting jobs as porn stars but as long as you work here I would appreciate if you would show a little professionalism!!

Scooter makes his way to the back office and shuts the door. Chuck and Sarah look at each other and start to laugh.

Sarah: He's right this is really an inappropriate place to be doing this!

Chuck: I guess your right. Want to go in the supply closet?

Sarah: CHUCK!!

Chuck: FINE!

They both let out a disappointed sigh then Chuck grabs a hold of Sarah's waist and pulls her to the edge of the counter. Sarah looks at him a little un sure of his motive but quickly sees what he is trying to do. So she slowly slides off the counter still pinned between it and him.

Sarah: Chuck what are we doing?

Chuck: I don't know but next time I don't think I will be able to stop!

Sarah lets out a sigh: I don't think I will be able to either!

Sarah has a goofy grin on her face.

Chuck straightens up and looks her dead in the eye, "tell me you want me Sarah!"

Sarah: Chuck don't. (she says disappointed at herself for not being able to say it.)

Chuck: NO, I want to hear you say it, I am tired of you saying one thing and your body and eyes telling me another.

Sarah: come by tonight so we can talk about this.

Chuck: if you haven't noticed I am a little tired of talking, I want you...every inch of you, please stop denying the inevitable.

Sarah is so taken back by his forwardness that Chuck kisses her deeply again, this time she could feel her toes curl and heart skip. Chuck breaks away from her lips and walks out he door with a grin from ear to ear. Sarah is back at the counter about to go lock herself in the freezer before she explodes!

Back at the Buy More Casey sees Chuck walk in with his megawatt smile.

Casey: so how did it go?

Chuck: She still won't budge on the talking part but I totally made a break threw on the aggressive part. We are going to talk tonight and straighten thing out hopefully before the mission.

Casey: please spare me the details, just don't let this get in the way of the mission. I would hate to have to reassign Walker because you two can't be professional!

Chuck: It won't come to that. And uh Casey.

Casey: what?

Chuck: thanks for being supportive and helping me and...

Casey: Oh button it Bartowski I am just tired of dealing with your little OC drama.

Chuck: way to show your sensitive side there big guy!

Sarah spent the rest of her afternoon trying to figure out what had gotten into Chuck. The aggressiveness and surprising spring of confidence was a major turn on to her but she hoped that it wouldn't take away from the rest of his personality. She proved last night that he still could be the old Chuck, which was good because the old Chuck made her open up more and made her feel secure in his world. Now it seems that he is crossing over into hers with the little less talk and a lot more action approach and that will only lead to an empty relationship that is mostly based on sex, kind of like it was with Bryce and that is not something she wanted with Chuck!